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  1. It would be nice to have a more traditional first baseman over Arraez. I think the line-up needs a power bat from that position and Abreu could bridge the gap to AK getting healthy. I'm not certain the Twins can compete with the Padres and others in need of his services and the fact that the 1B need is not high on the Twins list.
  2. Stone Garrett was DFA'd by Arizona and he is a strong right handed hitting left fielder and only 26. He had 32 homers last year between AAA and Majors and over 60 extra base hits. May be a good waiver wire target. Also some pitching depth available in Ryan Yarbrough and Jarlin Garcia.
  3. I'm in the Haniger camp as he fills the lefty mashing need and covers some ground in the outfield.
  4. I'm not giving an MVP award to someone walking out the door. The clubhouse gets little benefit from that to build on. Let someone have the award that sticks around and the young players can emulate.
  5. This trade reminds me of the Sam Dyson trade. Do we even look at the medicals before falling in love with the player.
  6. Why does Popkins seem to get a pass on this website? I'm struggling to find any success stories from the bats this year. I also can't find any interviews with regards to Popkins shining any light on the situation or his philosophy. Someone needs to light a fire in the clubhouse and that fire could start with coaching or players but we need a leader to step forward soon.
  7. Elias Diaz from Colorado might be someone you could get cheap as he is not living up to a new 3 yr deal. Although the AAV is not so huge the Twins couldn't take it on.
  8. I cannot think of a TOS surgery success story. Can you name someone that came out of it the same or better?
  9. I am not liking the move and I don't think Archer deserved more than a minor league deal at this point. I really think we should have given Winder the ball and seen what these young arms could do with a good defense behind them. When you have this many hurlers on the cusp you don't want to create a logjam in the minors and not really know how these guys will compete on the big stage. I think we could have gotten the young guys some exposure now and could find an Archer type if someone flames out.
  10. Chi Chi is cannon fodder
  11. Looks like we claimed Jose Godoy off waivers from SF so we have another catcher.
  12. Could Polanco play third with Arraez at second and Gio at short and Gordon the utility? I don't recall seeing Polanco play third but baseball reference shows he has. Awaiting the attack.
  13. I see a story at mlbtraderumors that the White Sox are talking trade with the As for both Montas & Manaea. We better have a good deal in the works or find another dance partner as the White Sox want a ring badly.
  14. I see some complaints on Sanchez & Sano striking out alot.....take a look at Story. He has led the league in that category. I just hate seeing a third of the line-up pacing between the dugout and home all day. Don't get me wrong on Story he's much better than anything we've trotted out to the 6 hole in many many years. But it could be a very streaky team waiting on the longball.
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