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  1. One could argue the Twins surplus is injured minor league pitchers.? The only player IMO that makes sense to trade is Arraez, because the only minor league position player ready to help next year (again IMO) is Miranda and I think he should be a back up plan to start the year and maybe the same with Laranch. If Lewis sees the majors next year it will be because either he is playing so good that he has to be brought up or plan A, B and C fell though and he is forced to be brought up based on being on the 40. Martin should be close to the same. If I am the Twins I am looking at trading Duran or maybe SWR with a Sabato or Strotman in a Odo or Maeda type trade.
  2. Who are these you speak of? Ober, Jax, Thorpe, Ryan, Barnes, Burrows, Albers, ? Because you can't be talking about Winder, SWR, Sands, Schulfer, Sammons, Vallimont, Balazovic, Shepherd, Strotman, Duran, Garcia, because while a few may turn out I would hardly say any are MLB ready pitchers (that is the pitchers that made most of the starts for Wichita and St. Paul)
  3. Exactly, he has been making the same in game decision mistakes since he got here He got bailed out by a team that set the homer record in 2019 and a division that had two teams lose 100 games., how hard is it to win a division when you have 5 guys hit over 30 homers, 7 hit over 20, 11 hit over 10. Odo started the way he did, He again got bailed out in 20202, by a short season and another starting pitcher off to an amazing start. 2021 he didn't have an lineup going crazy or a amazing pitcher, basically everything that could go wrong from the players did, and he still made the same crappy in game decisions. Not blaming this on Rocco, but it is really hard watching baseball when a left handed batter walks up to the plate and the whole left side of the infield is open and that player doesn't even attempt to go the opposite way,
  4. I give Rocco a F, I thought he was bad when the team was winning the last few years, and I think he is still bad during this season.
  5. IMO you are correct it does seem off to call it a bad trade at this point, it has been horrible trade to this point. Alcala has pitched 85.1 innings for the Twins and has .8 WAR, Gilberto Celestino basically has been a minor league player the whole time as a Twin. Pressly has pitched 162.2 innings and has 5.2 WAR. That doesn't mean it will be a horrible trade in the end, if Alcala does figure it out, the Twins have him though 2025. And if Gilberto Celestino turns into something more than a 40 man roster filler, the Twins will most definitely win the trade. This is the kind of trade that can be a win for both teams, I think most team would make the trade either way depending on where they are. I am more in the camp of regardless how good Alcala or Celestino become of saying the Astros did the correct thing, I will take the bird in the hand is better than two in the bush saying almost anytime.
  6. So am I understanding correctly, The Twins should trade a 3B with a 3.2 WAR in in 132 games, and 3.6 in 160 games and eat millions and millions of dollars , for salary relief and hand a spot to rookie 3B?
  7. I can picture him talking to agent, screaming show me the money!
  8. Gordon has played 43 innings at Short inthe majors, and IMO has don't anywhere near enough to warrant a starting SS job in the majors. I am not even convinced he has done enough to earn the back up role, IMO he has done enough to be considered the back up plan at the back up role. Palacios next year, could be the back up to the back up plan and nothing more, no major league team should ever be starting a 25 year non prospect coming out of AA at SS, EVER! As much as some people might want Polanco at SS, the FO doesn't seem to want that. I like Ray, to me Duffy and Pineda are about the same, you can expect them to miss starts but for the most part be decent. I don't like the idea of going into next year with two injury prone vets, and three unknowns. But that is just me.
  9. If I was running the team Gordon would start the year in AAA, Polanco at 2B, and I would be looking to trade Arraez, if I can't trade him, he is my back up at 2B, 3B, LF, and DH.
  10. To me an ace is a guy you trust that if they get in trouble in the 3rd - 6th innings you let them pitch out of it because you know nobody in your bullpen is anywhere near as good as them even if they are having an off day. Expectation is they have a quality start every game, but really are hoping for that 7,8,9 innings where they give up one of two runs.
  11. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit with those options at short. A 32 year old, who has never played in the bigs, Gordon who they don't trust there in a lost season. Palacios a 25 year old in AA, Polanco who should be a second baseman and a Lewis who hasn't played a game in two years coming off an ACL.
  12. Chris Taylor, he can play just about anywhere on defense, he would be a good guy to have start the year in LF, and if Larnach forces his way up, he can become a super utility guy. ( he basically has played every where for the Dodgers this year) Plus he strikes out quite a bit, and the FO seems to love guys that that.
  13. My guess is that because he is 25 years old, they thought he only had two good or better pitches, had to be put on the 40 this off season, he wasn't even in their top 10 prospects and most importantly wanted the best hitting guy available on the market so they over paid a bit. Also and I could be wrong with this, they don't seem to load up their 40 man with aging prospects.
  14. I like your thinking, what in your opinion would be the back up old fielder plan? Celestino seems obvious, and maybe Rooker? So do they load up AAA with minor league vets? IMO they start somebody like a Garlick (right handed fairly cheap guy) for left field, and have Larnach as the back up plan waiting in the wings in AAA.
  15. If you want to say the front office has done a terrible job in general with trades, you will not get an argument from me. I was just looking at this trade by itself, because the topic was who won the Jake Cave/Luis Gil trade, and IMO I can't say how any trade where one teams gets more major league WAR over the other team getting 25 innings pitched years later goes to the 25 innings pitched team, not at this point anyway, maybe next year Gil turns into a reliable relief pitcher or even better than that, then the Yanks probably win the trade, but I would make that type of trade every time, The twins signed him in 2015 and they just now would be getting a guy to the majors that twice hasn't been drafted in rule 5. compared to a guy that has already had two decent or better years in the majors, a OK year, and a terrible year.
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