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  1. Excellent remarks Doc. Just incomprehensible that Baldelli couldn't find a situation to insert Maggi into a game especially considering he PROVED his bat was productive all season at Saint Paul. Just hope that he gets recalled and given a chance to get at least 1AB before the end of the season.
  2. Great to see Nick Gordon's continued strong bat. He's making a strong case to be a big piece of this team next year. Not going to complain about a Twins win, but saying that it wouldn't break my heart to see Jays rebound to win at least 2 in this series while the Red Sox beat the feathers out of the Yankees. In this train wreck of a season, I would take a lot of personal satisfaction see the Yanks sitting at home when the playoffs start.
  3. Thanks for your spot on comments about Colome. He needs to be GONE soon into the offseason. Not withstanding the financial cost of bringing him back-----his performance in high leverage situations---has been nothing short of Ron Davis material. Cut bait and move on.
  4. Agree with your comments 100%. Harrelson was and imo remains the MOST BLATANT HOMER of any announcer I've ever heard. His incessant cheerleading was almost as annoying as his daily bashing of any umpires call that he perceived as hurting the Sox chance of winning. Not a big Bremer fan as he always ignores poor play/execution by the hometown team.
  5. Keep your complaints coming on Cave! He needs to be GONE. Way too many apologists for Cave, who seem to forget that his putrid performance with his bat the last 2 seasons do actually count. What he did in 2019 has proven to be a complete aberration.
  6. Concur 100% with your assessment on Colome. He needs to be gone. Beyond the financial commitment ($5.5m), his "stuff" isnt there. Say what you want about his better 2nd half numbers, but there are better and younger RPs within the organization or that could be acquired in a trade. I think Larnach will be a vital cog in our lineup next season. His numbers may speak otherwise, but I believe this young man has the talent and grit to be an excellent player as our long term RFer.
  7. Excellent post Doc! In this colossal failure of a season, its absolutely the correct decision for management to reward such a driven professional. Maggi, despite what others may say EARNED this promotion with the solid season he's put together at Saint Paul. I've been calling for his promotion for the last 2 months. Seth--thanks for the excellent article. Knowing the work ethic that Maggi has put into his craft for over 11 seasons and 4000 minor league ABs------he will not take any minute he puts on a MLB uniform for granted. Wish I could say that about every player that has had the PRIVILEGE of donning a Twins uniform.
  8. Say what you want about Refsnyder, but Cave is completely horrible---which he's proved over the last 2 seasons. No way he should be on this team in any capacity next year.
  9. I may be in the minority, but strongly believe Larnach will get things figured out and be not only our opening day LFer (or RFer if mgmt can find a trade partner for Kepler) but a mainstay in our lineup for many years to come. I'm high on Martin, but until his "position" is figured out...SS/CF or other.......he's too valuable to be a 4th OFer Rooker: Hate to say it, but unless Sano totally craters next season as everyday DH (which is possible), I dont see a future for Rooker. AAAA player. Garlick--Age/ injury and inability to play CF in a backup role means he'll "at best" end up in SP or more likely with another organization next year.
  10. Ok.......here you go: #6 Trey Cabbage- Age 24 .257/.340/.869 this season between High A CR and AA Wichita Has shown excellent pop with bat with 26 HRs and 79 RBI. Probably needs more seasoning at AAA before a promotion to MLB roster #5 Aaron Whitefield- Age 25 .252/.321/.670 at AA Wichita this season Not the pop with his bat as others( 6 HRs with 54 RBI), but would add a HUGE element missing from this team--SPEED-------has 30 SBs this season. Also, had a brief callup, I think last season #4 Jimmy Kerrigan- Age 27 .251/.328/.810 this year at AAA- St. Paul Solid numbers with Saints this year with 19 HRs and 53 RBI #3 Mark Contreras- Age 26 Like Kerrigan has been at SP all season. Has produced a line of .262/.345/.843 Solid production numbers with 17 HRs, 67 RBI and 15 SBs #2 Gilberto Celestino- Age 22 After proving he wasn't ready to hit MLB pitching when pressed into service with injuries to Buxton & Cave (8-59/ .136 avg), Celestino has produced a .288/.379/.836 line at Saint Paul since demotion. Power numbers aren't as strong as others, but has hit 7 HRs with 31 RBI #1 Rob Refsnyder- Age 30 I know his production has slipped over the last 2 months, but I attribute that to recovery from injury. His position versatility------playing CF and either corner OF slots, imo, is his top asset heading into 2022. He is a veteran who can handle getting sporadic ABs. He also adds a RH bat to a team that has multiple LH hitters--Kepler, Larnach, Arraez--that struggle against southpaws. Don't see Refsnyder as a long term 4th OFer solution as I see others previously listed being more suited to that role.
  11. Didn't see any of the game as I was on the golf course, but, as others have noted this franchise regardless of the score---5-0, 8-0, 12-0 against the Yankees WILL find a way to poop their pants. Saying that-------can we FINALLY put to rest the talk of bringing Colome back next year AND paying him $5.5 million?
  12. Whoever in management that believes that-----should be fired. Time to cut bait. Many other worthwhile options for 4th OFer next season.
  13. Lucas: Excellent report on our affiliates in action. 1. Outstanding to see the Saints bats demolish Omaha tonight. As likely the only Twins fans living in the KC area---its always a good day to put a beat down on the Royals. 2. Disappointing to see the Wind Surge playing so poorly lately....losing 7 of their last 10, which has shrunk their 6-game division lead to only 2 games over Arkansas. Appreciate the help the SF Cardinals gave Wichita tonight beating the Travelers 14-7. Vallimont had a horrible outing and our bats have seemed to disappear the last two weeks. Need Cole Sands to come up big in his start tomorrow! Need a win to maintain at least a 2-game lead going into our final home stand next week vs. the Travelers. Hopefully the bats of DJ Burt, Steer, Cabbage, Whitefield, Bechtold and others will produce to lead the Surge to winning the North division title. 3. Good win for the Kernels and nice to see Rozek have a strong game. His age (26) makes it doubtful he'll ever make to 'the Show' but his 70 K's against only 6 walks is as impressive a pitching line as I've seen in a long time at any level. Also nice to see another good game offensively from Edouard Julien. Not sure what he's done recently, but his strong OBP all season could be a predictor of him advancing up to Wichita next year. and finally Tempered.....very tempered enthusiasm with report on Chase Petty's professional debut. Stay humble young man and keep grinding.
  14. Echo your comments as I..(and many others like you) have been calling for his promotion for several weeks. Had the pleasure of seeing Moran pitch in person---June home game against Springfield. He closed out the game with a shutout inning showing command of a 94mph fastball combined with a filthy changeup. Need another productive and reliable LH arm in pen next year. I'd take him right now over Coulombe.
  15. Excellent analysis that I totally agree with! I know the game has changed immensely, but I seem to remember a certain young SP that got lit up for a couple of seasons then became the WS MVP in 87.
  16. Agreed.......doubt he'd accept that deal without a series of escalators/incentives-------Games Started/IP---that would increase a 1 year deal between $5-$7m. Others thoughts?
  17. Forgot about him, but considering his .229/.266..354 line over 2 years (2006-07) he's certainly qualifies.
  18. Nolasco has to rank #1 for me.........signed offseason 2013......produced a 15-22 record across 56 games started with a 5.44 ERA....for a 4-year $48mill contract. Literally did a dance the day we unloaded him to Angels for Hector Santiago, who I thought would be an upgrade...he wasn't. My #2 would be Mike Pelfrey........don't remember the contract details......it was way too much.......across 3 injury riddled seasons he produced a 11-27 record with a 4.94 ERA over 64 games started. My #3---which could be higher, but I rank him here because I don't think the financial investment was that much....the ballyhooed one and only-----Sidney "Pontoon Boat" Ponson. Signed as free agent Jan 2007........started 7 only 7 game before being DFA'ed in May, but only after a 2-5 record, 6.93 ERA and a 1.88 WHIP. He was beyond horrible.
  19. Agreed......they both should as Falvey/Levine have produced ZERO SPs since taking over the reigns from the Terry Ryan/Bill Smith era. A lot of discussion in other threads on TD about the makeup of our rotation for 2022. Considering the likelihood of contending for the division is pretty low, count me in the camp advocating for Ryan and Ober to be SP regulars. See no upside to signing the likes of Happ and Shoemaker. That recipe has been proven to be a s**t sandwich for far too many years. I advocated spending $$ on re-signing Buxton to an extension and making a serious run at one of the top (Corey Seager) FA shortstops that will be available.
  20. Might be a tad early to declare the Twins the "winner" in the Happ-Gant trade, but it appears to be trending in the right direction after Happ a not so wonderful start, albeit versus the Dodgers tonight. I have to tread carefully around the house on this one as my spouse of 28 years is a lifelong STL fan. At the time of the trade----she was, to put it mildly---not happy that STL would trade for Happ. Then to my chagrin Happ pitches like the guy Twins fans at the start of the season hoped for in his first 5 starts. Now that he's got rocked his last 2 starts, I feel much better. With so many spots available in our rotation next year, Gant, could make a strong claim for a slot if he can string together several solid starts over the last 4 weeks of the season. I'd personally prefer him in a bullpen role, but at this point I'd be happy if we can get through April 2022 with being buried in last place.
  21. Another in whats become an excellent season for Polanco. Great to see his bat continue to produce. Also nice to see Buxton start to come around over the last couple of days. Frustrating to see Ober pulled after only 4 IP, but that appears to be "the plan" for him the remainder of the season. Not to end on a "downer," but can anyone verify that Colome's $5.6 million contract for 2022 is a MUTUAL option? I can't believe our FO/Pohlads would approve of that expenditure after his inconsistent to poor season.
  22. Wishful thinking on my part. Still waiting for our supposed gurus to develop and produce effective SPs from within this organization. Its been far too long of a wait as the only successful & productive SP developed in our farm system was traded in July.
  23. Not specific to last nights games, but does anyone know "the status" of Josh Winder for the remainder of the season. He's been on the DL for a long period with a shoulder impingement. For what its worth, I view Winder as a legit SP to fill in our rotation next year. I know he doesn't get the push that Balazovic does, but his 2021 numbers have been quite impressive: 4-0 W-L record with a 2,63 ERA in 14 starts. This combined with 80K's in 72.0 IP and an outstanding 0.94 WHIP indicate the consistency that;s been lacking with Balazovic.
  24. I can't disagree that Strotman has been bad at AAA (7.39 ERA with Saint Paul), but he is 10 years younger than Albers. To me, that's enough of a reason to give him a start or two. If not Strotman, bring Barnes back. Zero reason to have Albers start another game. As for Burrows, I guess we can agree to disagree. Although Burrows is a rotation filler at best, he's been absolutely brutal all season. He should've been released weeks ago.
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