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  1. Odo lost his start, as did Dobnak. End result wouldn’t have changed Baldelli had Gordon sacrifice the other night. Is that old school enough. The problem with eye tests is the objectivity of the eyes.
  2. The Twins reside in neither the AL East nor the NL West. Just like every other team that is not in those divisions, people can claim soft schedule. June is a ways off. The Yankees are a bit of a crapshoot If Judge, Stanton, or Donaldson go down with their annual injury the team is not so frightening
  3. Every fan is smarter than a baseball manager. Why is that? Every decision that a manager makes that does not work the fan can say they would have never done that.
  4. Soft tissue injuries are up 19% from 2019, The change for next year is no lock out. Players bear the responsibility in the off season of continuing strength and flexibility training. It would appear that is lacking in many cases
  5. Neither team paid much for what hey got. That would also be being low. Money and payroll may be important toe the Twins, but I really doubt the Donaldson contract amount hampered the Yankees as all. It was added leverage
  6. It is a buy low scenario for both the Rangers and the Yankees. Many people love to spin trades this way
  7. It is easier to complain Negativity draws more of a reaction. Negativity fuels politics. People seem to respond more to the negativity. More views are more money. Edit. Forgot to add, but when it comes to trades rather than playing, we screwed the other guys is popular. Of course that involves a lot of negativity of the players dealt by analytical analysis of whatever stat backs the theory
  8. At this point you probably might want Donaldson. After a sluggish 3 weeks to start the season he has been slugging at an OPS of about .800
  9. The question is not are they real but can they become better. The division and wild card are obtainable. The question becomes are they able to do winning in the playoffs. That all depends on the growth of Winder, Ryan and Ober. Does Gray return to health or does it nag all year? How does Duran develop as the high leverage pitcher? Are Duffey and Thielbar high leverage pitchers? Is their a fourth high leverage reliever? There are a lot of games left to go with a lot of mediocrity to play. The answer to are they real will not be known
  10. Walks are the problem, not the hits,If they are not getting hit, the walks don’t matter.
  11. Pagan has allowed a total of 5 hits, that is hardly a time bomb.
  12. 43 batters faced, 5 hits allowed. That is not a whole lot to go one. One lucky guess on a slider changes the numbers dramatically. Encouraging start, incomplete on the picture.
  13. Marlin Rays Royals Brewers and Tigers are the only teams so far that are going to. Be streamed.. I wouldn’t get hopes up to high for other teams. MLB was trying to figure out how they could do it.
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