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  1. Well.......the BEST thing about tonight is both CLE and the White Sox lost. As BAD as this Twins offense is-------the White Sox had 1 hit the entire game! Moreover 4 Orioles pitchers retired the final 19 batters...0 hits...0 walks allowed. As much as many have been (rightfully) calling for the FO to make at least a couple of moves to acquire solid bullpen arms (there are many out there from LOSING clubs), it is getting to be time for Falvey & Levine to look to upgrade this offense. For those keeping count----this is the 9th time this team has been shutout this season. Moreover, this team has little if any chance of making the playoff field if they continue to score 2 runs or less. Tonight marked the 28th game this team has tallied only 2 runs. With 62 games done, that's 45.1% of total games played. Luckily, our pitching staff has done well enough to win 7 of those games---1 of which was yesterday. You cannot and will not make the playoff field if this trend continues. Plain and simple. Wish I had a great answer of how to improve this offense. With Buxton's continued sporadic play (due to injury) and Polanco still on the IL----this team has far too many hitters that flounder. Other than POSSIBLY Steer and/or Palacios, there's nobody at Saint Paul that could help. What are Falvey & Levine prepared to do to address this problem? Considering the history of this franchise acquiring a solid hitter before or at the trade deadline----the last I remember is Shannon Stewart back in 2003------I find it very doubtful anything is done.
  2. Agree absolutely with both of your comments. With MLB mandating a 13 pitcher max combined with the fact that our SPs (along with Baldelli's reluctance) seldomly navigate more than 6 innings----there is NO WAY Duffey can continue on this roster much longer. Got to think Thornburg can serve as long relief option if a SP gets lit up early. Time to DFA Duffey and fill his slot via a trade for a LH RP. Okert (MIA), Puk (OAK) or Mantiply (AZ) would all be an upgrade over Thielbar as a 2nd LH option is needed as Moran hasnt (to this point) shown he can fill that role.
  3. I would tend to agree with you, but not tonight as Jax---who threw 27 pitches last night was the only viable option. Duran was not available after his 2 IP last night. So------I'm asking would you have preferred Thornburg or Duffey in that situation? Those were the only 2 left as options to replace Pagan.
  4. Well........I stated last nights loss was a gut punch. It absolutely was. This final result was the equivalent to a Sean Michael's "sweet chin music" kick delivered to the groin. Easy to place blame on the main culprits....Cotton & Pagan, but I instead will focus my thoughts on 2 others: #1 Sonny Gray: Coming out for the 5th inning with a 5-1 lead facing the BOTTOM of the order, you'd think Gray would be able to execute his pitches--even with a climbing pitch count---to save the bullpen. That was soon lost as Gray served up a HR to Hedges (hitting in .160s) which was followed by 3 straight singles. Gray has GOT TO BE BETTER. Plain and simple. #2 Falvey/Levine: Know this is about baseball, but have to invoke the Bill Parcells line from years ago: "If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they should let you shop for some of the groceries" As much as I've placed A LOT of BLAME (deservedly so) on Baldelli for his questionable bullpen decisions this year, I can't fault him tonight for bringing Pagan back for the 9th as he struck out the side in the 8th. Who else was available? Not Duran after throwing 2 innings last night and 27 pitches. Not Thornburg, And for sure---NOT Duffey. So Thad and Derrick----what are you WAITING for??? This team,,,,,your coaches and your manager are BEGGING for help. This bullpen---especially earlier in the season------did quite well when (a long time ago) they were fresh. They are running on fumes now. Don't you see that? Other than the addition of Joe Smith in the offseason you did NOTHING do improve this pen. Now is the TIME ---not waiting till August 2nd----to upgrade this bullpen!!! A minimum of 2 RPs---1 LH...1 RH are needed now! Yes, the price might some prospects, but this team has demonstrated the aptitude and guts to be play meaningful games in September, Its time for you two to STEP UP and show Rocco, your coaches, and your players that you have their back. There are RPs throughout the league on BAD teams (PIT-TX-AZ-OAK and others) that can help this team immediately. Its your responsibility to everyone listed above as well as your loyal fans to get this done NOW!! Failing to act is nothing more than a complete dereliction of your duties.
  5. Understating the obvious----this loss------was a gut punch. Only 1 loss, but it feels like more as our bullpen options tomorrow night seem to be centered on Thielbar and Smith as our main 3 were used tonight. As frustrating as Pagan's performance was, I got to question the pitch selection to Reyes in that situation. If I'm correct, I don't believe Pagan challenged him 1x with a fastball. Pagan demonstrated he can locate his fastball and bring it with good velocity (95+). Moreover, Reyes had whiffed in his 3 previous ABs. 3-1 slider-----center cut launched to tie game. What makes this loss even worse is the complete FAILURE by our 3-4-5 hitters in the 10th to move Arraez over to 3B. Not only did Correa & Kepler fail to do that------they couldn't even make contact. Sanchez's whiff to end the inning was a foregone conclusion. Sure would be nice if CLE traded us a couple of THEIR effective bullpen arms.
  6. Offered these 6 RP's up in a different thread on TD. IMO, each has a higher upside than those previously mentioned. LH- RP's 1. Joe Mantiply- AZ 2. Steven Okert- MIA 3. AJ Puk-OAK 4. Brock Burke- TX RH-RP's 1. David Bednar-PIT 2. Jorge Lopez- BAL The common thread that all 6 of these have is that they all currently pitch for teams with basically ZERO chance of making the playoffs this season and beyond. After seeing Thielbar's 6th inning implosion today----adding at least 1 LHRP is imperative. Either Bednar or Lopez would immediately strengthen our pen in late innings especially considering the likelihood that Alcala will not pitch this season.
  7. Agreed! Hour is getting late, but a few---imo---realistic options that our FO should be considering to acquire. David Bednar (RH-RP)-PIT. 2-1 with 11 SV and 4 HLD. 1.14 ERA/ 0.79 WHIP. K-BB rate: 42-7. Dillon Peters (LH-RP)- PIT. Currently on 15-day IL---so health issues are a concern. 4-2 W-L record with 3 HLD. 3.86 ERA. 1.17 WHIP PIT is 10.5 games out in NL Central. For sure building to future. Joe Mantiply (LH-RP)- AZ. 1-0 with 1 SV and 6 HLD. 0.37 ERA/ 0.90 WHIP Will see him this weekend. AZ is only 5 games under .500 but, like PIT, is a non-contender in AL west. Steven Okert (LH-RP)- MIA. 3-0/ 2.75 ERA/ 1.12 WHIP. 9 HLD with a good K-BB rate: 28-10 MIA is already 11.5 games back in tough NL East. Like others, building for future. Brock Burke (LH-RP)- TX. 4-1 with a 0.83 ERA and 1.01 WHIP. 38-10 K to BB rate Although only 4 games under .500 (29-33), TX is 10 games out in AL West. Another team desperate to add prospects. AJ Puk (LH-RP)-OAK. 1-0; 6 HLD/ 1.69 ERA and 1.01 WHIP with a 24-5 K to BB rate OAK is stuck in AL West cellar---18.5 games out. Would like to see Puk with 1 of their top C prospects also being acquired. Would take multiple prospects but a package of Martin, Sands, Enlow and another high or low A hitting prospect (CES- from Cedar Rapids) might get OAK to make a deal. I know this list is LH "heavy"---but I believe adding at least 1..... WITH.... Bednar would significantly help this team as this current group is currently running on fumes as their being asked to cover at least 4 innings every night.
  8. Best way to get Cave back to Target Field is to give him $5 for the light rail fee on an off day.....then he can buy a bleacher ticket to watch the game.
  9. Although a rough day (and our 8th time being shutout this season), I expected it with Sands pitching. Changing my negative tune...at least for today....I will instead focus on the POSITIVE (not my style): #1 With all the warts and continued issues with this team--------lets not forget their in 1st place with a 3-game lead over CLE with a 35-27 record. Last year, through 62 games---------10 games worse: 25-37 #2 Although an offensive stinker today, lets not ignore the fact that this offense scored 54 runs/ 6 per game over their last 9 against the BEST teams in the AL East. #3 This team actually had a WINNING record against the 'Beasts of the East' with a 5-4 record. How many of us actually predicted "that" after losing 4 of 5 in DET? #4 Correa's bat is looking its getting hot. AVG up to .303---------2-3 today. #5 Ryan and Gray are set to return to the rotation this week! Hopefully, they won't be on a strict pitch count. With the emergence of Smeltzer as a viable SP combined with the recent improvement of Archer----this at least for now gives our rotation a semblance of stability and quality. I got to think if Ober can get healthy soon, the days of seeing Dylan Bundy starting are becoming fewer and fewer. That is not a bad thing. #6 Tyler Thornburg----yes in mop up duty, actually impressed me throwing 2.33 shutout innings. #7 Duffey: Throwing him a bone here.......he got the last 5 outs without giving up a run. Not sure what others think, but I'd be satisfied with a 3-3 split on the road this week at SEA and AZ.
  10. A couple of questions and a few observations after today's "W": 1. Did I miss the corresponding roster move with Gonzalez being DFA'ed after the game? I'm guessing (hoping) Ryan will be added back to active roster to start this week in Seattle. 2. Is Cano the next demotion with Gray (seemingly) ready to return to the rotation this week. 3. Does anyone else hate/question putting the "contact play" into motion with Jeffers at the plate? I just don't understand doing so with Arraez on deck. Yes, it ended up working out later in the inning as Polanco came up with a huge RBI single, but it took 2 hits to do so. 4. Considering the rough rehab outing by Winder the other night---assuming he's healthy, how much longer does he remain at SP? Want him back, but with injury issues the last 2 seasons-----what role does he best serve in if brought back to active roster. Moving on: Tyler Megill: I realize a small sample size, but with continued success, can you make an argument that he's surpassed Joe Smith in the pecking order? Caleb Thielbar: Like what he's contributed, but I'd prefer to see Moran get more opportunities over him. Arraez: Is there any doubt that he's 1 of the Twins (not sure how many more) headed to LA for the AS Game? Considering how much importance Rocco places on REST, I hope he can find a little time to give him 1 day off weekly. Duffey: Is a DFA coming in the near future? If not, I got to believe he won't be called to pitch in any game unless a SP is getting shelled or has to be removed due to injury. Sanchez: With his bat slumping since June 1st (4-32/ .125 avg/ 3 RBI), settle in to see Jeffers--even worse ---1-18 this month-----still continue to get multiple starts each week. Ugh. Sure makes me wish for the old days. I bet Brian Harper, now 62, could still hit .250 today! and finally: Pagan: Nice to see him close out the game today---especially dominating Margot to end the game---where did that 97mph gas come from? Saying that, it sure would be nice to see him avoid going to a 3-2 count on the first two batters.
  11. Just another throw away game by our illustrious leader with benching of Buxton and Correa. I'm sure those who paid big $$ to attend this afternoon's game are disgusted.
  12. My contention is that Duffey NEVER should've been thrown into this game by his manager after what happened Sunday. There is ZERO defensible reason by Baldelli that Duffey was the "best option" available to keep the deficit at 1 run. I truly feel sorry for Duffey. He's a professional and a competitor. I'm sure he wanted to redeem himself after Sunday. Any athlete worth his salt wants to prove himself. The problem is Baldelli----regardless of the (possible---I wasnt watching) fact that he may have already been ejected---he called for Duffey to enter the game---------not Tingler. Baldelli, for all his faults, has always protected his players. Not tonight. He failed miserably and should apologize to Duffey. He didnt deserve that.
  13. I agree with you 1000%, but what is Duffey supposed to do when his MANAGER calls for him to warm up and summons him into the game? Refuse to enter? As BAD as Duffey is------the culprit here is 100% Baldelli! Yes, he didn't throw the pitch, but he put Duffey into a "no win" situation there. One part of his job, is to PROTECT his players. He failed BIG TIME here with his call to bring Duffey in. This is a 1-run game in the 7th inning against our biggest nemesis for years who's kicked sand in our face for ETERNITY and Rocco thinks Duffey is the answer? Really? I'm sure Duffey's teammates will support him postgame. Its just a complete travesty his manager thrust him into a position to FAIL and get booed off the mound. Hopefully, most of those "boo's" were directed at Baldelli. Just horrible. Duffey didn't deserve that treatment. Plain and simple.
  14. Not arguing your point, but a review of Duran's game logs this season shows that prior to today: 18 appearances Only 7 games (less than 40% of games pitched) has Duran pitched more than 1 inning. 4 of those came in April. With his outstanding ERA (2.13), WHIP (0.71) and impressive K to BB rate (36-4), I'm hoping its only a matter of time until we see Duran as our 9th inning closer. Saying that---pending today's removal doesn't require an IL stint------I seriously doubt that Baldelli/ Johnson/ Falvey & Levine will make that move this season.
  15. A few observations after a BIG "W" today: 1. Considering the Twins have consistently failed to add on runs after scoring early---------the 2-out HRs by Larnach (solo) and Sanchez (2 run bomb) proved to be the cushion needed after the implosion of Duffey. 2. A question: Which hitter--------Arraez or Sanchez---------would get your vote for "most valuable" over the last several weeks with Correa's absence and Buxton's prolonged slump? Hard for me to choose. 3. Related to above-------Has Rocco FINALLY figured out that Sanchez needs to be our regular (5-6 games per week) catcher? It might appear so. Saying that, Jeffers, imo, needs to be relegated to the bench with possibly 1-2 starts per week if Twins have zero "off days". For those keeping track---------Jeffers, who I'm sure is nice to dogs and old ladies---is stuck in a 3-35 (.086 avg) slump since May 21st. Sanchez--now with 6 jacks and 27 RBI-----has earned full time status behind the plate. With upcoming roster moves before Tuesday, there is ZERO reason this team should EVER have Jeffers in the lineup as DH. 4. Yes, I know Twins won the game, but a few questions for Rocco. Sorry, I can't help myself: A. Why was Smeltzer pulled after 4 IP when he'd only thrown 62 pitches? Yes, I know he labored somewhat in that inning, but the FACT is he did have the 8-9 hitters coming up in the 5th that he had retired on ground balls in their only other AB? B. Why was Jax pulled after his dominant--only 9 pitches---6th inning with an "off day" tomorrow? Jax buzzed through the heart of the Jays order (2-3-4) with ZERO issues. C. Related to above: What does Jax have to do to earn more late inning/high pressure innings (7th or 8th) with the recent struggles of Joe Smith? D. Rocco---------Why do you refuse to get pitchers warmed up when the current RP is imploding? This is a troublesome and re-occurring theme. Rocco: Have you forgotten that you can REMOVE a pitcher after facing 3 batters? I'm serious in asking that question! I believe I'm correct on this having watched the game, but Baldelli didn't even get a pitcher warming up until AFTER Duffey served up his 3-run gopher ball. Why? This makes zero sense. E. Does anyone know if Duffey has a minor league option remaining? I doubt it, but have to ask as he continues to fail in situations that demand he just pitch average. He looks totally lost with ZERO confidence. He rates a whisker behind Pagan in my level of confidence to protect a lead.
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