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  1. I remain in the camp excited to see Buxton play 110 games. This might just be what it looks like. Celestino continues to show competence so it there is probably less hesitancy from management.
  2. I love Tim's catch phrase -- 'Time to clean up the dirty Laudndry'
  3. 6 for 13 with RISP love to see that it felt like every game last year was 2 for 10.
  4. I had noticed multiple opposite field hits over the weekend by Kepler. Hopefully a sign of good things ahead.
  5. Balance the schedule and reduce interleague play. No more play the Royals 19 times but the Yankees 6. Interleague is a home and away against a regional rival and thats it.
  6. I'd be more concerned if he was still counted on to be the cleanup hitter. He can hide down in the 8 spot and he will warm up eventually. This is a ride it out situation.
  7. If my closer was traded the day before the season I put whomever I feel like in the 9th. If it fails its on the front office, at least for a couple of weeks of letting the bullpen pecking order reset.
  8. Are they confident in Paddack's elbow? I thought I read that last year he had a slight UCL tear and treated it with stem cells.
  9. I don't think the FO loves rogers, hence the Alex Colome experience. Or like its been said they might value the years of control and think its the best possible return.
  10. Higher upside than Shoemaker. Probably hoping to get 12 starts out of him
  11. I think Rogers' effectiveness during frequent use is still an issue and he's coming off injury. The thought of having a Colome closer B was the right idea but became a train wreck that threw the entire season off the rails. Hopefully Alcala can be that guy but I'd feel better with another proven bullpen vet.
  12. I could almost get on board with the ghost runner rule if it were for double header games only..
  13. I little bit expect Cashman to call falvey and make him trade Correa to the Yankees.
  14. Very bizarre. The opt-outs make it feel like a rental, though at least you're not giving up prospects for the rental. Its a needle moving move for sure. I hope enough pitching is found to make years 2 & 3 worth considering .
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