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  1. https://www.parkspresidentsandparks.com/blog-page/2018/4/30/the-bunt Sorry I didn’t say attempted to bunt for a hit. I mistakenly thought that since the post I responded to talked about players bunting for hits I would not have to say that it was bunt attempts for hits. My bad that I keep forgetting that one has to have every last thing crystal clear or someone will not follow a conversation
  2. Look at spray charts for hitters, you might learn something When did Kepler ever say that he should be hitting 40 bombs a year?
  3. How quickly we forget has turned into “how I want to see things is how it really is”.So much for escaping the real world
  4. I was told on another thread that free agents were paid based on past performances., not what they are going to do. If you look ay the recent few years prior to signing the Twins got some great deals. Next year those players, except for Shomaker, are just going to show you how wrong you were about them. Teams should rush to sign these player because surly they all came down with the dreaded Lance Lynn disease. You should remember the symptoms and the course of the disease. You put on a Twins uniform for less Monet than you think you deserve and forget how to throw a baseball
  5. In over 10500 plate appearance Rod Carew attempted to bunt 126 times. He was one of the all time greats at bunting. He rarely tried. Bunting or the lack of it is not an issue
  6. When you judge by being paid by track record prior to signing the free agent contract it would be infrequent that the Twins overpaid for a free agent. Without looking too hard Odorizzi would be it. That was a bit of a gamble the Twins made to snag a draft pick. Over the previous 3 seasons Colme was the 35th best reliever by fwar Happ was worth more than the contract.
  7. Cheery picked which pitchers he used and I complete contraxrs.
  8. Chweey picking statistics. Price has a couple years ofmediocrity left as does Darvish. You miss the busts like Sanchez The history of free agents is you get a few good years and more bad years. Greenie and Scherzer are the exceptions
  9. https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/injury-report Different teams have a lot of injuries, some fewer, Dyson rarely was on the dL before coming to the Twins. I would guess to some that shows durability. To some that might mean the injuries will happen sooner than later.
  10. 2 starters were brought in, Colome and Robles were the only 2 relievers brought in to make the roster at the start of the season. Farrell was taxi squad and somewhat effective once brought up until he joined the ranks of the injured. Minaya It would be " still terrible" because of the failures and/or medical problems of the retained players. not the players brought in during the off season. The season had really become a lost cause before any of the current reinforcements showed up
  11. Expecting anyone to come in and be a number 1 as a first year player is fairly unrealistic. The past has also shown that expecting a less than league average pitcher to be something like an ace is also unrealistic
  12. Why would anyone judge a player on development before they have a chance to develop? A first round draft pick between 10 and 15 has less than a 25% chance of being a 10 WAR player. So, in time I guess you have a very good chance of calling it correctly that Cavaco is a bust. Statistically based on 1st round draft results it would be about 75% of the picks you could find fault with. It makes for an easy target for people to complain about.
  13. I typed 17 words. No words were bad or luck. I have yet to hear of anyone other than Brady Aikin be assured from a medical exam that there would be a problem. Since it would appear you expect medical staff to anticipate muscle strains, how do you test for it?
  14. That is a next season problem that can not be fixed at this moment. That is what an off season is for. The absurdity is b+t+c+i+g about it now
  15. Other clubs have snapped up what the Twin's discarded or other teams have traded for them. There must be a lot of GMs without much baseball insight. Oblique strains and shoulder impingements are now the fault of management. What next will be their fault?
  16. old nurse

    Improving Pen?

    Seattle found a bullpen out of the scrap heap, Sometimes a team gets lucky. Sometimes they don't. They still have not won anything
  17. old nurse

    Improving Pen?

    When people mention get rid of this player or that player just keep in mind that Matt Shoemaker is still pitching in professional baseball despite his time with the Twins. Remember that AAAA players do serve as a disaster plan
  18. old nurse

    Improving Pen?

    Thielbar, Farrell, and a very outside chance Law could be useful contributors next year. They would all be minimal contracts. Any minor league player is something more than just next year. Long term assets can be defined by anybody's prospect lists You appear to be unaware how many different people like a lot of the prospects the Twin's have
  19. The rationale behind the comment there is no bad one year contract is that you are not stuck with a mistake for several years. The rationale then for it being false would be that the players should have been signed for longer. The Twins received reasonable prospects for their one year players that they could trade, cheaply cut bait on the untraceable one. This year’s Twins are the proof of there are no bad one year contracts.
  20. The current Mariners have won nothing. They are better than what they were, not as good as they once were
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