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  1. Say what you want, the whole premise of the season was doomed from the get-go. Scratch and dent starters limping to a mediocre bullpen. What could go wrong? The pure absurdity of it all was cloaked by the other-worldly performance of Duran, certainly something that the FO benefitted from but surely did not expect. They acquired three starting pitchers (Maeda, Paddack, Mahle) with known and notably health issues and surrendered significant assets to do so. The injury bug got us? Really? You don't say. I listen to DSP bemoan tepid ticket sales. I listen to Falvey dish the word salad on the season. Does anyone get it? It's a results business. Business has stunk for two years. Stunk like four day old fish or relatives. This was a embarrassing season in an embarrassing division with embarrassing results. You can be a fan of the team and still call it what it was; a flim-flam to sell cold hot dogs and warm beer. Ps. Can we stop saying "If Correa leaves?" I am sure the U-Haul (but it's a nice one) is in front of the house right now. There is a better chance that Bonnes turns down a free beer than Correa stays. There is a better chance that Gladden ends any verb every with a G. Sorry but I've been scufflin' enough. I've got to go whompin'.
  2. I have been around Joe several times and he is the nicest guy on this planet. Period. End of story. People who criticize him over the money are morons because anyone would have taken it. "Hey Bob, we want to double your salary. "No thanks boss. I drive truck just for the aesthetic." But more importantly, as Bonnes' buddy Gleeman would tell you; with a 55 plus career WAR, it can be easily argued that Joe was significantly underpaid in his career. In one of my conversations with Joe, I asked him about his favorite away city. His reply surprised me. "Kansas City." Me: "Really? Good barbeque. Decent ballpark. Why? Did you have great numbers there?" Joe: "Not really. I just like that I could bring my family down and people would leave me be." I let that soak in. So many players fight desperately for the last bit of the spotlight when their career is done. (Insert Dan Gladden joke here.) So congrats Stu on passing on the Ryan question and allowing Joe to enjoy the show undisturbed. Leave him be folks. Leave him be.
  3. If you constructed a Mount Rushmore for the four most accomplished people in Twins history, it would honor: Killebrew, Carew, Puckett, Randy Dobnak's agent But not necessarily in that order.
  4. As the great Vin Scully said, "The pitching mound at Yankee Stadium; the loneliest place on Earth." Good luck Louie. Everyone here is rooting for you. Ps. Pitching around Judge is not capitulation. It's smart ball.
  5. The Vikings give a reward to the person responsible for selling the most game tickets. This month's winner? Max Kepler.
  6. Twins Daily community unite!! What binds us? Our shared opinion on these club options and our current state of misery.
  7. Replays are supposed to be used to overturn calls on the field that are clearly wrong. That principle was egregiously violated here. There is a lot of gray in the world. But not here. Rocco is 100% right and NY is 100% wrong. I am sure that his passion on this point plays just fine in the clubhouse.
  8. He plays with an obvious love of the game that is refreshing and infectious. All-Star player? I'm not sure. All-Star dude? You bet.
  9. This fit of measured competency and commitment is surely a sign of the apocalypse. If next, Dick Bremer stops making excuses for every Twins out or opponent's home run and/or the self-named "Dazzle Man" actually allows for a few blessed seconds of silence on a call, I would suggest that you gather loved ones and canned goods. Then seek shelter. You have been warned. Good luck.
  10. The FO essentially traded Aaron Hicks for Gabriel Moya. This misadventure would certainly would make the Twins worst-trade HOF. I needn't go into Hicks' bona fides. The fact that he earned those with the Yankees is, of course, the cherry on top. The by-product of this trade was the brief company of John Ryan Murphy. Murphy is the answer to the question of "how did Drew Butera stay in the bigs so long?" Say what you want about Murphy but he has the perfect name for a country singer; like some algorithm in Nashville created it. Perfect for knocking back some bourbon and branch or a few longnecks, weeping a little and lamenting the one that got away.
  11. If he is traded the receiving club either would have to pay him $14mm for next year or buy him out. If that is so, isn't he untradeable? They would have to pay his pro-rated contract for the rest of this year (about $5 mm) and the buy-out of $2.75mm or $7.75mm effectively for two months. Who would do that with all of the uncertainty around him? What has (negatively) impressed me about Sano the past few years is his inability to hit plus fastballs. He seems overmatched at anything over 95mph. For most clubs, that is the 5th guy out of the pen these days. He clearly is not in the plans in 2023 at $14 million. Even if they could, the Twins wouldn't pay him 1/3 of that. Save the ABs for someone who is part of next year. I think the only way he is not DFAd is if injuries to others intervene.
  12. The 3 most likely things to happen this season: -- Sano is traded for anything helping the team this year or any other; -- Correa is signed to a mega long-term contract with the Twins; -- Jessica Alba asks me to dinner and picks up the tab. Of the three, the last one could happen. She misdials and in her embarrassment, she surrenders the American Express black card. If you want to compete in 2022, trading Correa makes zero sense. WAR is WAR and any other of the Twins' replacement alternatives at shortstop would be replacement at best. Is anyone going to give you that value in a pitcher for a free agent like Carlos? I think not. Only if the team tanks before the trade deadline, should a Correa trade be considered. That being said, it has been an absolute pleasure watching the guy play. He is terrific in every regard.
  13. This Rocco bashing is silly. I really don't think he got considerably dumber in the past week. I had to laugh at the posts about Garlick being disaffected because he was batting lead-off. I am pretty sure that Kyle thanks his personal god every day for being in the majors, regardless of his role. If it counted toward accruing MLB service time, I'm pretty sure he would wash Falvey's car. The Twins are going through a bad stretch of injuries, infection and a torturously crowded schedule which reveals the thinness of their ranks. But honestly how are most teams going to do when they are using their fourth option at shortstop? But, a large part of the truth is that the team goes as Buck goes. He is hurt and it shows. Mathematically, this has likely manifested itself in a 2-3 game negative probabilistic delta. But from a morale standpoint, I think it's worse than that. Their next 10 games are a march down a path of shards of broken glass and rusty nails. If they win 3 games, I think they will consider themselves lucky. The hitting will return when Correa and the real Byron do. However, if they are serious about competing, they still need to fix the bullpen. It reminds me of the drunk guy in Vegas who wins a few hands of cards and then suddenly thinks he is gambling savant. He sits for a while and the chips start ebbing the other way. Then they are all gone. The house and the odds eventually always win.
  14. The Twins Daily faithful are a family; a really big, ugly, dysfunctional family. But can we take a moment and pause, spiritually clink glasses and cheers to "Man, that was a gooooood one." ?
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