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  1. Your triple emphasis sounds like Rocky from the latest Andy Weir story. Intentional - question? If not, must read.
  2. The Kansas City road trip used to be a necessity back in the Metrodome days. Originally, the fountains ran for a larger expanse in the outfield and there were no other features or seating out there - so they were a more integral part of the design. Also that stadium can get insanely hot (worse when they had synthetic turf) and the fountains seemed to take some of the edge off that. I love the location of the park and the fact that KC had the foresight to build separate dedicated baseball and football facilities in the 70s that share common infrastructure. Cities were building multi-purpos
  3. Robert Arthur at Baseball Prospectus posted an article today speculating that A Lighter Baseball May Be Behind The Strikeout Increase. He states that the MLB, in reengineering the baseball to be less lively off bats for 2021 didn't consider how the changes would translate to pitching dynamics. In addition to the ball being lighter, MLB pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and Blake Snell are also claiming the seams on this year's baseballs feel different enabling increased spin on pitches. Arthur goes on to write that since 2018 lateral movement on curveballs and sliders have increased 25% and
  4. Friday Night, May 21st - The Los Angeles Dodgers (26-18) take on their classic rivals, the San Francisco Giants (28-16), at beautiful Oracle Park in San Francisco. Trevor Bauer (4-2, 2.20 ERA) toes the hill for LA while Alex Wood (5-0, 1.75 ERA) gets the nod for SF. First pitch is at 8:45. Conveniently, this is the Free Game of Day on MLB.TV! Preview
  5. Interesting fact - when the Metrodome Teflon roof was installed in 1982, 100s of pigeons were trapped inside. The Metropolitan Sports Commission was then forced to bring in an appropriate service to carry out a "final solution" on all the pigeons. Coincidentally, the next week, the Dome Dog debuted.
  6. Dang! We should call the Twins sandwich shop the Ball-deli!! I would also offer an alternate Rocco Baldelli sandwich made with slow-cooked goose topped with a sweet & sour cranberry sauce.
  7. For years the Stage Deli and Carnegie Deli created sandwiches honoring famous clientele such as: Marv Albert - Corned Beef and Swiss Cheese. Mel Brooks - Pastrami, Turkey and Swiss Cheese. Katie Couric - Turkey, Ham and Swiss Cheese. Clint Eastwood - Turkey, Tongue and Corned Beef. Gloria Estefan - Tuna, Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato. If you were creating a Twins version of the Stage Deli, what player-named sandwich creations would you put on the menu? Sandwich with the most likes wins.
  8. Here's an interesting YouTube video on the correlation of spin rate improvement and the use of foreign substances: Gerrit Cole is Cheating and MLB Wants To Stop Him
  9. Baseball just keeps getting more mutated... Also - why now, after a 100 years of defacing baseballs with foreign substances, are pitchers suddenly able to increase their spin rates 10%? Has there been some exponential advancement in the foreign substance department? If so, why aren't the Twins using it?
  10. I think the Saints play 30 games against the Iowa Cubs this year, don't they? Shoeless Joe and Midnight Graham would probably draw the line at having to be in Iowa that much.
  11. There should be a standard on Twins Daily that Wind Surge must always be written in italics.
  12. They could visit the famous Crisco Court where Mary Tyler Moore once threw up a hat or the site of the old Metrodome which is now a bank, I believe.
  13. Baseball will be testing some interesting and controversial new rules this year at various levels in the minors. Here is the article from MLB.com: Rule changes to be tested in Minors this year These rules will include: Enlarging the bases from 15 X 15 to 18 X 18Requiring infielders to be stationed touching the infield when the ball is pitchedRequiring pitchers to step off the rubber when making a pick-off throwLimiting pickoff attempts to 2 per plate appearanceEmploying 15-second pitch timerUsing an automated balls and strikes systemHow do you feel about these? Any you like?
  14. While I didn't hear Coach Jim talking, listening to the game broadcast on the radio in the empty Metrodome taught me a little something about the speed of sound compared to the speed of light. The crack of the bat picked up by a microphone 70 feet from home plate got transmitted to the WCCO antenna and broadcast back to my radio before the actual sound from the bat could travel the 430 feet to where I was sitting.
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