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  1. I wonder if the Twins lost Berrios in 2020 when he was pulled from the playoff game.
  2. I understand that fielding percentages are not the best way to measure fielding ability, but a few weeks ago I looked at the numbers for some Twins' first basemen (suspect the numbers haven't changed materially). Killebrew .992 Reese .992 (this was disappointing to RichReese) Hrbek .994 Mientkiewicz .996 Morneau .996 Mauer .996 Sano .984
  3. "Conversely, Sano's offense would have a higher WAR value if he stood 90 ft to his right on defense." There were some games when it would have been better defensively for Sano to be 30-40 feet to the left.
  4. The Twins' affiliates scored 38 runs in 5 games, and were outscored by 18 runs. Wow.
  5. Just visited MLB.com and saw videos for the heroics of Cruz, Gibson, and Cron. Not complaining about FO decisions, only mentioning their success yesterday.
  6. The Twins are hitting .180/.265/.295 in situations that FanGraphs deems as “high leverage.” That’s good for a .660 OPS, .560
  7. Wallner has pretty good stats so far (.283 avg; 858 OPS) despite having 24 SOs in 46 ABs. His BA when putting the ball in play is .591 - haven't figured the OPS but it would be impressive. Somewhat similar situation for Sabato (21 SOs in 41 ABs) though the numbers are lower than for Wallner.
  8. In addition to the informative write-ups each day for the minor league teams, I appreciate the easy access to the box scores. TY
  9. This happened once this season, and the Twins even snuck in a two-headed coin. Umpire: Call it in the air, Rocco. Rocco: Tails
  10. I have been reading a lot of Halberstam lately. His "Summer of 49" about the Yankees and Red Sox is also very good, both for the baseball content and the society issues of the era.
  11. "The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship by David Halberstam. About the enduring friendship between four Red Sox greats, Williams, Pesky, Dom DiMaggio and some other guy." Recently read this book - Bobby Doerr was the some other guy. Halberstam included their lifetime stats at the end of the book. If I recall correctly, each of the four had more walks than strikeouts for their careers.
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