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  1. They have 4 relievers Rogers, Duffey, Thielbar and Alcala. They might exercise the option on Coloma if they anticipate a bad market. Gant may have to be a starter. The veterans they have on board now would be make good contracts or veteran minimum. There are a lot of free agent relievers looking for a bounce back year. They may want to get paid like 2021 did not happen. The choice might be two of them or a good starting pitcher. They probably should go to a starter
  2. Definition of Ace, The pitcher that consistently beats you. Definition of not an Ace. The pitcher on your team that doesn’’t win in the playoffs
  3. There is no dispute. McPhail was the GM for 2 WS winners. One had the core of Calvin Griffith players and he built the bullpen and added Gladden. He retooled for 1991. Praise what he did well, but also realize that was the extent of it, A few years after the team was over 90 loses and he left. Whatever he traded for and signed did not work. That trend followed him. Falvey and Levine added to a team of Terry Ryan players and had a team that won. This year it did. Not work. If you are going to rip them McPhail deserves the same. It is the same scenario.
  4. Twins pitchers have been that way for years. Pitch counts and innings pitched may indicate it is pretty much a pitching problem through baseball
  5. McPhail has done nothing to turn a club into winners since then. That includes the years after 91 he ran the team
  6. https://www.parkspresidentsandparks.com/blog-page/2018/4/30/the-bunt Sorry I didn’t say attempted to bunt for a hit. I mistakenly thought that since the post I responded to talked about players bunting for hits I would not have to say that it was bunt attempts for hits. My bad that I keep forgetting that one has to have every last thing crystal clear or someone will not follow a conversation
  7. Look at spray charts for hitters, you might learn something When did Kepler ever say that he should be hitting 40 bombs a year?
  8. How quickly we forget has turned into “how I want to see things is how it really is”.So much for escaping the real world
  9. I was told on another thread that free agents were paid based on past performances., not what they are going to do. If you look ay the recent few years prior to signing the Twins got some great deals. Next year those players, except for Shomaker, are just going to show you how wrong you were about them. Teams should rush to sign these player because surly they all came down with the dreaded Lance Lynn disease. You should remember the symptoms and the course of the disease. You put on a Twins uniform for less Monet than you think you deserve and forget how to throw a baseball
  10. In over 10500 plate appearance Rod Carew attempted to bunt 126 times. He was one of the all time greats at bunting. He rarely tried. Bunting or the lack of it is not an issue
  11. When you judge by being paid by track record prior to signing the free agent contract it would be infrequent that the Twins overpaid for a free agent. Without looking too hard Odorizzi would be it. That was a bit of a gamble the Twins made to snag a draft pick. Over the previous 3 seasons Colme was the 35th best reliever by fwar Happ was worth more than the contract.
  12. Cheery picked which pitchers he used and I complete contraxrs.
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