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  1. I didn't say don't, I just gave my opinion on it. Sure offer it, I don't think it will make the experience being there better, but again that is my opinion.
  2. I personally have no interest in paying for a ticket and having to have watch other stuff on my phone at a game. To me this totally takes the experience of being at the game away. Secondly my family wouldn't put up with me having my head buried in my phone for 3 hours, they don't like me checking my fantasy stats occasionally, a percentage of the cost to attend a game is the time spent with family/friends. IMO On TV (I mean if I actually got to watch Twins games on my TV) is a different story in my humble opinion.
  3. There are no free agent 3B IMO worth anything, MLB list Carpenter as DH FA. There are no minor league players ready to fill 3rd, so it comes down to three players, Gio, Miranda and Arraez. Gio seems the best option.
  4. Did you mean no under 35, I am over that age and I remember Markie very well. You satire is way better when you stay out of the political fray, this was well done. "Night Court, a sitcom set in a New York City courtroom, ran from 1984-92 on NBC. No one over the age of 35 knows what it is"
  5. Should it be a surprise that the Twins are trying to run their team like Tampa(28th), Oakland (30) or Cleveland (25) and they end up with the same type of attendance issues? First fans want wins, but they also want to watch a good product of baseball and guys they know. The Twins were terrible in 21 (strike against), they play a terrible game of baseball to watch (strike against), the biggest names this year were a guy leaving after the year and a guy that has been hurt most of his career(strike against). Also it tough to get to know the young guys if you don't have cable tv. So my assumption is attendance will not improve next year, coming off an epic collapse, Correa leaving, manager coming back, and no streaming deal that I know of. Selling hope with no get to know them advertising.
  6. I still have high hopes for these 3 but I would feel better if they weren't 25, 25, and 26 and have done something to establish themselves already and the backups weren't Cave, Celestino and Gordon.
  7. Tough to hate a team that plays like I wish the twins did (Cleveland). For example the Twins have 32 stolen bases, Cleveland has 5 guys with 17 or more, totally changes the pitchers mind set when guys get on. The Twins have more power and walk a bit more, but Cleveland has struck out over 200 times less than the Twins. Cleveland has two starters that average over 6 1/3 and another at 5 2/3, and have done a better job of filling starts with lesser guys. I haven't liked Chicago forever, couldn't stand those 80's uniforms.
  8. Favorite line. Name a positive for the Twins season? At least we are not the most tortured fan base, well we got that going for us. My 5 postives - #1 - Duran #2 - Ryan #3 - Thielbar/Jax #4 - Gordon #5 - The size of the Twins payroll
  9. This was an amazing outing by Ober, but in reality the end result wasn't much different than most games by Twins starters. He had a low pitch count, faced 24 and only allowed 3 base runners and one wiped out by a DP (and the Twins extended the lead to 4 in the 6th). He was perfect in the 5th and the 6th (which was required to continue pitching). In the 7th he walked the first guy and the next two were right handed and the runner was removed by a DP, If Sheets can to bat he would have been removed. . In the 8th he was removed when a runner got on and 91 pitches. To pitch that deep into a game the starter has to basically be perfect after the 5th and have a low pitch count and the opposite handed batter can't come up with guys on. I not complaining just or criticizing the Rocco, just pointing out how things usually work.
  10. I completely agree with this, could those teams do more, maybe, can they be the Dodgers absolutely not. Does limiting the Dodgers for example make MLB better? I think it would be same as now or worse. My point was some people are claiming other sports with their caps are doing better at parity and that just isn't true, unless the definition of parity is only what you said it was.
  11. I get cash flow, what I was saying is they could spend more money here even if they lost a little money at the time because it could help their bottom line later on. I have worked at companies that have spent more then they took in a year because it was going to bring in more money later. The rest I completely agree. Did the Twins lose Berrios/Santana/Hunter (that is 3 guys in 16 years) because they couldn't afford him, or were unwilling to pay what the player wanted or what another team was willing to pay, that is a huge difference. I said back in the day I would love Hunter to be on the Twins, but if the Angels are willing to overpay him that much good luck, the Twins should be able to spend that money better, not sure they did. As for Santana again hated to see him go but they got a haul for him, not sure that haul worked out though, and for Berrios the Twins proved they could have afforded to sign him, I think that wasn't so much about money.
  12. So 6-9, 7-9,6-10, 2-14, 4-11 to 10-7 and the super bowl is fast? OK Seems more like after a 6 run playoff out of 7 years, they rebuilt the team over a few year got the number 1 pick (QB, who then got hurt) and then he got healthy and the drafted an amazing WR, but sure I guess that could be considered fast.
  13. I am good, getting plenty of hugs at home. Did I say he was old? maybe I implied he was getting old for a prospect and he is? I also believe/hope he will be fine and wish him the best. I guessed your missed the part where I typed I understood why he is where he is.
  14. IMO forced parity is a fairy tale that drives down the competition and results in bad outcomes. So penalize the good front offices so the bad one can compete? Penalize teams for doing the right thing and developing their own talent by limiting the ones they can keep? Teams that make the playoffs can have their farm system gutted because they can only keep 30 players? Also for a playoff team couldn't they just not protect their over priced veterans? I could see a more revenue sharing and teams that don't hit a soft spending floor losing picks thus forcing them to spend a bit more and teams that spend more than a soft cap also losing picks.
  15. Am I missing a team that has went from the bottom to the top in the NFL fast or vice versa?
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