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  1. Totally make sense to send one of your top hitters (Currently) down, because the rest of the team is hitting so well there just isn't any possible way to keep him in the lineup. I would understand the move if Miranda wasn't terrible (currently) or Jeffers was hitting so well that it makes sense to have two catchers in the lineup. It shouldn't be that hard to get him playing time, sure it might affect Gordon's, Urshlea and maybe a couple of others, but should anybody really care that these guys gets less starts?
  2. If they go 8-9 against KC and Detroit, they should probably sell anybody worth anything, and go with all young guys. (except Buxton)
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but he was averaging that prior to this FO and manager, so reducing the work load of a starting pitcher that you might be trying to sign long term isn't a selling point is it? I am not sure one pitcher is much evidence, but I hoping you are correct.
  4. So the question becomes will he/they adapt when the pitchers get better? or not, and I guess that is a faith based question. I tend to believe what him and the Twins are asking from their pitchers at all levels leaves me to believe they might not ever change what they are asking. I am not a fan of Rocco and I haven't been since the 2019 season, but I respect how he has managed the Twins so far this year to a record that was required if they wanted to complete for the postseason against the competition they have faced so far and with all the injuries. Will it hold, I sure hope so, I am skeptical but optimistic.
  5. Are we sure that is true? Not saying it isn't, but it does seem the Brewers starting pitchers average more innings? The Brewers also seem to have a different bullpen strategy, maybe that is because they have starters that can go longer, or just better pitchers. Not sure I have quite a bit of family in Wisconsin and my companies head quarters are located there, and I do agree the Brewer fans seem to really like Counsell. And granted limited sample, most of the people I asked this morning, said they liked him because the games are enjoyable to watch with a combo of new age and old school baseball. Again small sample but most of my friends and MN co-workers find that if the Twins aren't hitting home runs their brand of baseball is boring to watch, maybe that is the difference?
  6. The rest of the month will tell quite a bit about what is ahead this summer. The schedule should be considered easy. 4 against Clev, 3 against Oak (who has one three in a row), and 7 against KC and Detroit. That is 20 games against not so great teams, if they can come out of this 13-7 they would be 31 - 21 heading into 9 games with NYY, TB and Seattle. But if they stumble to 10-10 or worse, not sure how they will make that ground up against the better teams.
  7. What I learned was that that Twins starting pitchers are not as good as they have been pitching, not saying they are bad, just saying they aren't as good when pitching against real major league lineups. Also learned that Lewis looks like he will be pretty darn good some day and maybe sooner than I was expecting. Didn't learn but was reaffirmed that teams can't win when half of the lineup is inexperienced.
  8. IMO he needs more than 21 at bats to decide if he is the SS of the future, but this team is going to have a hard time winning with Him, AK, Miranda, Jeffers, Sanchez, and Urshela in their everyday lineup. As of now I would rather they keep him up give him a start at SS, two at 3B (is it really different with the shifts?), and one in left a week, and send AK or Miranda down. My two cents
  9. Me and my son watched his last spring training game against the Phillies and he didn't look right and didn't pitch well, that seems to have continued on into the season. Berrios is a pretty proud and tough guy maybe he isn't telling the Jays everything about his health. I wish the best of luck to him but even more to SWR and Martin.
  10. The 3 or 4 innings were meant as the rehab start, not what Ober did or is expected to do going forward. These are major league pitchers, they can knock some rust off pitching 3 innings in the majors and shouldn't be plastered for 5 runs. Sonny Gray did just fine, and so what if they give up some runs, it isn't like the guy that is taking his place to start is so much better or will pitch so much longer than him.
  11. Question, why do these starters need to make rehab starts if the plan is only to go 3 or 4 innings, isn't that what the starters have been doing anyway, seems like a waste of innings? I get the need for a rehab start if you plan on that starter being a 6 - 7 innings starter, but that doesn't seem to be the plan for really anybody.
  12. IMO, if their starting pitching falls off (which is kind of has started to) and the offense doesn't get healthy real, real fast, things could get ugly. I don't think the team is for real without Buxton, Correa, Arraez and Polanco playing at least as expected. But the real question IMO is can they get healthy and finish the last 20 games of this month, around 14-6? if not, I am not sure how the make the playoffs. The Yanks, Blue Jays, Rays, White Sox, Angles and Astros seems like teams that would go at least that against this schedule.
  13. Told my son when I seen the Twins lineup, unless Verlander is terrible, I don't see the Twins scoring tonight, and there is a decent chance they don't even get a hit. Besides Polanco (who isn't having a good season yet) and maybe Kepler, just maybe the Twins lineup was essentially a minor league team and a couple of guys that are as of right now terrible. The two former Yanks OPS are .600 and .592. The Twins hitters need to get healthy and in a hurry, because with the current lineup against good starting pitchers are going to carve them up. With that being said this is just one game where a veteran pitcher showing young hitters this is a very hard game, and fairly veteran lineup showing a young pitcher if you can't throw strikes it is going to be a long night. I agree Archer needs to be on the top of his game tonight because if not this series could get real ugly. Bring on the terrible teams again
  14. Everything seems to have changed in baseball but front offices willing to pay a bit more in trades earlier in the season. I would be willing to overpay a bit for a relief pitcher that will help for 5 months instead of 3. Plus it gives you more time to figure out what might help the team closer to the deadline. Say the Twins go out and trade for a Bard, Melancon, or Bednar type and it they fit nicely into the back end of the bullpen. Then maybe at the deadline they could get other help, instead of trying to overhaul the whole team at once.
  15. I am always of the opinion why wait, if you are trading somebody to get something, get the most innings/at bats you can from that person. Which that said I am not really seeing any relief pitcher jump out at me, David Robertson of the Cubs might not be bad, not sure how much of an upgrade he is. David Bednar of the pirates is pitching pretty lights out, so he might not be a bad guy to add to the back end of the games relief pitcher. With the Twins Record, they don't need to wait to see what happens, it is happening now and they have set themselves up for a pretty darn good season, get help now (if they think it is an upgrade). They already have 40 man issues, there is only going to be more next year, trade off some guys. Hey it is the Tampa way right?
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