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  1. I can only speak for myself, but it means not spending money on the Twins, not prioritizing watching their games, not defending them when they do the "right thing" and it goes wrong while others are complaining about it, it means not being sad or mad when things go wrong. It is kind of like the last few years of the Zimmer years with the vikes I am just not as emotional involved as I was before. It doesn't mean I don't cheer for the Twins I do, I hope/want them to win every game and the players to do really well.
  2. If he wants to pitch in the playoffs doesn't he have to be open to this? I mean if not there is no reason to put him on the roster for the 1st round. After that it would have to be between him and Ober for the 4th starter in future rounds, if there are future round.
  3. I hate to be that guy and it is weird a Twins writer liked your comment but the only month in Jax's whole career he didn't give up a run was June this year and that was 10 innings. He did go 20 outings in a row from 5/22 to 7/15 in 19 innings with no earned runs. He did go 11 games from 8/13 to 9/4 last year in 10 2/3 innings with no earned runs. Other than that he pretty consistently gives up a run every 3 to 4 games. And comparing Jax to the HOF Riviera is a disgrace to Riveria. I like Jax, but he isn't a great relief pitcher but he is good.
  4. You don't have your shirt? I have been making them since mid way though the 2019 season.
  5. You are correct, he has started 10 games has 25 innings and a 6.12 ERA with 13 walks. I am a big fan of him, but I don't think we will see him at target field until 25.
  6. Raya is 21 in A+ with 59 innings he probably isn't a real solution next year, Festa has 90 innings and a 4.39 ERA in AA, again probably not a solution other than a few starts. Paddock is coming off TJ surgury and will be on a innings limit. So in reality there isn't much depth after the starting 4.
  7. IMO, there is a huge difference in writing an article and just commenting on somebody's opinion in a reply. When you write an article you put yourself out there for criticism and should be open to that opinion being call idiocy, he didn't call him an idiot which would IMO would have been unacceptable to personally attack somebody but criticize an opinion when you put yours in an article should be fair game.
  8. I had them at 90+ wins at the beginning of year. They were running out the best starting pitchers in my lifetime and had Ober and Varland in the minors and Duran at the back of the pen. They were running out two supposedly all world players (Buxton and Correa) plus some young guys I really liked AK, Miranda, Jeffers and Julien and solid backups everywhere (Taylor, Solano Farmer). The only reason I only had them at 90 was the abysmal job they did setting up the pen.
  9. I guess you completely missed where I said ONE of them and where do you come up with giving 8-10 prospects? No one ever said sell the farm for relief pitchers, probably NO one ever, but many like me said getting one would greatly help the bullpen in the season and playoffs. Hey if the guys you listed do really well in the playoffs I am a big enough man to say I was wrong, but if they don't will you?
  10. So we are up to 22 2/3 of wasted minor league innings for Ober? What are they doing with this guy?
  11. Of course standing pat is the correct strategy because it would be horrible to have basically given up little to nothing to one of these Keynan Middleton, Sam Moll, Jose Cuas, Chris Stratton, Kendall Graveman, or Reynaldo López . I mean why have one of them when you can have an injured Stewart, when has he last pitched?, a not very good pitcher in Pagan, an injured Alcala, a soft throwing non strike out pitcher in Keuchel, a guy coming off of ACL in Paddack, a update down pitcher in Winder and a guy with an ERA over 6 since mid August in Maeda. The idea that not trying to upgrade your not very good bullpen for a playoff team at a low cost is not a strategy, I don't care what anybody says.
  12. To me it will come down to what the Twins think about LF. If they plan on bringing in a LF, then they can trade Polanco or not pick up his option and start Lee at second, AK at first, Julien and others at DH. . If their plan is Wallner or Larnach in LF, then I think they have to keep Polanco don't think you can go into a season with an unknown in LF, 2B (Lee or Julien), 1B (AK) and DH (Julien).
  13. This is why you can't judge what a 29 year old is doing in AAA, he is 29 and in AAA for a reason. 100% agree on Lewis, He is 4th on the team in RBI while only playing 50 games, Everybody but Polanco should be embarrassed by that. (Correa, Kepler, Taylor, Buxton, Gallo talking to you)
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