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  1. Pagan should leave for Vegas tonight. Eventually, that lucky horseshoe will fall out of his pocket. His 1.46 WHIP is not particularly inspiring as to future expectations. Sooner or later, the luck (and the bad teams) run out.
  2. Most cocktail parties are fun an hour in. By midnight, they can be magical or turn ugly. They need to figure out first base. Sano seems utterly lost. His move to the "IL" was predictable. The only thing really injured is his OPS. I am an Arraez fan but he is not a corner infielder on a championship team. He is a great bat, tons of watch but is a minus defender everywhere. DH him. Use him off the bench. Promoting Miranda to third and moving Gio to first intrigues me. Gio is certainly athletic enough to be a better defensive alternative than Sano or Luis. Miranda/Gio has to be accretive to Gio/Arraez or Arraez/Sano. But in any case, lets enjoy this!! As the poet Crash Davis said about a winning streak, "they don't happen very often." Ps. Good post Doc.
  3. Is he the best? Who knows? That's the kind of unanswerable question that just makes windbags like Stephen A. and Skip Bayless bloviate and rich. The moment could pass. Injuries follow him like they are tied to the back of his car. He sure is great though. Like franchise and generationally great. The world is cruel. The world is harsh. Let's just soak this in and really enjoy it while it lasts. Let's hope Buck is enjoying it too.
  4. I live out of market and I watch a lot of baseball through the MLB app. If you have a smart TV, it can be watched right on your screen. Sign up to support the Major League Baseball Alumni Association for $25 and you can get the app for half price. Great cause; great price. I am sure Dick is a nice man. But the more I watch out-of-town ball, the less I appreciate our broadcasters. The allure of Gladden is just inexplicable to me. He is arrogant, pedantic and constantly contradicts himself in his criticisms. To me, he is the reason the mute button was invented.. I had to turn off Dick last year and have only periodically returned. Through the app you have the option of listening to the opposing team's feed. His nonstop excuses for the Twins 2021 train wreck were just relentless. This just in Dick; other teams have to contend with COVID, injuries and weather too. You don't have to be a bummer but the dog-ate-my-homework torrent is just unnecessary and insulting. To put it politely, Morneau (I can't take any silences!!) and Smiley are both a work-in-progress. For my money, the Mets and Boston broadcast teams are the best. I guess this is unsurprising given their organizational commitment to excellence. Ron Darling is really a gem; brilliant in his knowledge and style but truly likeable too. He works terrifically with play-by-play guy Gary Cohen (no relation). The game is beautiful and can be told poetically. But sadly as Twins fans, we need to settle for the town crier. "All is well, people!! All is well!!"
  5. According to Bonnes' boss Gleeman ; all replacement players would yield low 50s wins in a season per the sims.
  6. I think it is entirely possible that the FO had no intention of contending in 2022 (they didn't sign a legitimate free agent pitcher, they didn't fix the bullpen, traded Donaldson in a salary dump and got weaker at third and catcher in the process) but then Correa literally fell into their lap. They got back on the "next year" track by trading Rogers to get younger and cheaper. The Correa signing confused fans and maybe confused the FO a little too. Inking him is hard to criticize though because, in the worst case, they may feel he represents value for $17.5 million (his salary for half a year) in the form of trade value and optionality if lightning somehow struck Of course, they could never cop to not contending as their tickets sales have been shakier than the lead singer in a rhumba band. Four dollar gas and chicken for millionaires only isn't going to shore that up either.
  7. A solution would be to cut Sano, call up Miranda (somewhat struggling so far in St. Paul) and play Gio at first. Gio doesn't really have history there but I can't imagine he is a worse defensive option. But as fans, we really don't know the story behind the scenes. Does Miguel work hard? Does he care? Those attributes can lift players out of slumps. I don't have that insight. But those are important considerations in evaluating marginal players and sadly, that is what Miguel has become. For years on these pages, people said " Sure cut him and watch him become the next Ortiz." I don't know much, but I do know that is no longer a risk.
  8. Boy, the saber guys need to go back and recalc Paul's WAR stats in those years because they are off by 25 games.
  9. The Twins were 216-270 in the Molitor years and the game is entirely different now in how it is understood and played.
  10. There is a real reason Luis is a fan favorite. He is joyful and invigorating. He gives a professional at-bat in every plate appearance. He is an exceptional hitter against righties and is competent against lefties. But, despite neutral saber stats, he is a minus defender everywhere. In last night's game, he looked like he was plucked from the crowd to play third. This is not recency bias. If you take off the glasses of well-deserved fan bias, this has always been present. If you shot Rocco full of truth serum, I am sure he would agree. He has bad knees. He does not hit for enough power to be a full-time DH. Last year was by far his biggest sample size and he posted a .733 OPS which is about the league average. (Cruz put up a .907 OPS stat line for the Twins last year.) So, he presents a quandary. I love the guy but how to use him is one of Rocco's many challenges. I have often thought he might represent interesting trade bait to one of several tanking teams who are looking for cheaper players that can sell some tickets. That smile is a ticket promotion in itself.
  11. This can be a short convo. Low risk, likely low reward. If anyone wants to know how Tampa miraculously competes every year; start with the Chris Archer case study.
  12. Look at the bright side. If someone in the FO has a couple too many, they now have a ride option home for the few months. Too soon?
  13. We can't seem to beat the Yankees on the field but we just beat them like a rented mule here. Almost surely Correa will opt out next year but who cares? This game is year to year as we all know. This is an audacious and great move by Falvine. I said in an early post, we should wait to judge the FO once the dust had settled. I think the dust is still swirling a bit
  14. I wish Rortvedt all good luck but he reminds me of a girl we never paid much attention to until she started dating a friend of ours. Now he is filled with mystical qualities and intrigue. Godoy seems likes Sanchez buyer's remorse. Sanchez is a "catcher" like I am "golfer". If he is flippable, I would flip. The sensical thing, of course, is to put Kirilloff at first (a big upgrade over Sano defensively) and put Sano at DH (a big upgrade over Sanchez). Pairing Sanchez with a young pitching staff is like pairing Charlie Sheen with your car keys.
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