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  1. Okay, let me start by saying this is an absolutely terrible idea. That is no reason not to have an article about it in the off-season. It shows creativity. It also shows why you don't write for Sports Illustrated. You be you, Allen.
  2. Shaun Anderson had a 5.73 FIP and a WHIP of 1.435 last year. Those are really bad numbers. Hope the Twins can get some good innings out of him. Glad that Wade is going to get a better chance to play than he would have with the Twins.
  3. Don't hate the Bruins for it, but Forbes? Yeah.
  4. David HK - your comment made me look up Mark Portugal. Hadn't thought of him in years. After the Twins traded Portugal away for a relief pitcher who never got past A ball, he spent his next 8 years accumulating these stats:1257 IP, 3.96 FIP, 106 ERA+. The Twins missed something there.
  5. No question he's got a cool name, but Akil Baddoo has not posted an OPS of >.770 outside of rookie ball. I hope either his #13 rating does not depict what incredible longshots the following players are or Akil has a monster season this year. Because, if he is what we've seen and he really is #13, well, our farm doesn't look so great.
  6. Surprising account of Kirilloff. His bad start in May and his recovery month of July really didn't sit well with some who make up these lists. Then Duran & Balazovic. A very interesting mix from what we're used to.
  7. Fun article to read. .682 OPS in May (119 PA) .910 OPS in June (55 PA) .665 OPS in July (117 PA) .851 OPS in August (114 PA) As he was over 2.5 years younger than the average age of his competition this appears to look promising. I certainly hope Kirilloff becomes the hitting machine you believe him to be.
  8. I often relate this scenario when this subject comes up: If the game of baseball had started with a DH for the pitcher and then 100 years later someone said, "Hey, I have an idea. Let's have the pitcher bat!" Well, everyone would think that guy was an idiot. Nevertheless, I like that the leagues have this one rule different. Makes it kind of fun. Also, I cannot stop smirking when you invariably run into that person who bemoans the advent of the DH ruining the 'purity of the game'.
  9. Both Bumgarner and Strasburg had better ERAs and FIPs going into their age 26 season. Still, I expect we will get a very good year from Jose. I look forward to it. And we apparently need to hope for near-career years from some other pitchers, too. Alas... Go Twins!
  10. Sorry. Can't help you. Atlanta & Seattle have no neighbors. I'll say I think you did pretty well, given what you have to work with...
  11. This entire comment was well worded. Jake Cave, when he started getting regular at bats in the second half, posted a line of: .306/.383/.581 (.964) I'd be running around the Winter Meetings with many buckets of KFC if the return was typically that good. Don't really understand the need to belittle players whom one doesn't particularly care for. Also, the article you referred to was interesting. "What’s been even better for the Marlins is that their pitching has been on a progressive climb upwards. Since the beginning of May, they rank 19th in fWAR, seventh in ERA, 16th in FIP, and 17th in strikeout-rate among the league." Is the author aware that there are only 15 teams in a league?
  12. I know there's a lot of time left, but I am nervous that the Twins will do something like trade for Boyd and act like they made a huge improvement to the rotation. It's time. I'd voice loudly that they need to do something, but I'm not sure exactly what moves might be available to them. This will be interesting...
  13. Darvish came back very strong. His WHIP and OPS allowed were both better than Berrios managed in July, August and September. It also helps that the Cubs have covered $45M of his $126M contract. Any really good pitcher is going to be expensive and I like the idea of the Twins looking at every opportunity. If indeed the Cubs are trying to shed payroll (as suggested in MLBTR), this could be a great get for the Twins, depending on who they had to give up, of course.
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