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  1. Just the type of move that really makes me as a 45 year plus fan question my loyalty to this team. SMH......again.
  2. I don't disagree with your assessment, but would offer the following argument in favor of accelerating Julien's progression. If, assuming he can duplicate offensive numbers at AAA next year (OBP, slug %) and Polanco's can remain off the IL---by July 1st the front office needs to give SERIOUS CONSIDERATION to trading Polanco. IMO, Polanco has regressed to the point there's zero reason to let his $10.5 m salary vest for 2024.
  3. Considering the plethora of injuries to OFers late in the season, Cave did an adequate job. To quote Denny Green-----"he is what we thought he is"---a player with a ton of hustle with a great attitude that gives outstanding effort. The problem is------his overall skill set is that of a AAAA player. A MLB team aspiring for playoff baseball should NEVER be in the position of having to give regular playing time/ABs to a player of Cave's caliber. This is not meant as a slam on Cave. It IS an indictment of our front office/player development staff that continues to fail to bring up younger more talented players or trade for guys that can produce at a higher rate.
  4. Away from TD site for awhile as Twins play has been more than depressing. Can't say I watched tonight, but after seeing the impressive performance by Ober my mind wandered off into"what could have been mode. So many problems with this team to fix before next year, but at least for tonight---a good feeling, especially beating the Sox. Sure would be nice to see Winder complement Ober's performance with a strong outing tomorrow night.
  5. Your comments are 100% accurate and reflect my current feelings. Yes, I realize this team has been ravaged by injuries...moreso than most teams. Saying that, it is beyond disappointing to see an entire team QUIT in this past series. Its one thing to lose to CLE, but it is utterly unforgiveable to subject your fan base to such a blatant lack of effort and execution. I honestly believe this group mentally packed up their bags after losing 4 of 5 to CLE having zero thought, desire or interest in even playing these last 3 games. A total embarrassment that Falvey, Levine & Baldelli should be held accountable for.
  6. Having literally NOTHING better to do---I decided to tune in today not expecting much. I got what I asked for. Bummer to see Sonny Gray have to come out early after getting ripped for 4 runs. Hope he's able to recover from his hamstring issue to pitch again this season. He is a gamer and has a bulldog mentality. Nice to see Henriquez perform decent in his MLB debut. Such a typical Twins game. Get smoked early, battle back to get within 1 run getting Quantrill out of the game then see Contreras line into a DP. Finally, is it getting to a point that serious consideration is given to DFA'ing Lopez in the offseason? He's been a colossal disappointment since arriving from Baltimore. He WAS quite good earlier this season with the Orioles with a sub 2 ERA and an excellent WHIP. After his gas can of a performance today his ERA with MN has zoomed over 4 and his WHIP is at or over 2.0---which is Pagan-esque.
  7. A few observations after a much needed W today: Correa: Nice to see our $35m player come through clutch today! Only his 4th 2-hit and 2RBI (should've been 3 RBI) game since July 1st. Hamilton: Yes, I realize his impersonation of Lonnie "skates" Smith proved to be a moot point after Miranda's double scored him, but how many Twins fans were thinking the following after that play: "Correa finally gets a KEY hit late in the game and Hamilton spins out rounding 3rd base---Now we're going to waste this scoring opportunity leaving runners stranded and out bullpen will find someway to blow this game?" Miranda: If not for Julio Rodriguez, is there a more deserving candidate (other than Duran) to win ROY? and finally... Dylan Bundy: Count me in the VERY SKEPTICAL department when Bundy was signed just before the lockout. He has exceeded my expecations not only by his OVERALL performance, but by staying healthy being a consistent member of the starting rotation. By no means do I think management should pick up his $11m option for 2023, but I would support a 2 yr/ 16m offer. Would be interested to hear others opinion on this. Looking forward to 2023 who are LOCKS for this rotation? I would venture 3 fall in that category: Ryan, Gray and Mahle (assuming his shoulder is healthy by ST). That leaves 2 open slots. I would argue that very few teams would be willing to offer Bundy a 2yr/$16m deal. I know there are more "sexy" candidates" for those 2 other rotation slots-----but all of them----Maeda, Paddack, Ober and Winder----come with serious health concerns. Wish I could say I was looking forward to the next 4 games before we face CLE next weekend. I'd be lying if I made that claim..
  8. Putting things in perspective how miserable Correa has been with his bat: Correa: Age: 27, ABs on season: 357 RBI Total= 39 OPS post ASB break: .710 Albert Pujols: age 42, ABs on season: 197 RBI Total= 37 OPS post ASB break: 1.428
  9. Kept tabs on game tonight as I (most others) were unable to view it with game being broadcast on Apple TV. Probably a good thing as my blood pressure wouldn't have been good seeing ANOTHER poor night from our hitters not named Arraez & Miranda. Not to veer too far off into negativity, but I'm really getting sick of seeing Correa do NOTHING to contribute at the dish. Another 0-4 with 2K's tonight. I believe he's now done to hitting .216 since July 1st with a measly 11 RBI over 134 ABs. Anyway, nice to see Bundy pitch well. He's far surpassed the production I thought we'd get out of him when he signed before the lockout. Saying that, I can't see ANY scenario that Falvey brings him back at $11m next year. Wondering if he'd consider a 2-year deal in the $12-$14m range as I don't see a bunch of teams clamoring for his services next year. At this point in his career, Bundy knows who he is as a SP. He's a veteran guy who knows pitches to his strengths and tries to limit his mistakes. Other than Ryan, Gray and Mahle (I hope)---is there another SP in the system RIGHT NOW that is a major upgrade over Bundy. IMO, its not Ober or Archer. Nobody in minors. I guess you could claim Maeda, but no certainty there either. Hopefully the bats wake up tomorrow night.
  10. No, not being a jerk with comment on Pagan. He should be thankful he's still getting ANY opportunity to pitch for this team. Is it just me, but am I wrong that it seems to take an ETERNITY for Pagan to deliver a pitch. I know there's something to being 'deliberate," but it appears to me he's over-analyzing EVERY pitch he's about to throw. Paralysis by analysis. Hopefully, Falvey will recognize and admit his error and release him early in the offseason as I think the reason he's reluctant is he doesn't want to see DET or KC pick him up for remaining games vs. Twins this year. I'm sure our hitters---maybe even Correa, would love to dig in against him.
  11. After this uninspired and lackluster road trip this team deserved boarding the "old propeller airplane" used in the movie "Major League"---back to Minneapolis. Unless a not to be expected strong homestand follows---at minimum 5-2 against KC and TX-------these players should be packing to board a couple of 1980 version Grayhound busses for their trip to Houston,-
  12. FYI----I know its preseason game 1 for Vikings, but what I've seen so far is ugly. Stupid penalties, breakdown in coverage, not being to convert in red zone. Yes, I know this is TD site and am tracking---from a distance--our collection of nimrods-----getting shutdown by a rookie SP with nearly an 8 ERA and cant hit the immortal Jaime Barria. Just another great day in the life of a Minnesota sports fan.
  13. Last night was it for me. In spite of paying for MLB Extra Inning package to get Bally Sports North here in the KC area, I'm DONE investing any more time and energy into this team. Will devote my interest--yes a glutton for punishment---to other endeavors, which include the Vikings. As a loyal fan for 40+ years, I will move on and hope ( a very dangerous thing) for better results next year. My life would be so much calmer if I didn't like sports.
  14. Well......did anyone NOT see "that ending" coming? Say what you want, but its over. The way this team is playing it will be a struggle to finish above .500 and finish in 3rd place. Life as a fan of a Minnesota professional team is just plain miserable.
  15. Exactly! Not only is Stassi a poor hitter (.207 avg) but Lopez had him 0-2! Moreover, Stassi was 0 for his last 10 going into that AB.
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