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  1. Nagging injuries take their toll. Tony Oliva 1966. Late year slump cost him the batting title and possibly the Twins the pennant. Found out years later had been a minor car accident and suffered whiplash. It hurt to even turn his head.
  2. I don't get to watch games on TV. All I see are highlights. It seems to me that opposing teams routinely have flyballs landing untouched on the warning track. Balls chased by outfielders because they misplayed the caroom. Throws from outfielders that are off by 10ft. If this guy can hit 220, play superior defense, and 60%of time turn a single into a double with stolen base, it seems to me he would be a plus. It seems that we routinely give up runs due to poor positioning or poor breaks on flyballs to the outfield. He might save some runs if he is as good defensively as the article states.
  3. I was an avid baseball fan in the 60s to 1971. Then attention followed by interest went away due to 'life'. Now retired have begun following Twins again. I can't watch them on TV as live on east coast abd choose not to have cable. Some stats are new to me and am learning them. At risk of sounding as an old grump, I question if there is improvement on two of the old basics. RBI and runs scored. I came to believe, and still think so, that these as an aggregate are rhe best indicator of offense contribution from a player. I
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