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  1. If money wasn't an object, you would take them all and figure it out. With these guys, there are no bad choices, just bad prices.
  2. I'm not sure I offered up any facts, but here are some facts. They spent nothing on pitching last year and got what they paid for. They were 17th in overall payroll in 2021 ( source: MLB) . They finished dead last in the worst division in baseball. They had 89 losses which sounds bad but their performance, in fact, is worse than that because they played in the worst division in baseball. They dealt a proven and very valuable asset (Berrios) in an area where they are woefully deficit (pitching) for two uncertain assets( prospects). I could go on but I guess that is enough cheery facts for one post.
  3. You never know about this "ace" stuff. The Yankees would almost certainly tear up Cole's contract if they could. It seems that Cole, minus the goop, is just a good pitcher. The Steinbrenners didn't pay for that. They didn't pay for the Boston performance. The Twins had a dependable "almost ace" ( let the debates fly) in Berrios and they sent him packing only because he wanted a market rate for his services and that was the only reason. As we all enter winter, the Twins enter into another long winter of their own. We have no chance to truly compete in 2022 and the Twins have no belly to spend to make it otherwise. They sell hopes and dreams and are bereft of any ideas to make them come true. Realty is often harsh. Reality is often cruel. But, this is our reality.
  4. In a salary cap league (of the Twins' own imposition) Kepler is expendable, certainly at his 2022 salary. He needs to be dealt for pitching and his salary diverted to more pitching. No one will take Sano at his 2022 expense. On any other team, he is a DH and a DH only. To say his defense "leaves something to be desired" must be a quote from his kindly aunt.
  5. Death, taxes, a Yankees loss. The route is often different but the destination is always the same.
  6. The Twins are the amongst the last to eat at the free agent trough because of climate, high state taxes, and thirty years of play-off irrelevancy . Twenty nine teams passed on him, so I am 100% sure that 99% of MLB would not disagree with me.
  7. In a salary cap league (the one that the Twins self-impose); yes it was inexplicable. Because it surely came out of the pitching budget. With our first half pitching, you could have had Ozzie Smith and the Holy Trinity at short and it wouldn't matter. Simmons is a 1.0 WAR guy. If teams like the Twins spend $10 million per incremental win, they are doomed. Front offices are paid to understand this stuff. So was it inexplicable? Yes. It was inexplicable.
  8. Dobnak's contract is an inexplicable move in a series of inexplicable moves (Simmons, Happ, Shoemaker, the discount bin bullpen) this year by the front office. Ascribing any value, either positively or negatively, to Spring Training stats is buying fool's gold. He is a nice story. He seems like a nice man. But like Astudillo, Cave and a couple of others, he has no place on a legitimate major league roster. The danger of the contract is that it places pressure, either explicitly or implicitly, on the manager to keep trotting him out there. Falvine apparently wanted to play the lotto with this signing. The team needs to chew innings this year? Fine. But that's all it should be be. Like almost all lottery tickets, this one has expired worthless.
  9. I have to chuckle when people say Falvey/Levine deserve a hall pass because they won the Central Division a couple of times It was, by far, the worst division in baseball . We should view this in the same way as winning our neighborhood bowling league. Congrats! You bested the gal down the street with the bad hip and Pete, from next door, who is just there to get away from his wife. The value of winning the Central? We saw that in the play-offs. We have no chance to win in 2022 and no real stomach to compete for talent at market prices. The Berrios trade ratified both of these ideas. If the front office says otherwise it is only because they are rightfully terrified of the gate next year. I agree that we should not spend on a high-priced FO pitcher next year. To what end? To win 70 games rather than 65? The good news is that I have every faith that this ownership group will religiously follow my advice.
  10. I know we want to be optimists but............ We had a solid 1 and 1/2 and we traded him away. Why? Was he injury prone? No. He never missed a start. Was he out of shape? No. He was a model of fitness. Was he a problem off the field? No. He seems a rock-solid citizen. Too old? No. He was entering his prime. Why then? Why? Because he had the audacity of seeking a market wage a year out. Given this, why in the world then would we compete in free agency to truly replace him in the rotation? We won't. We will find another candidate for the Wes Johnson School of Redemption. While I am being sunny, before we decide Ober is a fixture going forward; lets all recall that he has throw exactly 74 innings of 4.00 ERA major league ball. Don't put a deposit down on the parade yet. I am not sure what the question is but Randy Dobnak is not the answer. Hope springs eternal in Twins' land. It's all the front office has to sell. Is there a chance the starting rotation will be adequate in 2022? Sure. But as Damon Runyon said " The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. But that's the way to bet."
  11. As you look to 2022, Ober is no doubt a bright spot. Dobnak will be around next year only because of his inexplicable contract. Jax is a great story, I am sure he is a very nice kid and he has no place on a major league mound. Pineda will not or should be resigned. Maeda may have thrown his last pitch as a Twin. So contend in 2022? I wonder how Vegas will make the Ober/Uber line on that?
  12. Is anyone in the Twins organization embarrassed to be viewed by the league as a clown show? The TV broadcast team chuckled their way through Astudilo's inning. Funny? I think it's a disgrace. The Red Sox are in a play-off chase. I am not a fan of theirs but I admire their franchise success. It is incumbent upon the Twins under every baseball code to fight to the final pitch. Instead we go for laughs apparently. Right now, I regret all the equity, both monetarily and emotionally, that I have invested in this club. The Twins owe the game, and equally importantly their fans, much better than this. I did not sign up for the Washington Generals. Pass the confetti bucket.
  13. I went to the doctor with a similar injury and he said that I needed surgery. I told him I wanted a second opinion. He said "Ok, you're ugly too."
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