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  1. Count me among the others the enjoyed and appreciated this well-written post. Thank you!
  2. According to Baseball Reference: (BA/OB/SLG) 0 outs, runner on 2nd - .245/.336/.426 (109 plate appearances) 0 outs, 1st & 2nd - .230/.288/.311 (82 PA) 0 outs, 2nd & 3rd - .200/.286/.267 (21 PA) 0 outs, runner on 3rd - .400/.455/.500 (11 PA) 0 outs, 1st & 3rd - .211/.160/.368 (25 PA) 0 outs, bases loaded - .250/.158/.583 (19 PA) Combined runners in scoring position, no outs - .241/.252/.384 (267 PA) EDIT - overall the Twins slashes are .249/.317/.405
  3. Aside form the freakish number of injuries, the biggest failing was that the bullpen couldn't hold leads. Twins relief pitchers entered games with the lead 250 times this season. This is the second highest number in the AL behind the Tampa Bay Rays. Unfortunately, Twins pitchers converted the fewest saves in the AL (27 ) at the lowest save-rate. (49%)
  4. I stand corrected. Now if we could just infuse Buxton et al with some Cal Ripken-sequenced DNA, my doom and gloom perspective might lighten to merely gloom!
  5. There should be a season-long graph similar to the game win probability graphs that show the flagging levels of Twins fans' hopes. Big spike when we signed Correa. Moderate spikes when we gave Duran and Miranda regular gigs - everything else, craters. Can't wait to play the Yankees and Astros more times next season and the Royals and Tigers less.
  6. Is throwing all-out for 5 innings with a 1+ K to IP ratio more stressful on a starting pitcher than pitching a more-paced 7 innings at a 0.7 K to IP ratio? Is it really worth this to turn the 3rd time through the order over to a middle reliever? It's like somebody gave baseball this monkey paw that granted three wishes and, well...
  7. Has Nick Gordon played his way into consideration for a starting role in 2023?
  8. Nice article. I loved the behind-the-scenes look. I used to go to games in the Metrodome and sit by the CF TV cameras probably about 420 feet from home plate. I would routinely listen to the WCCO game broadcast on a little portable radio. Back then, the Metrodome was typically about 80% empty so the sounds were pretty clear. I was always freaked out that I could hear the crack of the bat over the radio before I could actually hear it live in-person. That whole speed of light thing vs the speed of sound, I guess. Anybody else ever experience that at a ballpark?
  9. The 75% success rate requirement doesn't factor how a proven stealing threat impacts the pitching strategy while on base, does it? It's just looking at the increased or decreased win likelihood from the event, itself, Meanwhile, with a stolen base threat at first base, a batter gets a higher percentage of fastballs and fewer chase pitches that the catcher might have to go down to block. The resulting greater OPS in those situations would also be a benefit. Someone should attempt to quantify that.
  10. Guessing it's not really this guy from the story link, right? It would make his recent performance all the more incredible, though.
  11. If I was the Twins FO, I'd be willing to move Sonny Gray for a high-end prospect. I kinda like that Petty kid pitching for Daytona in the Reds organization. We could throw in another arm in the deal. - maybe someone like Francis Peguero.
  12. Teflon

    Saddest sports city

    Being the worst sports "city" should be a blessing for sports blogs, though, right? A cornucopea of content from the discontented.
  13. The views of the Iowa countryside as the sun went down were as gorgeous and serene a backdrop as I've seen to an MLB game. Kudos to MLB for starting the game at 6 pm to make the most of the "golden time" lighting. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, either.
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