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  1. I didn't like trading one of the few who had shown patience at the plate on a team of free swingers. But it was a trade of fringe players so I moved on.
  2. My mind immediately went to the Scott Aldred / Rich Robertson era. Maybe similar to the 97 squad with Radke at the top and everyone else losing 12 games. They had Aggie at the back end though and didn't have to suffer the Colome experience.
  3. Is Buxton really unhappy or do he and his agent need a little leverage against being hurt yet again.
  4. I know it was a tough lefty, but I wanted to see Gordon back out there after his speed clearly affected the game on Saturday. Maybe he gets a bunt hit or draws a walk, even if he gets on by forcing the runner ahead of him he's on base as a threat to steal.
  5. In a rotation of Ober, Happ, Dobnak, you need other guys to be capable of 2 innings stints. I don't know who I'd trust to do 2 innings. I like the Shoemaker idea but feels Spring Training-ish.
  6. I think a mistake was made in not redirecting some batting approaches and I don't know if that means to jettison some players or a different hitting coach. Also to not have a non-Jake Cave CF option for the impending Buxton injury has been an annual oversight. I thought the mistake was anointing Colome closer early on. Having an option to spell Rogers was a solid plan but wasn't utilized as Rogers was throwing 7th innings and Colome started blowing games without any options left and Rogers potentially spent for the next day.
  7. Agree that it doesn't feel like a Tampa type move but could see a trade to Oakland. Then they have a platoon option for Moreland. Twins would have to send cash.
  8. This game seems low leverage enough for Colome to get some work in
  9. I feel like Colome is George Costanza when he becomes Body Suit Man and tries various stunts to try to get fired from the Yankees.
  10. What is the league average batting average with RISP? When I see the Twins are 1 for 8 every game is that not as bad as it seems, on a relative basis?
  11. If the market is less than a top 100, forget it and role the dice that things click for Jose and stars align for the team
  12. Maybe great managers can prevent the spiral where the team starts squeezing the bats and choking on the field. I think that compounding affect took place and I don't think they expect that Rocco to be the guy to fix that.
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