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  1. Is there another facet to Kluber in being able to pass some knowledge along to young SPers both how to pitch and how to handle the post season. I would pay more for that.
  2. I do not agree that Jeffers is doing a great job framing. To me it looks like he moves the mitt too drastically and loses calls because he is too obvious.
  3. The second base position has changed drastically since the rule change with bigger players that are less graceful playing the position.
  4. Winning with offense now will allow more time for young arms to mature. It will also allow some time to shake out our top prospects and be certain which are keepers and which are trade chips. We can then bundle some prospects for arms for the stretch run if needed.
  5. Try to catch lightning in a bottle. Maybe take a chance on a Rich Hill and hope he regains some past glory. I'd make a trade for another hurler that may surprise and the Marlins look like a good trade partner. Maybe if we have volume of starting pitchers we can find some hot hands come late in the year.
  6. I'd give it an 8. I'm still optimistic on Pelfrey.
  7. The Padres have the talented 3b prospect Jedd Gyorko who is blocked by Chase Headley. Maybe we could pry him away and move Plouffe to 2b. It would certainly take a top prospect and unfortunately I think the Padres are looking for young arms. Maybe trade Hicks to the A's for Brett Anderson and send him to the Padres for Gyorko. We could shore up the pitching through free agency and trading Span or Revere to the Braves or Reds. The Braves also have an intersesting SS blocked now in Tyler Pastornicky they may ben willing to move. He is a baseball rat which Gardy likes however he has a pretty average arm.
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