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  1. Sausage, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and onions. Not bad. And Im actually a huge hypocrite. I've been very much enjoying this cool, rainy day. I am thrilled not to be watching the Mariners and Braves though!
  2. With the game being on Apple TV, this is one of the few games ill get to watch this year. All during the rain I just kept hoping it wouldn't get postponed, Frustrating, but at least I had a pizza and chat with an old friend during it. To be young and dumb again...
  3. He didn't complain about getting pulled tonight, though. Gray actually said thank you to Rocco for letting him start the 7th, and that he knew he gave up the two quick singles and would be better next time. And that he just wants to pitch well enough to keep getting those opportunities. I mean, it could be a bad sign, but I just took the pregame comments as him having an extra little chip on his shoulder today, and he backed it up. They're all competitive guys obviously, but I have been impressed all year with his approach and compete level. Good signs indeed!
  4. just tracking on ESPN, but has gray thrown a pitch in the strike zone yet? does he look off?
  5. I mean, yeah the twins have played well, no doubt. Rogers would also easily replace like half the guys on our active roster. we lost a good one
  6. idk, I was pretty ambvilant about this trade when it happened. No one knew how Rodgers really looked after the surgery. twins guessed wrong about injured guys. id say bad trade, even without hindsight. with it its just unlucky.
  7. Could the CBA negotiations have anything to do with it?
  8. Santana and Rosario. I got into the Twins when my family moved here in the early 2000's, and Santana was a big part of the reason why. Then following the team and system pretty regularly for years after that, Rosario was the prospect I was most excited by. His first pitch HR *chefs kiss*
  9. Love love love this deal. It's more than I would have given him at the break, but dude just keeps bringing it. And like someone mentioned above, I love him betting on himself getting those all star votes. im not a gambling man, but he's going to reach some of those incentives. it'd be more bizarre that he stayed healthy for a whole season than not activate one of his incentives. Woo woo! Start of the offseason Oh yeah, December is the day after tomorrow. And then baseball goes into a kinda void, but I hope the women and men that write here keep making interesting stuff for us. Gracias dios. Vamos!
  10. im so glad I went to Fenway when I was out in mass. I hated the bosox, hated. I grew up in New York and Pittsburgh. The antithesis of a team id like. I hated Damon and youk and pedroria. And then I went and watched Xander and mookie and devers actually play some of the most fun ball ive ever seen. Sorry, the bosox are my "good" team, and by good, I mean the team I cheer for after theyve won a ps game. hope the twins make it sometime, perhaps even win. ive literally gone to three twins playoff games on my birthday, id prefer to spend it watching good baseball. not...this........................
  11. Im sorry, but I hate our fans attitude sometimes. I remember when Hunter signed with the Angels for what 5/90mil? And we cried because we had offered him "close", but in reality it was 3/45, which was less in every sense. I hate reading people say that Jose wouldn't have accepted the contract he got from the Twins. I mean, I guess we'll never know. id probably rather play with bo Bichette and Vladdy daddy jr and co over what the twins ran out the end of last year and going forward, but we never offered him that contract. id guess we were closer to the contract we offered hunter, not even what he got in LA, in what we offered JO Berrios. I can't even believe this is the team ive hyped and talked **** for. Im just glad I got to live in Minneapolis and Seattle, so I could watch apathetic baseball and realize I actually like watching good baseball teams.
  12. Guess having an ace isn't all there is to it?
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