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  1. I like your blueprint, Doc. Thanks If AK recovers and can play MLB he should be at 1B. I'd leave Arraez at DH for another year. Maybe he improves somewhere or a position opens up. I see AK as a professional 1B. A player like that can save a good number of errors for the other infielders. Also, please help me (serious request): Why all the love for Celinistino? Yes, I like his defense, but he hasn't posted an OPS of .800 ever, at any level in pro ball. He had an OPS of .615 this year in MLB. Thank you
  2. I feel like the Twins may as well pay the price now for a high end starter with at least a year remaining after 2022. It's not really going to be that much cheaper in the off-season and they can look like they are making an effort. And hey - that effort could pay off. Then they have a real ace for next year. When proposing a trade please remember to include 2 players from the Twins who are either on the 40 man or will need to be added this fall. That's not going to get better after the World Series either. Now, please pitch in with realistic plans that make me feel better. Thank you!
  3. I had this long, rather esoteric response filled with wisdom and humor. Alas, you just summarized every approach to a comment I may have had. Nicely done.
  4. I was certain Arcia was going to be awesome! Oswaldo Arcia regularly hit > .300 in MiLB. For some reason he thought that when he came to MLB his job was to hit 500 foot home runs. He swung so hard he hurt himself. More than once. I truly believe that someone else with the same talent could have made a MLB career for themselves. That was just sad.
  5. An interesting article about a stat that appears to have nearly zero impact on wins. We all know that there are times when baserunning wins or loses a game. Pretty hard to see it in these stats, though. Odd stuff. Thank you
  6. A nice little nightmare for opposing pitchers. I like it.
  7. Okay, let me start by saying this is an absolutely terrible idea. That is no reason not to have an article about it in the off-season. It shows creativity. It also shows why you don't write for Sports Illustrated. You be you, Allen.
  8. Shaun Anderson had a 5.73 FIP and a WHIP of 1.435 last year. Those are really bad numbers. Hope the Twins can get some good innings out of him. Glad that Wade is going to get a better chance to play than he would have with the Twins.
  9. Don't hate the Bruins for it, but Forbes? Yeah.
  10. David HK - your comment made me look up Mark Portugal. Hadn't thought of him in years. After the Twins traded Portugal away for a relief pitcher who never got past A ball, he spent his next 8 years accumulating these stats:1257 IP, 3.96 FIP, 106 ERA+. The Twins missed something there.
  11. No question he's got a cool name, but Akil Baddoo has not posted an OPS of >.770 outside of rookie ball. I hope either his #13 rating does not depict what incredible longshots the following players are or Akil has a monster season this year. Because, if he is what we've seen and he really is #13, well, our farm doesn't look so great.
  12. Surprising account of Kirilloff. His bad start in May and his recovery month of July really didn't sit well with some who make up these lists. Then Duran & Balazovic. A very interesting mix from what we're used to.
  13. Fun article to read. .682 OPS in May (119 PA) .910 OPS in June (55 PA) .665 OPS in July (117 PA) .851 OPS in August (114 PA) As he was over 2.5 years younger than the average age of his competition this appears to look promising. I certainly hope Kirilloff becomes the hitting machine you believe him to be.
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