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  1. I agree, I think Pineda is a guy that they will try to bring back, and it was going to be way easier to do by keeping him this year, he seems like a guy that would be easier to sign while being here then trying to bring back in the off season, (Cruz seems like a guy that will give the Twins a chance to sign him again next year if the Twins look decent)
  2. IMO the idea of planning on Ober being given a spot in the rotation next year is gross, he is on a inning and pitch count this year, and he will be again next year, if we are to believe you can't make a big jump in innings. I am not saying he can't compete for a spot and actually win a spot, but if the Twins FO right now is penciling him to be one of the first 5 starters next year that is terrible. (Same thing with Dodnak)
  3. Great and probably true Since and including 2018 he has pitched 219.1 total innings and never more than 90.1 in one season. With the way the Twins bring pitchers along (innings count) he is 3 to 4 years away from being a guy expected to pitch 150-175 innings. and obviously Seattle is also bringing him along slowly because he got those 27 innings in 8 starts. I would love to have in a trade, but also want George Kirby and another guy included. or Hancock and Julio Rodriguez, I am shooting for the stars. I think fans that are ok settling for one guy that is in A ball for Berrios is absolutely crazy talk.
  4. which free agent is as good as Berrios and won't expect a contract of more than one year at a high salary? My thoughts are every FA signed means one of the players on the list I provided is gone for probably nothing? Seems like they are doing the same as they did with the 7 left handed corner outfielders they had. First I wouldn't trade Berrios, I would go out and try to sign one of these Greinke/Verlander,/Scherzer or maybe Morton on a 1 or two year contract. Then I would try to package a couple of the 21 young pitchers above to a better or closer young pitcher (maybe Ober/Duran/Thorpe), then see how much DeSclafani's market is or a Joe Ross type. Then the rotation looks like Berrios Greinke/Verlander/Scherzer/Morton Ross Then the last two spots would be Winder for 4 innings, Smeltzer for 3 Ryan for 3, Barnes for 3, Strotman for 3. take all the rookies and move them all around, but none of this start but be on a low pitch count, low innings and fingers crossed on how far they go and blow the pen up when they only go three, It shouldn't take that long figure out who the real pitchers are, who ends up in the pen, and we needs to go back to the minors.
  5. Maeda, and running every pitcher on the 40 man though the rotation. I see no reason at signing any free agent pitcher that costs anything next year if they have trade Berrios, why even bother bringing in another Happ or Shoemaker, when all they end up doing to filling the 40 man with more pitchers. Pitchers that will be on the 40 next year, Balazovic, Barnes, Colina, Dobnak, Duran, Jax, Ober, Smeltzer, Strotman, Thorpe, Winder, Sands, Ryan, with Vallimont and Enlow as possible pitchers added. Relief pitchers, Thielbar, Stashak, Farrell, Duffey, Burrows, Alcala, Rogers? So it seems they have enough pitchers for next year, most are complete unknowns which means good luck in 2022.
  6. So a Berrios for a guy with 27 innings in High A, with only 27 K's and 12 walks? Thanks but no thanks
  7. I for one was saying trade one of those two guys for pitching (I mean I wasn't commenting on the site last year but I was reading it and telling every friend that would listen) The had a huge abundance* of left handed corner outfielders. I was a big fan of Baddoo, but in no way seen this coming this early in his career. The scouting reports said he could be this kind of player further down the line. *They had 7 (Rosario, Kepler, Wade, Cave, Laranch, AK and Baddoo), so far Rosario left for nothing, Baddoo got taken for nothing, Wade was traded (I liked this) for nothing, Cave will probably go for nothing at the end of the year, Laranch and AK have played well enough to be considered next year, but are still not guarantees, which leaves Kepler. That IMO isn't a good job of roster management.
  8. In those those three years Schoop has made 14.2 million with a WAR of 5, and Arraez 1.2 million with a WAR of 4.6, So I will take Arraez every time in a situation like this. And in my mind will say they extra 13 was used on Donaldson, and not the horse crap pitchers they brought in.
  9. Well that is even better only 80 guaranteed for 7 years, way less than I was thinking, But IMO if they can't come together on incentives, it because Buxton is asking for very low incentives with big paybacks, I would think if he is willing to sign for his prime years of 28-35, he is looking for the possibility to double that 80 amount, for something silly like if he plays 100 games in one of the first 2 or 3 years it guarantees the last years of the contract, but obviously this is just me speculating. I can't imagine if they are only 10-20 million a part on incentives over 7 years why the Twins just wouldn't cover that and call it a day. Me personally I would rather give him more per year for less years than spreading it out over more years, but again just opinion.
  10. Can't argue your points, IMO anybody that was watching the Twins minor league system seen, Baddoo, Wade, Kirilloff, and Laranch (with Cave, Rosario and Kepler in the bigs), that is 7 left handed outfielders coming to a point in the road. It seems like the FO could have been a bit more proactive in clearing up that log by packaging a couple of them up a few years ago to help in other areas. I get the reason they choose Cave, he was more of a sure thing while waiting for AK and Laranch on a team competing. I am not disappointed they traded Wade, just the timing of it.
  11. I completely understand what you are saying, I am just of the opinion that if the Twins want him and they want to sign him now you make an offer he can't refuse. If the Twins truly want him they have to believe the injuries have been freak and won't continue and he will continue in his prime like he has when he has played the last few years. They could negotiate based on other players and tell him how much he has been injured and how his career WAR is only 11.1, is that going to get him or is that going to get him to bet on himself? I don't think either of us know that answer. To be honest I am not sure there is another player like him, maybe going way back it could be Eric Davis, when he played he was awesome, but man he could never stay healthy either, and if anybody believes that could be him going forward, you absolutely don't commit any long term money his way. Plus my original post said 5/100 with incentives that could get him to 135-150. not a guarantee of 135-150, sure maybe 100 million is too much guaranteed money (but it is not my money and I could care less about the Pohlads money) but it is sure to draw his attention and would be hard for him to say no.
  12. I agree, and I would assume the major league coaches are better than the ones in St. Paul. Also I think he needs to be up to really evaluate him on where and what he plays next year. Meaning if he can't make the necessary adjustments this year, the team needs to have a different plan then him starting in the Twins outfield and make him earn his way back up.
  13. Trout 37, Springer 23, heyward 23.5, Upton 23, Myers, 22.5, Betts 22.5. Blackmon 21.3, McCutchen 20, Pollock 18, Fowler 16.5, Bellinger 16.1, Brantley 16, Ozuna 16, Cain, 16, Castellanos 14.1, Yelich 14, Marte 12.5 Where does Buxton seeing himself fit into that group? If I am him my absolute floor is Fowler/Ozuna and my cap is just north of Springer. So pay me my floor give me a chance to get to my ceiling. Also IMO he has been a top 5 player when healthy basically since 2019. Also I am good with you and many, many others having a different opinion than mine, that is what makes it great talking about things, so there really is no need demanding others to show anything or attack them. your could have left out the last two lines of your reply and made the same point.
  14. I guess I look at it as twins piss away between 5 and 15 million a year on guys like, Fernando Rodney, zach Duke, Jason Castro, Phil Hughes, Schoop, Perez, Bailey, Avila, Happ, Colome types; so yes they won't get those guys if he isn't healthy so they will have to go another step lower on the FA list
  15. From ESPN - He leads the Twins this year in (2.9) WAR while only playing 27 games, he is also 33rd in all of baseball. Lead the Twins in 2020 (1.9) while only playing 39 games and was 24th in all of baseball. Was 5th on the Twins in 2019 (3.1) while only playing 87 games and was 68th in baseball. Meaning when healthy is a top 5 player in the game and should be paid like one, I completely understand he hasn't been healthy very often, but first it isn't my money so giving a potential top 5 player 100 million doesn't bother me and if he meets the incentives he would be worth 135-150. Secondly the team can insure the crap out of him, so it really doesn't cost that much and a sunk cost of 20 million shouldn't affect the Twins payroll all that much.
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