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  1. I cannot think of a TOS surgery success story. Can you name someone that came out of it the same or better?
  2. I am not liking the move and I don't think Archer deserved more than a minor league deal at this point. I really think we should have given Winder the ball and seen what these young arms could do with a good defense behind them. When you have this many hurlers on the cusp you don't want to create a logjam in the minors and not really know how these guys will compete on the big stage. I think we could have gotten the young guys some exposure now and could find an Archer type if someone flames out.
  3. Chi Chi is cannon fodder
  4. Looks like we claimed Jose Godoy off waivers from SF so we have another catcher.
  5. Could Polanco play third with Arraez at second and Gio at short and Gordon the utility? I don't recall seeing Polanco play third but baseball reference shows he has. Awaiting the attack.
  6. I see a story at mlbtraderumors that the White Sox are talking trade with the As for both Montas & Manaea. We better have a good deal in the works or find another dance partner as the White Sox want a ring badly.
  7. I see some complaints on Sanchez & Sano striking out alot.....take a look at Story. He has led the league in that category. I just hate seeing a third of the line-up pacing between the dugout and home all day. Don't get me wrong on Story he's much better than anything we've trotted out to the 6 hole in many many years. But it could be a very streaky team waiting on the longball.
  8. I'm thinking after the trades this week that we go into full rebuild mode. Although I'm not sure that Falvine would handle that well. So no to trading prospects for Chapman and Manaea,
  9. Just what you want with young pitching is terrible catching. I hope Jeffers can catch 150 games.
  10. I think the issue needs to be solved through trades. We need to bundle some arms and gloves for proven inning eaters. Of course you'll need to work free agency as well as you need to find 130 GS.
  11. Gardenhire used to have line-ups with 2Bs all over the diamond and I hated that. You can win games but I don't think you hoist a trophy doing it. That being said I don't want Arraez at third or a corner outfield on a regular basis. Since Polanco is safer to have at second and tied up with his contract, I'm thinking Arraez needs to be traded.
  12. I'd be excited if the Twins drafted Rocker. Being a Boras client, he'd be hard to hold on to once he reaches Free Agency. BUt the ride till that happens would be fun!
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