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  1. " I don't think Palacios has had a hit since the Clinton Administration." I was going to comment that it was either the administration before or after Clinton, but that would be bush.
  2. I oftentimes mute the TV when watching the Twins. I did try that for a radio broadcast, but the result was underwhelming.
  3. By that criteria, Killebrew also was underrated (1st base vs LHP with Rollins at 3rd; 3rd base vs RHP with Mincher at 1st)
  4. Arraez is a pleasure to watch. I would find it interesting to see the same chart with his teammates also included.
  5. I assigned a "B" but felt it was a 3.5. I will, however, be more diligent in checking the box scores for Cin and Balt in the years to come
  6. Top 3 WPA: Jorge Polanco .159, Jose Miranda .133, Josh Winder .108 Too bad Kirilloff hit that single or he might have made the list.
  7. "Canada has less gravity than anywhere else in the world." I noticed that while watching Red Green.
  8. A mass cloning of Tigers' pitcher Rodriguez would solve the slow speed-of-play issues some people dislike. On some occasions, he was delivering the next pitch seven seconds after receiving the ball from the catcher.
  9. I was very pleasantly surprised that Buxton was not injured while crashing into the fence a few days ago. I felt that one from here.
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