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  1. No need to sign an inconsistent pitcher that, presumably, wants more than he's worth. Trade now- for pitcher, pitcher and another pitcher. I do, however, have little doubt that Berrios will be great for another team. Look at Lynn, Hendricks, Pressley, Gibson etc, etc. As for Buxton- I'd like to see a reasonable offer on a base salary with big incentives for games played.
  2. When you've got utility players like Arraez and Astudillo there's no way Sano should be wasting space on this team- especially, when (if) Donaldson returns.
  3. Either Wade or Gonzales would be a vast improvement on defense and more dependable at the bat. We've got plenty of guys that can hit the bombas, keeping one in the lineup simply hoping he can catch a mistake 1 out of 30 times is not good management. Especially when the other 29 times result in at least 20 strikeouts.
  4. It's too late now to have anything resembling a "real" season. A legitimate World Series title cannot be claimed this year and while the exhibition scenario may provide some entertainment- it ain't Major League Baseball. Coupling that with the potential risk to players and coaches leaves only one sensible choice- cancel the season! It'll be tough on those who depend on income from MLB, but plenty of other industries are suffering the same plight.
  5. The "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" Starting pitching- awful- too scared to attack Relief pitching- just as awful, if not more Defense- sloppy Base Running- poorly educated and executed Offense- fantastic 1 out of 5 ain't good I just wish the Twins would finally give up on the "blind squirrels": Gibson, May, Duffy. How many more years do we have to endure their ineptitude?? Let's the (young) kids play! The minor league pitchers can hardly be any worse than most of what we now have.
  6. There's the problem here...throwing good money (time & effort) after bad just because the Twins are afraid of the Ortiz situation happening again. Sano would be great trade bait for a team looking for a homer guy. The Twins don't need that- what they need is relief pitching. Sano is wasting space on this very well balanced team because: 1. He can't play the field. How many more bunts/dribblers up the 3rd base line do we have to watch him bumble before Rocco realizes this? 2. He can't get the clutch hit. When is he getting homers or extra base hits? Not in late innings when the game is on the line. Just start paying attention and you'll see. 3. I believe his play in the field and at the plate is dragging the team morale down. Sure, he may be a good locker room guy, but look at how the team was doing before he joined them. Dick & Jack kept mentioning Sano's need for more and more at bats to come out of the funk. Well- he should be getting those at AAA. I suspect the Twins will not trade or demote him. Here's my solution: keep him in the majors, but take him off the 25 man roster and make him shadow Cruz for the rest of the season to learn how to be a DH- because that's what he should be and it's a tough role to play. Who better to mentor the mentality of the DH than Cruz? OK- bring on the scorn- but mark these words.
  7. Am I the only one in Twinsville who thinks he could take to the next level by adding one thing? The BUNT! I think Carew would back me up.
  8. No way Sano should be allowed to play in the field- exc 1st base in an inter-league game (if he's hot at the plate). With Cruz hurting, perhaps he can come up and show what he has at DH and learn the trade from the veteran. With Gonzales, Tortuga and Adrianza- 3rd base is well covered.
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