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  1. Seth: Echoing the comments of several others-----outstanding piece/analysis on these pitching prospects. Have a mid May trip planned to Wichita to see the Wind Surge play Springfield. Planning to see at least 2 games---which I hope to see SWR or Varland get a start. Looking forward to your 1-10 rankings.
  2. Always like LeCroy's bat when he was with the Twins. My favorite memory of LeCroy came in a ST game (not sure of the year) when Ron Gardenhire decided to pull a prank on Doug Mientkiewicz by sending LeCroy into to PINCH RUN for him after he'd reached 1B. As I remember the story, Mientkiewicz waited and waited and waited some more for the 'large one' to amble his way out of the dugout. When asked afterward what he thought was the reason for LeCroy's delay, Mientkiewicz uttered the following quote: "Well he was busy wiping ketchup and mustard off his face."
  3. Started following the Twins as a kid...early 1970s and although Rod Carew was my favorite player, the player I "liked the most" was Bobby Darwin. Not sure how many remember him, but he had a solid ( I may be biased) 3+ years with the Twins (1972-74) as their starting RF. Although Darwin whiffed a lot...he had some MAJOR pop hitting 20+HRs with solid RBI numbers before being traded to Milwaukee in 1975. I also think, please correct me if wrong......that he is the ONLY player other than Killebrew to hit a HR into the upper deck bleachers at Met Stadium.
  4. Thanks Seth for the analysis of this group. Will be keeping tabs on Mooney, Lawyerson and MacLeod as they develop this season. Time "seems"to be running out on Cano (age), but he could be a nice piece in our bullpen, especially if the likes of Stashak and Garza struggle. I'm most intrigued to see how Gore progresses in 2022. Watched your Spotlight interview with Gore and was impressed with his moxie/mental game. He has what I would call on an "old school" mentality (ala Brad Radke) with more velocity. Missed seeing him in Cedar Rapids last summer as he had been promoted to Wichita. Keep up the great work and wishing all of the TD writers and their families a safe and blessed Christmas.
  5. Seth: Just finished watching your entire interview with Wind Surge announcer, Tim Grubbs. Wanted to express my appreciation to you as well as Tim for such an informative and insightful piece. A few days late in seeing this as I just returned to the Kansas City area from a 2-day roadtrip in Branson, Mo. For those who haven't taken the time to watch this, I'd highly recommend taking the time to watch the entire 50+ minute interview as the dialogue between Seth and Grubbs was excellent! I found it very interesting the hear the broadcasting background of Grubbs as he matriculated from covering a variety of sports through his tenure with Tulane University sports and then to working in the Marlins organization for many years. As interesting as the first part of the interview was, I found it especially intriguing to understand from Grubbs the trials and tribulations he faced after the 2019 season ended. Grubbs shares with Seth how he he handled the difficult transition caused by Covid---thinking he'd be continuing as a AAA announcer for the Marlins-----to having to learn everything from scratch working for the Twins in their movement to their AA franchise beginning in Wichita. The last part of the interview was also highly informative as Seth gains perspective from Grubbs about what we can expect to see from a large number of players that spent time with the Wind Surge last season. Having attended 2 games in Wichita in the middle of June last season, I would strongly encourage Twins fans to invest the time to schedule a road trip there in 2022. The ballpark is AMAZING!! Not only are the tickets very affordable ($15 box seats), but this is a state of the art stadium that provides a great game day experience. Seth--hopefully your work schedule allows you to get to down to Wichita this season. You'll be quite pleased with the result. I'm planning on attending the Surge mid May homestand against Springfield so my wife can see her future Cardinals. Would be great to see you or other Twins fans there! Should anyone--who's debating making this trip next season--let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Patience......like getting scissor kicked in the cajones. Saying that, I will try to remain optimistic. That feeling will end if Cave is on the opening day roster as 'that decision' sure appears to signal the same theme this front office has exercised for too many years.
  7. From the reports I got------JB somehow had a relative living in the Twin Cities and ended up, I guess contacting them--from wherever he was "MIA" that night and took a bus back to our hometown of Spencer, IA the following day. Still no idea where he ended up after the game. U'd think he would've "camped out" in a visible area around the Dome as we circled around for at least 1 hour looking for him.
  8. Have to add another Metrodome story. 100% true story, although those that I've told it to believe its embellished. I swear to you, its absolutely true. Setting summer 1994 when the Twins had another lackluster season going. Out of high school and made a summer road trip with my new spouse to see the Twins at the Dome for a weekend series against the White Sox. Attended Friday night with one of my high school buddies that was working in some capacity (I forget) for the Guthrie Theater. Twins won the game, but nothing eventful happened that night. Saturday was the "experience" I'll never forget. With it being a night game, my spouse, myself and my high school buddy(BW) had tickets for Game 2. Spent the afternoon at my friends house in south Minneapolis taking it easy. Well, at least my wife and I did. Can't say the same for BW and his theater buddy, Chip. They started imbibing on a local St. Paul beer, which I remember as "Pigs Eye." I drank one or two, but didn't like the taste. However, BW and Chip drank at least a case and a half of this beverage over the course of the afternoon. Needless to say, by the time we settled into our field level seats down the 1B line, both BW and Chip were feeling quite good. Being a Saturday night against the rival Sox, there was a good crowd---I'm guessing around 25K at the Dome. In our seating area it was quite crowded as the game began. That didn't last long. No later than the bottom of the 1st I noticed (as did my wife) the most awful smell eminating from BW and Chip. Yes, the dreaded Pigs Eye began to make its presence known---if you get my drift. This was not just a foul smell. It was the most disgusting odor you can ever imagine. My wife was beyond embarrassed. She moved to an open area as she couldn't stand the odors any longer. She was not the only person who "noticed" this. By the 4th inning-----a 30 foot circumference of seats near BW and Chip had been cleared out. Those sitting in the vicinity of "the Pigs Eye bombers" began to complain to the ushers in the area. That didn't stop the problem. Around the 5th inning------I noticed a Metrodome usher, who couldn't have been more than 20--a kid---ask BW and Chip to come with him-------as surrounding fans started cheering for the usher to remove my "friends". Seeing this, I followed in pursuit to try to keep BW from getting kicked out of the dome. As we reached the concourse area, I heard the usher politely attempt to explain that their behavior would not continue to be tolerated as their incessant passage of wind was making it impossible for fans to breathe. My HS buddy, BW, of course, in his inebriated condition, had little use for the ushers plea. Instead, he launched into a verbal disertation that "his rights" were being violated and that he had "the constitutional right( I don't remember that from the Bill of Rights) to pass gas." Yes, he actually used those words! Anyway, I got both back to their seats after promising the usher I would look after them and get them relocated if problems persisted. As you might imagine there were A LOT of displeased fans when I returned with BW and Chip. We left around the 8th inning---much to the delight of fans in the area. Of course, by the following morning-----neither of these guys had ANY recollection of their antics. True story.
  9. As an "older" fan who grew up (mid to late 1970s)making road trips with my dad and brothers from northeast Iowa to Metropolitan Stadium, I welcomed the opening of the Dome in 1982, which was my senior year in high school. My favorite memories of the Dome were making road trips with a group of high school buddies from the Lakes area in northwest Iowa. The trip that sticks out---I can't remember who the Twins were playing, was one in the mid 80s when our group of 15 got separated after the game after imbibing a plethora of Schmidt "cold frosties" throughout the game. Anyway, I found my way back to our van after navigating the backroads/parking lots from the gates that entered that led to the seats in lower leftfield. The problem was, I was the first and only one that made it back to the van. After 20+ minutes the rest of our group minus 1 (JB) made it back. Being the "nice clean-cut" college boys we were, we weren't going to abandon our "buddy" and waited for him to arrive. We waited and then waited some more---all the time soaking up some more adult beverages from the keg we had stowed away. After an hour of waiting---we saddled up on a "rescue mission" to find JB. We thought it would be easy. Not true. The more we drove circling around the Dome----the more frequent the cat calls from the back of the van to "leave that idiot" so we could find a hotel to stay in. More to the story, but I'd have to venture into territory that would lead to a "R/N-17 rating" so I will end it here. I can state we never located JB. He ended up paying for a bus ticket to take him back to our hometown. We got up the following morning, navigating southward and enjoyed a great breakfast at the Happy Chef in Mankato. Sometime that morning as the fog of our memories started to clear-----we did wonder what happened to JB. Oh the fun of being a college kid in the 80s.
  10. Uh.....great question! Especially after just seeing Rosario destroy an inside breaking pitch from Buehler with 2 strikes. OMG....do the almighty Dodgers ever read scouting reports??
  11. Kepler's contemplative look suggests to me he's wondering if ANY of the "pile of logs" he's sitting on could be sprinkled with magic dust so he could find a way to rediscover how to be a productive hitter. Hitting .216 over the last 2 years (597 ABs) with a putrid OBP (sub .315) and even worse SLG % (low .400s) can no longer be considered a slump-------even by the biggest Kepler apologist.
  12. Absolute "NO" on Velasquez and Wacha. Both might throw hard, but are brutal. Maybe on Gray if on a short term deal loaded with incentives as his injury history isn't good. Possible on Hudson. A lot of mileage on that arm. Mild "yes" on Knebel---could be decent at the right price.
  13. I think you're on the right track with the exception of Stashak. Saying that, he's on pretty thin ice.
  14. Totally classless and clueless decision by Baldelli and Falvey. Still leaves a very sour taste with me. Maggi was EVERYTHING you'd want as a professional with over 4000 milb ABs. F- grade on failing to get Maggi into a game.
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