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  1. Are you using the historical transactions and lineups , Vanimal, or letting the game make the calls? I'd love for the Twins to have not pinched so many pennies in the late 70s and to have held on to Lyman Bostock instead of losing him as a free agent to the Angels. What could he have accomplished over a full Twins career if not tragically murdered at age 27?
  2. Dick Bremer, like Herb Carneal, became a soundtrack to our spring and summer evenings. His departure has some of the same feeling as when Carson or Letterman signed off. You were so familiar with them - almost like someone in your family. I doubt the next Twins TV play-by-play choice will have that kind of run, especially as media continues to change. I seriously loved when MLB.com used to have the option to just pipe in the ballpark soundtrack without the announcers. There's more than enough graphics these days to keep up with all the details of the game.
  3. I also read that the Twins have made a sponsorship deal to heavily feature the K-A-R-S Cars for Kids jingle between innings.
  4. I share your sentiments about AJ in the booth. Not a fan of Wainwright, however. Maybe he'll grow on me as he gets more experience but I didn't think he was adding much and there was a lack of chemistry between him and AJ. Speaking of a 3-man booth, I really liked when the Twins did it this year with either Perkins & Morneau or Plouffe & Morneau joining Dick. Pairing the ex-teammates made everyone more candid. It was fun to hear Morneau loosen up a bit. I hope the Twins consider doing it more in 2024.
  5. With the postseason losing streak at an end, Twins fans should be eager to try new food items since they no longer have to eat crow.
  6. As of 9/25 the Twins have 222 home runs, only 2 behind the AL-leading Angels. It's conceivable that the Twins could end up leading the American League in long balls with no individual player reaching 25 home runs on the season. What a testament to this team's depth. Twelve players have reached double figure homerun totals with a distribution that looks like a sample for chart design: 23, 21, 20, 18, 17, 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 11, 10. (RBIs are even more freaky: 65, 62, 52, 49, 48, 42, 42, 40, 39 ,38, 38, 35, 34, 34, 32)
  7. "Pittaro has a chance to be the greatest second baseman who ever lived." –Sparky Anderson.
  8. Thanks for the article, Brandon. MLB teams have access to such large amounts of information and video on prospects these days I feel it's much harder to whiff on picks than when they were just relying on written reports from regional scouts and cross-checkers. I also feel the rate at which prospects ascend can be inflated by the injury situation on the big league club or deflated by logjams at certain positions - so there's not alway consistent opportunities from year-to-year.
  9. Royce Lewis has just joined Don Budge, Rod Laver, Stefi Graf, Mo Connelly and Margaret Court with four grand slams in a calendar year.
  10. We knew when he was drafted Royce had tools, but the amount of heart he's shown coming back from the ACL injuries is even more impressive. If the Twins don't do everything to make him a fixture in the lineup and the face of this ballclub, they're crazy. He should be piece #1 when putting together next year's team.
  11. Teammates used to be in awe of Kent's svelte physique. Then he discovered Grain Belt.
  12. Game 162 in 2009 was supposed to be the last regular season game in the Metrodome. Not so fast, souvenir seekers! (It was actually the second year in a row the Twins played a game 163 - having lost 1-0 to the White Sox in 2008 on a Jim Thome 7th inning HR.)
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