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  1. Haven’t you been on this board as long as I have? No, you can never be happy. Never ever. Find the negative. Players playing well should make people happy. People forget that baseball on offense is a game of failure more than success
  2. 287 players in MLB have made 300 PA. That’s as close to 9 per team as I could get. Gordon’s ops of 760 places home at 97.th best. His WAR is 1.9, 117 best If that is failure then most of baseball is a failure. The alternative would be to think Baldelli is a genius for getting that kind of production out of such a failure
  3. In2021 there were only 7 qualified innings pitchers that pitched more than 6 innings per game. So far there are 18 in the qualified category. Pretty much it is be a great pitcher and the innings will take care of itself.
  4. They called up Palacios and sent Beckham to retirement. As a pick to save slot money there isn’t an investment in the future with him so he can have haphazard development. They probably wanted to help Wichita intact and hope for a deep playoff run and thus not pull from them
  5. If they hire a coach that does not blow out arms and elbows a million dollar overpay would save the team money. Carl would be smiling up from somewhere
  6. The prospect list would look better but the team next year or the year after may be better with the players than the prospects. Cano was addition for the Twins by subtraction
  7. Lee Isola,, Carmago, and Julien as position players,. Varland is still a prospect as is SWR. There are a few relievers doing well. Of course relievers never rank high as prospects. That is until the major league team’s bullpen gets blown up.
  8. Whatever. They were counting on Larnach and Kiriloff in the outfield and Sano at 1b. Considering the backups past Arraez it should be obvious that they were counting on them. I guess not. They traded assets for Paddack. Even if you don’t count Maeda, they are still high on the list. The players were healthy when traded for. Manipulate data to suit idea
  9. The Twins have had the second most players on the injured list. The Twins have had the second most days on the injured list, That holds true if you look at just pitchers. The numbers are courtesy of sportsrac. They are only in the middle for salary. Now, if they brought along the training theories of Cleveland with them, you can’t blame the training staff. Cleveland has the second fewest pitchers and days on the list. I am not sure when they changed the training staff but in 18 an 19 they were near the bottom of the list and have been moving up every year sine 2020
  10. The way Tampa uses pitchers, if he was ready there would have been a call up to Tampa if he was major league ready
  11. Unless the FO needs to throw someone under the bus to save their own jobs Rocco is safe. His guarantee is up after this year although he does have 2 option yearsThe FO tends to stick with their people until it looks totally hopeless. See Matt Shoemaker. Anyone hired other to replace Baldelli will be a similar manager. There is no gain for them to switch unless the bus is barreling down on the FO. That bus is actually a Brinks truck. If it is not bringing Pohlad some cash from Target field there will be a new direction for the FO. It is just a matter of when. The FO may get a pass for this year, but next year may be crucial. If the truck is empty heads will roll
  12. Moran has not shown that he can find home plate. When he can he will be up. If he can’t find it probably sometime next year he would be DFA
  13. Regular players not named Joey Gallo that strike out more than 30% are going by the wayside. Wallner will have to adjust.
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