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  1. Ryan was the #98 prospect in baseball prior to the 2020 season according to mlb. Then the pandemic started, and he has come back strong again this year. Maybe he fell off the rankings because Tampa is so loaded? Who's to say. But he seems like as good a bet as any prospect to stick in a rotation, and if that's the case it's a homerun trade. Wish Cruz well though, no doubt. Would love to find a way to have him back playing again, or at minimum in a roving instructor type role at some point like Hunter, Cuddyer, Hawkins et al.
  2. Here is mine. To elaborate; I brought back Odorizzi for one year, brought back Clippard and Avila, and made a couple of trades; one ended up being Garver and Arraez to Washington for Robles and a prospect (our new left fielder as well as centerfield insurance.) I also traded Sano to San Diego for a high end prospect/outfielder who is 2-3 years away but was their 1st round pick this past June. I signed Kike Hernandez, and he will start out as our starting 2nd baseman, but when Lewis is eventually ready, I either have Polanco or Kike move to the utility role. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QZN4l8cY-jjz3wTdsUhSuiYFCewBVf_H7LD7e_oYU0Q/edit
  3. Polanco as the utility guy, and Lewis up at SS. Keep Arraez at 2B, especially against righties, and have Polanco back up all positions in the infield and play every day. Blankenhorn should be able to help too, but a man can dream on an Eduardo Ecobar reunion too, right?
  4. I haven't commented on here in a while. It's been hard to find joy in this season with everything going on. I only wish I could like this post more than one time. This was really great. Thank you.
  5. Hear me out, and maybe this is crazy, but Billy Hamilton maybe? I mean, yes, that's crazy. But keep him for JUST pinch running and defensive replacement late innings. Don't let him bat (heck, pinch-hit a pitcher instead) but late innings, someone gets on base, having a great pinch running option couldn't hurt. Otherwise, I really like the Pillar idea, and/or just sticking with Lamonte Wade.
  6. Is there a Sano cone, basically shaved ice with different flavors? Possibly for kids or options for 21+? Loved this article. Thanks!
  7. Really enjoyed the shows you guys put together. Best of luck in your travels!
  8. Last year he played 49 games in the outfield, and 35 at 1B. When he is up the in the majors he certainly could do both, which isn't a bad thing.
  9. Crazy thought (I mean crazy because it isn't mentioned at all in articles or even said out loud very often) but what if looking at a 3B defensive upgrade for Sano also means they would be toying with the idea of trading him for pitching? Hypothetically, they keep Cron for a year AND bring in a 3B who would be a defensive upgrade. What kind of pitcher could you get for 2 years left of Sano? This is not me advocating trading him. I just, I see articles mentioning trading Rosario. Sano HAS to have a bit more trade value at the moment right? And, arguably, this would be the highest his trade value would ever be I'd imagine. Thoughts? Is this crazy to say out loud?
  10. 1) The Dyson trade didn't work out. That said, in scouting, can you "see" that a player is injured? Is that possible without X-ray vision? I'm not being snarky, I really don't know. 2) Odorizzi was a really good trade. Will the player they gave up ever make it to AA? 3) You didn't mention that they turned Garcia into Zack Littell. That turned out well, no?
  11. 1) I would be all about Price, especially if Boston covered even some of the salary. Playoff experience, previous working history with Rocco and Josh Kalk. Could be a great role model. If the shoulder holds out, this could be a great way to add talent for relatively low cost in terms of prospects going back! 2) Wheeler or Bumgarner or Ryu (whoever they like the best) getting one in the fold would also significantly add to our team. As many playoff-level starters as possible should be in our rotation. 3) Buxton, Berrios, May, Rogers all should be approached for good extensions. No doubt! Love the article!
  12. I would totally go for Wheeler. I want either of them, or Ryu, on the team. I like Wheeler’s stuff more for sure. If he is here, that is good in my book. Gallen I like more than most. I am all about trading for a pitcher though, someone young with team control. There are definitely other options though. Who else should they look at?
  13. 1) You might be right. I wanted to shoot for trading for a pitcher with team control and that the Twins would like their stuff. I'm not certain it is an overpay. They gave up a very good prospect to get him 3 months ago. They might be open to gaining some good prospects/players for him now, no? 2) I'd argue the trade I brought up is an underpay for Anderson. He's only 26 and has been almost a 4 WAR player for 2 years in a row. Larnach, or the idea of Larnach, would be tough to lose. But the other 3 players that I named, are any of them future stars? Anderson is someone I see as being a core level player here.
  14. 1) I can agree with that, as it was super tough to give up Balazovic. Still, Gallen threw 80 innings in the majors last year, and 133 and 147 the two years prior in the minors. Balazovic has topped out at 93 innings, but I still think he has a chance to be something. Gallen, to me, already looks like he is someone that we hope Balazovic could turn in to. Rosario leaving could hurt, as would Thorpe, but I love the potential. I also figured if our fans hate a trade, but don't loathe it with every fiber of their being, then it is probably fair 2) Brian Anderson has 4 years of team control, has had 3.9 and 3.8 Baseball Reference WAR in back to back years in Miami, and grades out well above average defensively, all while hitting 261/342/468 for a pretty bad Miami team. And I'd argue no one they are giving up is a true difference maker, even if all of them are solid/good. 3) The 3 free agents, those are guesses on money. I know 72 is what a lot of people are predicting for Bumgarner, but if 6 teams are offering 72, Twins may have to go above that to secure his services no?
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