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  1. The Twins would be nuts to trade Arraez, and for what it is worth, Arraez was a Gold Glove nominee this year so he was serviceable at first.
  2. It's kinda crazy to realize Polanco is the longest tenured infielder now on the Twins with Sano being gone.
  3. I paid less than that for an Arraez signed jersey + the cost of framing it. Good grief.
  4. That seems highly likely. It seems pitchers typically do better once they leave the organization.
  5. Jorge is a guy with good stuff, but also a guy who has a lot of off the field stress in his life, the change of teams probably affected him a lot more than he would be willing to admit. I think he will bounce back and have a good 2023.
  6. I am with you, this team is making some of the worst moves imaginable. The Urshela trade and now this. Yuck.
  7. I think he will bounce back and be just fine. Hopefully a combo of Duran, Alcala, and Lopez will be lights out in the back end of the bullpen in 2023.
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