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  1. A mass cloning of Tigers' pitcher Rodriguez would solve the slow speed-of-play issues some people dislike. On some occasions, he was delivering the next pitch seven seconds after receiving the ball from the catcher.
  2. I was very pleasantly surprised that Buxton was not injured while crashing into the fence a few days ago. I felt that one from here.
  3. Sano would have been the second out, so no harm.
  4. "Thanks Squirrel! Game threads are where all the cool people hang out!" Nobody told me
  5. Maybe Joe Smith wasn't tired after two pitches and could have continued.
  6. Several have mentioned that Arraez should play first base, but is there evidence that he can play it adequately. His height can be a liability and his ability to dig out bad throws is, at least to me, an unknown. But, as a DH and PH he gets a PHD.
  7. When asked if these new creatures will increase or decrease the Twins' chances, Falvine responded, "they're adders."
  8. It looks like some of these games start real early.
  9. Earlier today, after reading some comments by Hershel Walker, I revisited The Trade. By comparison, the Twins-Yankees trade was better for Minnesota.
  10. Max Kepler was asked who the Twins got for Garver and what he thought of the trade. Max said," Einer Kerfuffle."
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