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  1. How do twins recover after last night for rest of season? I hope I’m wrong but after losing last night no way they recover from this. It’s beginning of loooong losing streak. Games with Cleveland/Chicago won’t matter anymore. They will be under.500 3rd place. What a wasted season from these punk asses
  2. If twins don’t make any moves to improve pitching it’s going to be tough!!! They have to don’t they!
  3. I hope twins make moves at deadline to get help with pitching!!!! They need to!!! With Chicago/Cleveland being inconsistent-I think if twins get help with pitching they will eek out division. September will decide it with key games against sox/Cleveland!!!
  4. No it’s not fun to scoreboard watch-I soo hope the twins get on long winning streak and put away division!!!! Forget about close race until last game of season.
  5. Hate to see Sano go. But he could be great in trade to give us pitching that the twins desperately need especially bullpen help.
  6. Huge win!! Especially after Cleveland doing this to us, this hopefully will give twins spark/jump start rest of season.
  7. Unacceptable loss 2nd night in a row. Sweep will happen.
  8. Sell!!! After last night season is done
  9. Agreed!! No way they recover from this. They lose first place twins will slide down as Chicago will pass them. Wasted season as twins teased us. If I’d have know this would’ve happened I’d rather see twins of old losing instead. We have double a pitching our bullpen is terrible. Can’t wait to see twins get swept and put us out of misery.
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