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  1. Judging from how poor the results were compared to the league average for that year, the 1904 team may be the worse staff ever. The only redeeming thing about that staff is that potentially Highball Wilson was ahead of his time, He had high heat. The other notable thing is that Highball was frequently seen holding a glass that contained an amber liquid after a loss. That style of glass now bears his name, as by the end of the season he had built up quite the tolerance.
  2. The system is pretty devoid of Ryan prospects because they are in the major leagues or traded for current talent. But in the minors Balazovic and Thorpe are the two better pitching prospects are Ryan era.
  3. Did the trades the White Sox made for their starting players a few years ago set the franchise further back? Did trading Knoblauch set the Twins back?
  4. That would be a current top 10 contract. By the end of the contract maybe a top 30 contract. If he views himself as a top 10 pitcher, what the market will bear for a top flight pitcher is higher than that contract., See Bauer's contract.
  5. I do believe you hit about the right contract. What if Berrios is not a chea... err, user of foreign substance like others? 6/200 might not be enough. What if there is a fear that Berrios will get Mike Hampton disease? The next year of the contract they would wish they were less Berrios rather than Happ less.
  6. IDK, There are other contending teams in need of OF help. Padres, Giants, Cubs, Brewers, damn near any team not named The Dodgers. The cost in money to Buxton is low. Any contender would be happy to have Buxton
  7. It is fair to say that Buxton and Berrios want full market value for their services. The contracts that they get as free agents might be their only large payday. As for a role model for their desire to earn a big pile of money while they can, look no further than the ownership. The "they hate it here" statements are fantasies of a fan base that acts like a jilted lover.
  8. The article neither answers the question nor really gives enough information to draw a conclusion
  9. 18 games is really not much to judge on. Numbers look the same as career average in a lot of respects when he was with the Twins except for 2. His ERA is lower and BABIP is .217. Not to be a downer, but normalization is not kind After a player has been with a couple of organizations it seems to me pretty ridiculous to criticize the Twins for letting them go once they finally have success. I suppose some pitchers that got away with career WAR of 0 means nothing is better than Coloma, but in the long run, nothing is bullpen filler, not a career bad year.
  10. Off the top of my head, you get an error for the balls you get to that other people can’t and not make the play, hence a lower %. Outs above average go up for all the plays you do make.
  11. 1994 is ancient history for baseball. An assumption that 12 batters in a row will average making contact on the second pitch is a big fantasy. Keeping track of the number of pitches a pitcher throws per game doesn't show up on fangraphs. Deep counts looking for your pitch is as likely to happen swinging for the fences as well as swinging for first base.
  12. Years of data shows that injured players are more likely to be injured again. History does have the bad habit of repeating itself. There is little evidence to counter the notion Buxton will be what he has been. That he is entering his "prime" is not going to change his pattern of injuries.
  13. Huascar Ynoa for Jaime Garcia. A savvy team can get something for nothing. Seven expiring contracts. If one trade pans out that is a player for nothing. It well may be the player that comes back for the worst player rather than the best player
  14. Minor league players hurt in spring training while invited to the major league camp go on the MLB dl. Covid, which really has nothing to do with the sport, got counted in the Sportrac tallies. Still injured from the year before? Still counted under 2021 on Sportrac. The totals on sportrac may or may not be actually reflective of what is going on with the major league talent for the given year
  15. Drafting and trading for prospects is getting a quite a few useless players. The crapshoot is finding the good player
  16. Vodka Dave was a frequent contributor and brought quite a few laughs along the way. I haven’t seen a post in a long time. If you are creative give it your best shot. After all, it is an off day and you are bored enough to be reading this
  17. He caught a lot of grief for his inside sources being wrong. He can’t post because he forgot what email address he used tp sign up He couldn’t be raucous and somebody banned him. Got bored. Won the lottery and is now too good for TD All are possible reasons, but as much fun as people could have on an off day speculating, we shouldn’t here
  18. Jax was drafted by Rob Anthony’s team. I hope for Jax the outcome is better then Wisler’s. Wisler was let go at the end of the season and has returned to mediocrity.
  19. As anemic as the Tampa offense is Cruz could have an OPS of 1.000 with Tampa and zero RBI unless the bases happened to be loaded.
  20. Brantley is a 16 million a year player, hardly a backup wage plan. Bradley is 13 million, again not a backup. Franco thus far this year has been a waste of less than a million dollars. At 29 million that is a lot for a bench. At 29 million for those 2, the Twins do not sign any new free agents other than minor leaguers and league minimum players. Your plan for free agents results in an even worse bullpen and lineup. Be like the Sox? 7 straight years with teams being below .500 for the year then they managed to be a wild card losing team. This year's squad has won nothing. Why would anyo
  21. I can’t remember the name of the former frequent commenter from New York who was a frequent advocate for trading for DeRosa. Maybe DeRosa is still butt hurt that the trade never happened.
  22. Some people are “conditioned” to see what could be in a player, some people are conditioned to see what the player is not. Considering that the team is down to the fifth or sixth option in CF, cutting some slack to the current CF option would seem reasonable. Some are not “conditioned” to do that.
  23. How many years have the Twins had a top rated farm system? Getting the talent to an above average with consistency major league level is not. So are they wrong in talent evaluation or development?
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