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  1. I left the state about a decade ago, and while I would get the mlb.tv for parts of some years, when I want to watch good baseball I haven't really turned to the twins for a minute. but throughout all these years, and since long before I left the state, following the team has been what's kept me interested. ive always kept at least some tabs on the guys in the minors, and will still follow the day to day operations/drama/boxscores of the team, and continue to check this site and post here and there, like I did on the forums that came before this. but watch the games? they can be happy I ha
  2. Yes, I think so, though I wouldn't know who. Though I find the sentiment that we can't fault anyone, things just happen, to be fairly strange as well. While I agree that as individuals it is foolish and arrogant to believe we can discern not only cause and effect, but motive and intent in all cases, I would be appalled if the general vibe of the Twins decision makers were, "just not our year", with no corrective actions taken. Maybe the point is that we don't really know is fair, but the people running that multimillion(billion?) dollar operation supported in part by tax money, had better hav
  3. I agree, but also feel like his point is that Berrios could really blossom in another organization around different talent. I think thats possible, though not a certainty, and given his age his best seasons should be over the next few years regardless where he's plays.
  4. A veteran team of Allstar to superstar players playing the game like they have this year tells me all I need to know about their management/coaching. These guys(players) don't take it seriously, and that starts from their manager telling them they don't have to. It not bad luck, its terrible leadership, from the staff and players alike.
  5. Yeah, I don't want to hear the word "luck" used with this team again this year. The team, while filled with talented individuals, is really, really, terrible at playing mlb quality baseball. At least I'll save $85/month canceling att tv after this month!
  6. itt: people unwilling to accept that we are quickly approaching if not at firesale mode im curious what actual packages people come up with; often times ideas on here play out somewhat closely. If we traded not just buxton, but buxton+, and/or berrios+, it would blow, but the returns would be enormous. I haven't followed the minors for awhile, but I know some of you guys more tuned in are scheming up packages. what have you got? note: I live in st Paul and am most excited about saints games this year, so for once prospects excite me more than the team edit to add: I am thinking there mus
  7. Man I'm not even against cutting Cave for a better option, but no way that option is Rooker right now
  8. I like Rogers and know he is a quality pitcher who has been dominant in the past, but I am so sick of hearing about how unlucky he's been for the third straight year. He's the luckiest "unlucky" pitcher ive ever seen(probably not true, this is somehow probably Jesse Crain)
  9. He hasn't been the same since he became the mlbpa rep
  10. They should try scoring more runs in the games where the other team has more than them...or just in the 10th
  11. I just want to say that I really enjoy how you add additional stats and context to numbers, in a lot of different scenarios. Thanks!
  12. All are ok, Im not totally sure Rogers is good anymore, at least when it matters. Im not totally sure Robles is good and not just starting well. Tbh I haven't been able to watch much this year so to hear that Duffey is who others mention first is concerning. Alcala looks good all around, hope that continues as he pitches more than 30 innings.
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