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  1. Not a strong list especially considering where the Twins draft. Miranda had a breakout but the rest have alot of question marks in my opinion. It seems like other organizations graduate their top draft picks and reload where the Twins seem to flounder. Cavaco, Lewis, Javier, Sabato and Rooker (DH at best) are all disapointing signings thus far, At least Gordon is finally showing some value. We have to start hitting with more regularity with top picks and international signings and moving them steadily through the system.
  2. An interesting free agent is Aaron Altherr who is looking to return from the KBO where he had 2 fine seasons. Altherr is a good center fielder and always had the tools but never put it altogether. It looks like he may have done that in the KBO and may be a good insurance policy to Buxton and a possible trade chip if he blossoms.
  3. I'm in the IDK group and I'd like to see some of the prospects develop before judging. The Berrios situaion is heartbreaking and hopefully they negotiated ferociously to keep him. Sometimes I think we give up on guys too quickly and don't let them fight through the struggles or recover from injury. I think of how Perkins had several bad years before turning into an all star. I hate seeing former Twins killing it after they leave (not all on Falvine) and wonder if the Twins held them back or rushed to judge them.
  4. Remember Steve Carlton's Twin career....that's where I'm at with Bundy
  5. The situation is rediculous can the Twins really trade Buxton and get a better return. If they do get a great return will they ever pay that person. I'm feeling a bit disgruntled as a Twin fan lately and I'm not sure I want to be on this develop but don't pay merry go round. Please sign Buck!
  6. Is there another facet to Kluber in being able to pass some knowledge along to young SPers both how to pitch and how to handle the post season. I would pay more for that.
  7. I do not agree that Jeffers is doing a great job framing. To me it looks like he moves the mitt too drastically and loses calls because he is too obvious.
  8. The second base position has changed drastically since the rule change with bigger players that are less graceful playing the position.
  9. Winning with offense now will allow more time for young arms to mature. It will also allow some time to shake out our top prospects and be certain which are keepers and which are trade chips. We can then bundle some prospects for arms for the stretch run if needed.
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