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  1. Completely agree - read the room. 'Gosh Minnesota is nice the people are friendly we had a challenging year I've got the best agent on the planet I hope to heck we can work something out. If not I understand baseball is a business....'
  2. Yes I was going to add that its clearly the uniforms, and specifically the font. This way the Correa t shirt jerseys will be on the clearance rack, but so will everybody's because it's the old design.
  3. I would consider Kepler as 4th outfielder/2nd CFer for next season and hope to sign a starting caliber RF. 4th OF on this team will play quite a bit.
  4. Almost like Cleveland has a constant supply of competitive pitching, like it flows in through some sort of pipeline
  5. The opening day eve trade when the team seemed to be bullpen challenged already The Buxton 100 game plan after the high of him signing the team friendly deal The elation of signing Correa followed by 50 RBI through August The success of the 5 and flies with Bundys but pulling Gray and Ryan into that same program The excitement of the trade deadline followed by the offense disappearing and Mahle In summary frustrating because of the highs and lows
  6. If a person or staff is most associated with health/injuries then I assume then he or they will take the fall for 2022. It would likely be a longer route of logic for that to be Rocco. It could still happen, I'd be surprised. That will be the 2022 narrative though.
  7. 100% agree. Sonny gray for 4 or 5 and bullpen lined up could scratch out a 3-2 win. That'd be huge to end the streak
  8. This is why I was a little surprised last night's starter was pulled after 4
  9. It'd be fun to have a pinch running specialist to create a little havoc in big games. Like Terrance Gore did for those Royals teams
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