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  1. I had liked some of the trade ideas for shortstops. However, the FO hasn't made many offseason trades in their tenure that I can think of, so its probably going to be a Galvis.
  2. You only need a starter to go 4 or 5 innings with an elite bullpen. Maybe that's the plan.
  3. Its a difficult evaluation, in a sense like Buxton. Twins and Rocco have won at a good clip when Buxton is on the field. So my assessment is Rocco isn't a miracle worker. And that's ok, few can do much more than write down the names of who you have. I just want to see him kick some dirt and yell at an umpire.
  4. Falvey sounds committed to his young upcoming arms. It would be cool to see some legit bullpen pieces added though.
  5. Percent chance Cave is opening day CF is greater than 0. Probably like 15%?
  6. As a stopgap, how about Elvis Andrus. He could be got for nearly nothing from Oakland. Looks to be at least competent. Maybe even as a throw in as part of a trade for Manea.
  7. I think they were hell bent on a full rebuild and their clocks reset at that point. I think they think its a perfect storm - low expectations, expected to reduce payroll to make up for covid losses, tradeable assets in Berrios/Buxton, some apparent talent in the minor leagues. If that's the case, also trade Polanco, Rogers, Garver.
  8. Maybe he liked what Toronto was putting together and thinks they can win a WS? Grasping at straws here
  9. I have loved what Thielbar has done the last 2 years. He gets an A from me. Alcala seemingly gave up a homerun at any meaningful spot. He gets a D.
  10. I like the roster ideas, Verlander probably isn't likely but it will be a long cold winter if we only imagine the most plausible scenarios.
  11. I would expect the disparity to be similar if it only reflected bullpen innings, which I would think are where velocity has really impacted the modern game, save for Degrom and Scherzer types.
  12. We were reminded again this year that catchers are always a foul ball to the seeds away from major surgery. And of course you have an all time franchise icon who had to switch to first because of too many fouls to the grill. Stand pat at catcher please, depth is only temporary.
  13. The team has done pretty well with Buxton on the field, so I think that makes it harder to evaluate. The dumb extra inning rule exposed an ice cold closer and poor depth behind him. A team with some bad pieces can sometimes not gel. To me its kind of a C grade but maybe he handled things really well behind closed doors with covid, vaccines, etc.
  14. Simmons' presence has moved Polanco to 2B where he fits much better defensively, and his comfort might be part of his great offense.
  15. Meanwhile Diamondbacks release Ryan Buchter, so he's probably coming here
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