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  1. In the opening paragraphs the OP seems to think that Miranda is not playing much and the loyal fans do not dispute it. It could have meant that he only plays a few games a week at third base, but I am not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Twins have seen Miranda play for 6 years. They have an idea of what his ceiling is as a fielder.
  2. Miranda has played in 19 out of 23 games, starting 16 of them. Miranda has not sat an inordinate amount of games.
  3. In the multiple seasons of managing Baldelli has had only one player play nearly every game prt year. 7 day a week player is not the Twins way. SSS but Miranda is -2 DRS at 3B. He has had like 1000 innings at 3B. It would be reasonable to think that the player and the organization knows his capabilities at the position.
  4. Even as high up in the draft as they are, with these mock drafts one can find out who will not be selected
  5. In the 10 rounds after the Twins picked Gordon you have AAron Nola, Trea Turner, Brian Anderson, Rhys Hoskins and Dylan Cease as the only players that amounted to much. Almost every team had a non productive draft. Before Gordon, Schwarber and Rodin have not had stellar careers
  6. When motivated through the years both have come up with outstanding stories and some good storytelling
  7. Arraez leads in batting average right now. That does not make him a batting champion. The allure of a batting leader is different than a champion
  8. The team is not scoring as much as they should. Statistically by OPS. If there is such a thing as regression to the mean it would indicate the Twins will score more runs in the future WPA by team the Twins are at 2.04 right now. . That is not an indication of failure or mediocrity. For those who say that the Twins hit too many solo home runs I would say prove it
  9. When you look at trades Miranda might yield a very good reliever with a high upside and another pitching prospect thrown in. The only way Miranda brings back a high level starter is he is the second piece with the first piece being a high upside starting pitching prospect. Another month of data on Archer, Gray and Ryan is still needed to see if such a trade is prudent. My guess would be don’t hold your breath for a trade. If Smeltzer continues his strong work and Winder comes back strong it would be more likely Archer would get traded before Miranda. Miranda turns 24 at the end of the month. Thanks for the joke that he is an older prospect.
  10. Historically it seems like the Twins have a famine offense every October. Then again it seems most teams have a famine when they lose. When does something measure what it claims to? Is it possible given all of the variables you can’t for sure know because the same conditions will not last long enough to normalize. Losing 5-1 is no different than 5-0. The number of shutouts is not significant
  11. Welcome to the internet. No need for facts. I am also amazed that being in last place while at 4-8 is forgotten in the opening paragraph.
  12. As the deadline approaches what is available becomes clearer. Bullpen rentals looks like the most need and usually only cost lottery tickets. Hopefully those lottery tickets are not the equivalent of Ynoa Considering the previous trades, the Twins have very few Ryan era prospects left to trade. Ynoa, Giza, Gill, Davis, Wade and Graterol were all Ryan era players. Enlow Leach and Balazovic are about it
  13. If what Correa has done is overlooked given that is what his salary calls for him to do I would begin to wonder if people overlooking are blind, deaf, and dumb with troll tendencies
  14. Team wise the Twins. They actually have the same FIP which would suggest bad times for Pineda, better luck Bundy. Pineda vs Bundy, they are both winners for the salary they got
  15. Pineda still would have been a better choice than Bundy. Bundy had a few good starts at the beginning of the season but then Covid. I can understand looking for a healthy pitcher rather than Pineda, but the current hindsight says, made a mistake there.
  16. You are correct on Montas https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=montafr02&year=Career&t=p
  17. Scherzer, Bassett, Berrios, Gray, and Manaea all had pitching prospects come back for their former teams. What starting pitchers in the minors would the FO give up? I would not bet this FO makes a trade for a SP unless it is yet another of what the people here call a back of rotation type..
  18. With injuries being such a problem I would think trades might be easier done than said. It might get the Phillies under the cap so the price might be reasonable but Hand, Gibson and their other decent reliever are on expiring contracts. Might not be a large cost in terms of decent prospects. Of course 5 years later when a prospect is having a decent few weeks there will be complaining, but at this time it seems like a good idea
  19. If Duffey doesn’t give up any runs the Twins still lose. There are a lot of ifs for the outcome of the game to have been any different
  20. Alcala was experiencing tightness in the elbow. Per Phil miller as quoted by rotowire on Alcala’s fangraph page
  21. Good pitching is like real estate. Location, location, location. Bad pitting is also location, location location, but location ends up right, left, center
  22. Madden had some incredible teams. From all that talent 1 WS, It is still on the players. A bad manager, though makes it quite difficult to win. The Yankee players bought into the system. Girardi did fine in the system. It did not work in Philadelphia.
  23. At the AAA level you have AAAA players that are need by the parent club to field a competitive club to fill out the roster and be needed in case of emergency. Look at some of the catchers at AAA, middle infielders and center fielders the Twins have had recently.
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