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  1. Very good observation as I wondered the same thing. Right now-----and for a large chunk of the season------Simmons ABs have been painful to watch. Far too many unproductive outs with some of the absolute WORST I'VE EVER SEEN swings by a MLB player. His .242 avg and .314 OBP will not be missed next season......or hopefully in August or September as some team desperate for defense will make a decent offer of a prospect or two.
  2. Bummer to see our winning streak come to an end, but with this pitching staff (see below) it was inevitable. A few other observations: 1. Nice to see the continued development of Kirilloff and Larnach. Hopefully, they'll both remain healthy for remainder of season. 2 huge building blocks for the future. Got to believe the defensive future for Kirilloff will be at 1B next season. 2. Nelson Cruz: Nice to see the resurgence of Cruz this month (.400 avg) going 24-60 with 6 jacks and 1`3 RBI after after an abysmal performance in May (.221 avg/ 3 HR/ 6 RBI). Hopefully Falvey can get
  3. Just when you think there's a POSSIBILITY that this team might start to resemble the team that many predicted in the offseason----you get squarely kicked right in the cajones. Didn't see the pitch that injured Bux, but the result is just devastating for him. As many may know,...I heard this on FSN the other day------over the last 3 years when Buxton is in the lineup--the Twins are 45 games...yes 45 games OVER.500! When out of the lineup over that time period.....Twins are 5 games UNDER .500. Just really p*ssed off right now. Hopefully, Bux can recover and be back with the team soon after
  4. John: Appreciate your clarification on the players I cited in my post. Good work on your salary observations as things stand right now. A lot of big decisions for the front office to make.
  5. Upon further review.... as I pay attention to this.....many of the "numbers" quoted for 2022 salaries are incorrect or projections from arbitration. My source is: Spotrac.com/ mlb team payrolls Garver is NOT making 3.8mill for 2022. He's making $1.875 mill this season. He could get that increase for 2022, but I doubt it. Polanco: making $5.50 mill for 2022-------not $5.0 mill Sano: As noted by another----is NOT making $12 mill next year-----he's guaranteed (ugh!!) $9.25m. Has $14.25m CLUB option for 2023. Buxton: Is NOT guaranteed $8.5m for next year as he's AR
  6. FYI---Maeda is scheduled to make $3.125 mill for 2022 and 2023....Not $9.0 mill.
  7. Doc: Other than your final note ( I didn't watch game on FSN) so I have no opinion on Perkins, I agree with your comments. I really believe that Alcala has a strong future as a late inning option in our bullpen. To me, he has the demeanor/disposition you need from a closer. What he doesn't have at this point to be trusted in that role is an effective 3rd pitch, namely a changeup. Other than some command issues, I like what I've seen from Robles as he's shown he's much more like the effective pitcher he was in 2019 rather than the gas can he was with Halos last year. As for Dobnak, I'm som
  8. I like your thinking, but, with Dobnak starting and not much in reserve out of the bullpen------I wouldnt get my hopes up.
  9. Roger: Thanks for the response. Despite the heat, it was an excellent road trip, which I'd strongly recommend for any Twins fans hoping to see some well played baseball. Living on east side of KC metro area (20 minutes from Arrowhead Stadium) it was an easy 3.5 hour drive to Wichita. Had affordable hotel accommodations (Drury Inn) without the bother of having to drive to the game. 10 minute (0.4 mi) walk to Riverfront Stadium. However, there is free parking closer if thats a route fans would want to pursue. Wichita's record (22-16) could be construed as deceiving by some as their
  10. Thats got to be a misprint/old information as the same info is listed in the Wind Surge yearbook I picked up last night. My "eye test"----being within 60 feet of homeplate------his height is accurate (6'0) but he's hot to be at least 180lb.
  11. Just because I had to check--------the 1982 Twins pitching staff (my senior year in high school) was NOT as awful as I originally thought in comparison to this year's group. Saying that, I knew that the 82 team would struggle, but as all know the CORE of that team---Laudner, Hrbek, Gaetti, Viola------with the help of others---produced the first (and best) WS title only 5 years later. As for that group......research shows the 82 team..as most know..went 60-102 finishing dead last in the AL West. However, their starting pitchers (as listed by Baseball Reference) showed a few surprises.
  12. As the hour is quite late, I'll have to revisit this tomorrow----but the 1982 pitching staff that featured the immortal Terry Felton going 0-13 ( I think) would have to be worse....at this point of the season. Considering the expectations-----I'd agree that this has been the MOST DISAPPOINTING pitching staff in franchise history.
  13. A few additional nuggets after being in attendance for the Wind Surge's 8-2 win over Springfield. 1. If not for a questionable scoring decision on Palacios' last AB (ruled an error on throw from 2B), he would have been a perfect 5-5 tonight. Still a 4-5 night with a 11 total bases ( single, double and 2 solo HRs) was quite impressive. Palacios' 2nd HR to dead center came on a 3-2 pitch after he spoiled several pitches to keep his AB alive. Add him to the list of hitters that deserve some strong consideration for a long look on the big league roster heading into 2022. Palacios raised h
  14. Steve: Although a rough night for Saint Paul, CR and Fort Myers, I'm pleased to report that I was able to witness the Wind Surge's 13-4 thumping of Springfield tonight at a VERY warm Riverfront Stadium in Wichita. First of all, for any fans considering making the trip to Wichita, its definitely worth the time. The ballpark is spectacular! As many might know, Riverfront Stadium was built with intention of being the Miami Marlins AAA team in 2020. Whoever designed this ballpark did a tremendous job. Not a bad seat anywhere in the park. As with most minor league teams at AA level, box seat
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