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  1. I stand by my words from April 4. Those of you who put in wagers, prepare to pay out big.
  2. From a brief look at the box score, the only thing that looks like a dumb move to me was putting in Pagan when the game wasn't a blowout. Assuming that Ryan was pulled because there was something wrong with him.
  3. At the very minimum, they should be expected to take the lead in the top of the 10th.
  4. I'm rooting for the underdog. If someone gets injured and a spot opens up, bring up Jake Cave. DFA Sano. Cave will be the black horse WS MVP!
  5. It's a streaky game. He's been HR or K lately. But... I'll take a few well placed game winning HRs any day.
  6. Buck is the new Sano (-150 pounds, + great defense + unused speed)
  7. Predictions for 2nd half: Polonco starts to look like an MVP; Buxton does NOT get injured; Duffy is back; Sano comes back and is traded for a mid level AA pitching prospect so someone like the Reds who hope they can entice him to a couple more years and squeeze 15 HRs/year out of him. Pagan gets injured and, miraculously, the pitching starts to figure itself out. One of Miranda, Larnach, or Kirilloff goes on a tear (the other two continue to be hit or miss). Twins are a much better team in September than they are in July. They make the world series. And by a dramatic and unforeseen act of fate, Jake Cave is the Twins' 2022 world series MVP.
  8. Many times in the past couple of years I had hoped that he'd get traded to a team that will play him more, appreciate him, and let him develop. He seems to have always been a bit of an afterthought here. I would imagine he'd get a few extra years playing MLB if he played somewhere else. This guy is a gamer. He's always one of the first to slap someone's hand when they score that tight run. He's always full of energy in the bench. He'd probably be more likely to get a hit with two outs and a runner on second than half the team. But everyone has always been quick to find reasons to hate on him.
  9. The Twins will have to use innovative strategies like this unless they get several dozen extra million dollars to play with every year. They probably would have been able to pull it off had Duffy and Theilbar not turned into pumpkins, or if Paddack hadn't gotten injured. They started the year with 7 pitchers that could have been considered starters. Sometimes your key pieces poo the bed and things don't go as planned and you end up overusing underexperienced players and getting stuck hoping your guys get it together. Good thing there are 162 games in a season. And if they don't make it? There are worse things to worry about.
  10. Might be worth pointing out that the Twins have the third most wins in the American League. Sure, they have lost some games. They have had some pretty lousy streaks. Lost to a few terrible teams even. But they don't seem that bad. But then again... it is only the managers fault when they lose. Not when they win.
  11. Think of the prospect haul the Twins could get if they traded Correa, Buxton, AND Arraez!
  12. I think to myself "Now is certainly time to pinch hit Buxton." One second later: 'In play, runs'
  13. I would be ashamed in baseball if this team makes it to the playoffs
  14. They’re bringing in Jax? Thought he was warming up for the 10th.
  15. Arraez is the only in the starting lineup without a hit.
  16. There are times when they don't steal that make no sense... like when there are two outs and Arraez (who until recently is unlikely to hit anything but a single) is up. Get the guy on second and give Arraez the chance for an RBI. If they guy is caught stealing, Arraez leads off the next inning. But in a lot of cases... with Buxton at least, I think they assume a good hit can score him from first. So there is no sense in risking his knees or getting him out at second.
  17. This stat would be more useful with a time scale. I feel like they have picked up on driving in their runs over the pat dozen or so games compared to early in the season.
  18. I'd let go of Gordon. He's good enough to get consistent playing time with a team who needs his skills. If they aren't able to trade him, they should let another team grab him.
  19. Is that the strategy where a pitcher starts, gives up 6 or 7 runs in the first inning or two, then gives way to a tired AAA bullpen? I think they should stop that strategy.
  20. Furthermore, in most instances the Twins have shown that they are far more likely to score zero runs in these situations.
  21. Remember Sano is going to come back at some point too. Think any other teams out there have a need for a poor defending 1B/DH who can't hit and has a history of behavior problems?
  22. Stashak hasn't been bad. He's had 2 bad games in blowout losses, one of which he ate almost 3 innings. Other than that, he's been fine... even good. Too bad.
  23. Oof. Gonna be a tough one. At least every inning Cole Sands pitches is an inning that Duffy doesn't pitch. Right?
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