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  1. Maybe Buxton can throw a strike from center field. Can Buxton alone take the twins to the playoffs? Too bad they DFA'd their best performing pitcher (Astudillo).
  2. If Rodriguez wants to be safe he’ll walk the bases loaded
  3. Didn’t they give Kepler a lifetime contract a couple years ago?
  4. If we're gonna start playing with little league rules can they do the thing where a batter gets to hit off the tee on ball four?
  5. After you're done in Glencoe, don't forget to swing north through Darwin on your way back to visit the Twine Ball.
  6. I'm not a doctor, but before just googling this, I thought that 'cervical strain' was a problem men typically didn't have to worry about. I figured this was a modern day 'bilateral leg weakness' kind of thing with a more bizarre name. Anyway... good luck with your stiff neck Mr. Rooker. See you soon.
  7. Bold assertion now that 10th innings start with a runner on second.
  8. Outfield seems to be in rough shape. We have Kepler, Buxton (who will get injured), Cave (of whom nobody is overly impressed) and a slew of people who had to battle it out for the least worst option as 4th.
  9. Polanco surprise mvp Garver home run king Twins finally beat the Yankees in the playoffs
  10. This will be a great year. Remember back in the teams full of Tolberts, Willinghams, and Puntos... and t he pitching staffs with sps like Blackburn, Slowey, L. Hernandez. This year we are scuffling over the last spots. Garlick and Astudillo would have been near the top performers on previous teams.
  11. The headline reads ‘make Arraez the lead off guy’ then makes the case for why he’d be a great number 2 behind Buxton. I agree. He might be the best no.2 guy in the history of the game if Buxton manages to hit decently as leadoff. Alas, I expect to see someone like Garver with the highest home run rate in baseball leading off more than Buxton.
  12. The problem is that those statistics represent an average over dozens of years and don't tell us too much on their own. These are the average runs during those situations... on average, with average hitters on average teams in average situations. We don't even know the standard devations. Are 0.78 and0.70 actually even different staistically speaking? Furthermore, bunting happens in a situational context when you know that in your particular case the odds are different than average. If I have a hypotehtical situation with Buxton on first with Matt Tolbert at bat... I'm going to bunt every time knowing that there is a chance Buxton ends up on third with one out, and at best Tolboert will avoid grounding into a double play.
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