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  1. Time to get the "Pagan Sacrifice" warmed up and into this game with the instruction: Emilio-------This is your game for the next 50 pitches. Go get em!
  2. Agree with your assessment. Don't know if you or others know the answer to this? What is the SS FA agent market for 2023? I'm fairly certain there are a number of SS that will be free agents in the off season. If Correa's bat doesn't significantly improve over the next 7-8 weeks, I would be surprised if he opts out as I can't see ANY team willing to give him $30-35mill over an 8-10 years.
  3. Absolutely agree! I know my age is showing but I still think RBI is a relevant stat. Right now, Correa has a meager 37 on the season, which ranks deep in the bottom of everyday SS across the league. When you trail 5'10 180 lb Tommy Edman (who has 38 and a very good player with a ton more speed) in RBI your argument to be paid top $$ rings very hollow.
  4. Agreed 100% with your remarks! Not only proud to see Rocco's tirade on the field, but even more impressed that he "doubled down" in post-game comments. Posted this in game day thread, but for Rocco to call out MLB (in New York) using words as "one of the worst" calls ever in this situation and that it was "pathetic." I may be reaching here, but I think Rocco's postgame rant was intentional by calling out MLB that the Twins are HIS TEAM and he will not idly by when an egregious call is made in such a critical situation. I truly think Rocco is sick and tired.....as he SHOULD BE....with the prevailing attitude of MLB hierarchy as well as other teams that the Twins are a pushover. Time to step up, stand your ground and stop being 'Minnesota Nice'---------nothing wrong with being nice and respectful to your opponent (the league, opposing team and players) but that can be accomplished AFTER you beat them.
  5. Not only did Rocco drop a minimum of 10+ f-bombs after call was (wrongfully) overturned, but he doubled down in post-game comments calling out MLB by saying that call was "terrible" and "pathetic" and should never be made in such a game that "players were battling their a$$ off"---------I've been waiting for any sort of emotion from Rocco since he took over as manager. The emotion was great to see! HIs post-game comments were notably measured, but hopefully struck a chord with MLB (in New York) that this is HIS TEAM and Twins aren't going to be the little team that just rolls over anymore.
  6. Nice article Cody with a good analysis, which for the most part I agree with. As manager, my hierarchy would be the following: Closer: Mix and match Lopez and Duran depending on previous game usage, opponent and lineup. 8th inning/ Set Up: Fulmer with either Duran or Lopez in the mix. 7th inning: Still like Jax despite some recent hiccups. Thielbar, still keeps proving he belongs. The 3-batter minimum doesn't help him. 6th inning: Megill has showed some success in this slot. I would instruct/tell my catcher to call for Megill to bring his 98mph gas much more frequently. 5th inning (or earllier) due to 3+ run deficit: Sands, but would prefer Smeltzer should he get called up. Pre-Game Shagging Fly balls/ In game Gopher getting water for other RPs: Pagan. Not bad duties for the salary he's earning. He sure hasn't earned it on the mound.
  7. As much as I wanted another insurance run in the bottom of the 8th, I just about puked when I saw the "Pagan Sacrifice" warming up with Lopez. Thankfully, Rocco listened to Tingler and his other coaches and brought Lopez in for the 9th.
  8. Is there ANYONE in the Twins City media that has the cajones to confront Falvey to ask the following question: What justifies keeping Pagan and Duffey as members of this bullpen at this point in the season? I fully understand this is only 1 game and games like this happen. Saying that, if your stated goal is to win the AL Central----------then why are Pagan AND Duffey still getting opportunities when better (Moran) and more deserving candidates (Smith, Cotton and Evan Sisk) have been released , demoted or failed to be called up?
  9. Is it just plain pride (Pagan) and misplaced loyalty (Duffey) by the front office that both still have jobs in the bullpen? Time to cut bait and DFA both! Moran deserves a spot. What is Cotton or Smith's status after being released? Either of them, more likely Cotton as he can pitch multiple innings, would be an improvement.
  10. It will likely be Moran since he has options remaining. Saying that, I'd prefer to keep Moran with either Pagan or Duffey to be DFA'ed. If that happens, I'm guessing its Duffey that gets the ax as I doubt the front office will be willing to admit their error in trading for Pagan.
  11. Being competitive in the division for remainder of season? Absolutely after the pitching acquisitions today. Winning the division? Hmm...possible to doubtful. Twins haven't put together a 3-game winning streak since June 24-27th. 12-16 record since that date. That in itself is indicative of a team spinning its wheels. Overstating the obvious........if Twins SPs------Gray, Ryan and Mahle can consistently pitch 6+innings over the remainder of the season------having a chance to win the division is possible as the additions of Lopez and Fulmer will definitely aid what Jax and Duran have done this season. Saying that, the additions today will be meaningless if the offense continues to struggle to score runs. I know injuries are a major factor, but when Nick Gordon is hitting in 5-hole and you're forced into playing Sanchez almost daily, this lineup has way too many holes. 59 games remaining. If Kepler, Larnach and Buxton-------imo, our best starting OF-------aren't in lineup---none there tonight, our chances of winning are remote.
  12. Huge "thumbs up" for this deal!! Will be interesting to see if game is close tonight if Rocco decides to use him. I hope so as its doubtful either Jax or Duran is used as they both pitched last night.
  13. Very good point. I may be in the minority here, but if the vast majority of HONEST Twins fans were told before the season started: "The Twins will be in 1st place on August 1st"-----they would not only take it, but would be very happy after what transpired last season. As hard as it is to admit, this team------as presently constructed------is not a playoff team and is likely destined for a 3rd place finish. Not intending to be overly negative, but the warts/blemishes on this team cannot be ignored. I will NOT be pleased if we make it to August 3rd and nothing is done to upgrade the bullpen-----our most glaring need.
  14. Sano is---------not good. Celestino can't hit. Our pitching staff gives up more HRs than it seems any other team. Especially with 2 outs. I've seen this before. Done for tonight.
  15. Unless some major moves are coming-------which I find extremely doubtful-------this team, which has overachieved this season, will hopefully find a way to finish the season above .500. When I looked at the 2nd half schedule........68 games.........I predicted a record of 33-35, which would put the Twins at 83-79 at seasons end. That will result in a 3rd place finish, which though disappointing, would be a 10-game improvement over last years train wreck.
  16. David: Thanks for the summary of today's action. Nice work. Made road trip up to Cedar Rapids this afternoon to see Kernels game. Despite the loss, a few observations. #1 For those that live within driving distance, attending a Kernels game is definitely worth the time. Stadium is easy to get to (either off US 30 or I-380). Paid $28 for two box seats between home plate and 1B. Concessions are very affordable and parking is free. #2 Bummer to see Festa struggle with his command today. He almost escaped a self induced 1st inning jam (Hit 1st batter, bunt single and WP advancing runners to 2nd and 3rd), but gave up a 2-out single that scored both runners. Seeing him pick off three runners was very impressive, but he did give up a lot of hard contact through his short start. Hopefully, just a bad day that he'll rebound from. #3 Aaron Sabato: Yes, he did have a nice game with an oppo 3-run shot and a hard hit line drive single off the leg of Peoria pitcher, but his other 3 AB's were brutal: weak tap to pitcher in 1st inning, K in his 2nd AB and another whiff in 9th to end the game. Wondering what his future is with Twins. Overall 27th pick in 2020 draft who has struggled to hit with any consistency at Fort Myers and with Cedar Rapids. His power numbers are up this year, but will be interesting to see if he gets a promotion to Wichita next year. #4----This is for others that follow Kernels more than I do. What is the future for Severino, Wander Javier and Seth Gray? All 3 are in their 2nd full season ( I think) at CR as I saw all 3 here last July. Hopefully the Kernels can get back on track this coming week.
  17. Excellent analysis mike8791! Your sentiments hit the nail on the head of why this organization continues to flounder! Don't recall when Falvey-Levine came on board (2017 or 2018, I think), but their supposed pedigree of drafting and developing STARTING PITCHING has been nothing more than a BUST! Not 1 SP---other than Bailey Ober---has done anything productive during their reign. That is why we're forced to make trades and search the bargain bin for SPs every year. I know other organizations prove successful without drafting and developing the core of their rotation, but over 5+ years our supposed "brain trust" has done nothing other than earn a big FAT "F" in this department.
  18. Thanks for the info-------would like to see Povich, but Festa has been a solid most of the year.
  19. Nash: Wondering if you---or anyone else------knows the pitching lineup for the Kernels homestand against Peoria this weekend? Planning a road trip from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids to catch their Sunday afternoon game. Hoping to see Povich or Festa start.
  20. Doc- Nice analysis in your post. Assuming---a big one, I know--Twins can get Lee signed in the next month, is it realistic he gets assigned/playing time with Fort Myers or Cedar Rapids before the end of the season? Both FM and CR have their regular season extend into mid September--------last game on Sept. 16th.
  21. No kidding. I'm glad I had a mid afternoon tee time so I was able to miss the carnage. Just a train wreck in our last 4 losses to CHW---38 runs allowed. No reason to waste my time imploring Falvey to improve this team. Its not going to happen. Its just not the "Twins Way," I get it. Saying that, it makes me sick to see this season slowly going down the drain when it doesn't have to go that route.
  22. By no means opposed to this pick, but considering the dearth of organizational talent at catcher, I would've like to see Twins pick Kevin Parada from Georgia Tech.
  23. I tend to agree with you, but if its just "now" Rocco is figuring this out----then his acumen for managing his bullpen is even more under scrutiny.
  24. Thats one of the ONLY scenarios that I'd support trading for Snell. Getting rid of Sano is worth the risk, albeit I'd have to look at the financials.
  25. Having seen Miranda in 4 games last year when he was with Wichita------before his promotion to AAA, it sure is satisfying to see him make some adjustments from his rough early star to the season. My "eye test" seems to indicate he's becoming more relaxed/confident at the plate. Defensively, he's not there yet, but he seems much more comfortable at 3B.
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