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  1. You should be confused as you posted Pressley was like Pulhols. Perhaps had you read the complete exchange you wouldn’t be confused. Try some Donepezil. That should help you with your confusion.
  2. Pulhos is no Pressley, His pitches could nowhere near match what Pressley’s could do, The comp is strange
  3. I really don’t know how to explain it to you any better than that. There is demonstrable evidence that they signed players to extensions. They signed relievers to very generous contracts that really were not as good as Presley. That should be enough to give some insight, but
  4. The Twins signed several players to extensions. It is a safer assumption that Presley did not want to sign than he would want to. Considering the contracts they handed out to the likes of Colome and Reed among other relievers, the FO doesn’t appear to have a problem with paying wages. Whatever for the states of developing players. Shortsightedness is what it is.
  5. The way the season played out last year they might have called up Baddoo over Celestino
  6. That assumes that you could have signed Presley which is an assumption that is totally strawman. They would have had one more year of Presley. Alcala is more than capable of being what was Presley was with the Twins. What Celestino is going to be is not yet determined. Where is it ever been documented that baseball performance is a bell curve?
  7. The minor league players do not have a dog in this fight. There is absolutely no reason to delay development of the future
  8. I don’t think it is unreasonable to think a guy with a big tattoo of Texas on his back, grew up in Texas and married someone from there would have went there once free agency was an option. The Twins did more than good to get the talent that they did get from Houston versus losing him for nothing
  9. The team still has not one a playoff game. Like Ryan, they never pulled off the winning trade to solidify the team. So would one say that the current FO gets no credit so people can blame Ryan for the losing?
  10. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/player-scroll?player_id=572193#pitchTypes They say he does.
  11. Rodney 9 million, Romo 5 million Colonel 6.25, Reed 16 million. The FO has spent money on relievers
  12. Writers propose a lot. Does not mean it is actually a possibility
  13. Taylor Rogers, All Star reliever has limited upside and not an asset. Perhaps his flaw is that he is a pending free agent and over 30
  14. Greinke is not a journeyman pitcher. Any less a master of the craft of pitching Greinke would have been put to pasture. Respect the knowledge or understand the terms
  15. Why is he wrong about Chicago? Look up last year’s playoff results. The article is an opinion piece by a writer who needs ratings and clicks to get paid. If it is as you say and he has Polanco as a SS that should tell you how much he has paid attention. Why is he wrong? I doubt that he is trying to be right. The Twins lost a lot of time to injuries, on a stat sheet they are going to look bad. To a stat sheet scout
  16. Try reading up on NFL draft success. Outside of QB which shows a slim success rate for starters after the first round, more is better. The thing is is that these players are nor prospects. They are what they are, which is a little less than league average pitcher This is an analytic driven FO. The numbers will tell you of likely outcomes. That is what there is the actions or inaction that you see from this front office
  17. Very poor analogy with the football draft, After a certain point you are drafting lottery tickets. The more you have, the better the odds. This is trading for league average or worse starters. Two very completely different things. You would not go with quantity. They are who they are for players. They are not going to morph into an front line starter
  18. Albers isn’t available; anymore? Any of these pitchers wouldn’t cost more than a Placios kind of player so why not. Only Houston has an excess of pitching and the Twins moved on from Odorizzi for a reason. The other 2 teams would need good reasons to trade. A low level prospect isn’t going to work even if the teams were trying to tank.
  19. Trading for lottery ticket pitchers. Gil and Ynoa out as lottery tickets, what has come back?
  20. The average value of a baseball team is somewhere short of 2 billion. 1.5 b for an expansion franchise wouldn’t be out of line with how the NHL set the price for the Kracken. That would work out to 100 million for each team. I am surprised that expansion hasn’t come up at that price
  21. Population being a determinant, it would make most sense for Montreal with 4 million in their statistical area. San Antonio, Portland, Orlando, and Charlotte are just below that at 2.5 million with Vegas at 2.25 million plus tourists at any given time. That is a relatively small areas to draw 2 million fans from. The money from cable would be important. How big of population that is close enough to care becomes the issue. Tennessee might come into play.
  22. 10 out of the 20 of the list were pitchers. 8 of them made it to the majors..
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