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  1. I have to say that I am getting really tired of the military gear on MLB ballplayers. Parents take their impressionable kids to the game to see their team. The military pays MLB to wear the gear to make an impression on the kids. The players have no choice but to wear what they are given. Enough already. It ruins the game for me.
  2. Glad that I didn't pay money to buy a ticket to watch what is being sold as big league professional baseball. Little League pitching, Little League fielding and Little League base running. I played a ton of games like this when I was seven years old and watched my kids do the same. I am tired of watching this kind of baseball . . . especially twice in one week. Good grief!
  3. 63 years old and a lifelong Twins fan from Canada. I really enjoy your historical retrospectives Matt. Lots of great memories there which always get me thinking about those Twins players / announcers / supporting characters again.
  4. Thanks for this interesting analysis again Parker. Always insightful. What struck me most when I watched the video was how still his head is now compared to before. He appeared to dip and change the level of his head then. Now he appears to stay on the same plane and, in this swing at least, really drives through the ball.
  5. Thanks for this terrific tribute John. As a Canadian, I have been a big Morneau supporter since he was first drafted. My family and I have made the trek to Minneapolis almost every year of his career just to watch him play a few games. Concussions or not, it's been fun to watch the long arc of his truely remarkable career as a Minnesota Twin. A big part of the joy (and wistful sorrow) of being a life time supporter of a team comes from watching the players come up, thrill us with their talent, and then see them fade away into team history. Justin Morneau will always be one of those special players in Twins history because, like Tony O, we will always be left to marvel at his talent, grit and dedication, and to lament what could have been. Both on and off the field, he's been a distinct credit to the Twins uniform and to playing baseball the "Twins way". I for one think it would be a fitting tribute, and a credit to both him and to the Twins, to see his uniform number ultimately retired.
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