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  1. Santana and Rosario. I got into the Twins when my family moved here in the early 2000's, and Santana was a big part of the reason why. Then following the team and system pretty regularly for years after that, Rosario was the prospect I was most excited by. His first pitch HR *chefs kiss*
  2. Love love love this deal. It's more than I would have given him at the break, but dude just keeps bringing it. And like someone mentioned above, I love him betting on himself getting those all star votes. im not a gambling man, but he's going to reach some of those incentives. it'd be more bizarre that he stayed healthy for a whole season than not activate one of his incentives. Woo woo! Start of the offseason Oh yeah, December is the day after tomorrow. And then baseball goes into a kinda void, but I hope the women and men that write here keep making interesting stuff for us. Gracias dios. Vamos!
  3. im so glad I went to Fenway when I was out in mass. I hated the bosox, hated. I grew up in New York and Pittsburgh. The antithesis of a team id like. I hated Damon and youk and pedroria. And then I went and watched Xander and mookie and devers actually play some of the most fun ball ive ever seen. Sorry, the bosox are my "good" team, and by good, I mean the team I cheer for after theyve won a ps game. hope the twins make it sometime, perhaps even win. ive literally gone to three twins playoff games on my birthday, id prefer to spend it watching good baseball. not...this........................
  4. Im sorry, but I hate our fans attitude sometimes. I remember when Hunter signed with the Angels for what 5/90mil? And we cried because we had offered him "close", but in reality it was 3/45, which was less in every sense. I hate reading people say that Jose wouldn't have accepted the contract he got from the Twins. I mean, I guess we'll never know. id probably rather play with bo Bichette and Vladdy daddy jr and co over what the twins ran out the end of last year and going forward, but we never offered him that contract. id guess we were closer to the contract we offered hunter, not even what he got in LA, in what we offered JO Berrios. I can't even believe this is the team ive hyped and talked **** for. Im just glad I got to live in Minneapolis and Seattle, so I could watch apathetic baseball and realize I actually like watching good baseball teams.
  5. Guess having an ace isn't all there is to it?
  6. Ive seen other prospects come up. we can't seem to develop pitching. oy vey
  7. I hope like hell winder and Jordy blaze willl make a difference. but....
  8. Not great bob. Our lineup is good, maybe great if our infield keeps hitting. Do we have an outfield? or even an infield? who plays ss? or lf? or pitches 3-5, assuming Ryan and Ober are 1-2, which aint great. thanks falvey
  9. TBH, and this is not snark, but they had better be a hell of alot more successful after trading those guys than 2 more pathetic postseasons. one where we pitched Dobnak in game 2. Jesus Christ, i know you don't watch this team anymore, and just follow them from a statistical pov. thats cool, but they are't fun to watch, even if their numbers are equally as bad as other years they've been ****ty(and somehow this is a mark in this FO's favor)
  10. Maybe after they sell off buxton and Polanco and rogers and Kepler, and falvine has just its own guys to work with theyll be in a position to succeed.
  11. Im sorry, maybe I missed your point. You seemed to say the 2017 BP was trash and ranked 12th in the AL, but we've improved, to the point of being 12th in the AL 4 years later. there is a reason our bullpen is in just as poor standing this year, and we all seem to have different opinions on why that is. mine is pretty simple: the FO hasn't either had or executed a solid rebuild. but im kinda over these discussions. at this point its like politics. if you say you dislike something this FO has done, then you get accused of wanting TR or liking that FO. I think the pitching this last decade has been abysmal, and at the start of a new decade its possibly worse. I think TR left a great core or position players and a few useful pieces on the pitching side. He was a poor GM though. I think Falvine has restocked our pitching in the minors and made some great trades, but I don't want them around past next year at the most. and if their claim to fame is coming and selling off the players that are stars to get more pitchers, because the ones they have aren't working out, due to injury or ineffectiveness, well.
  12. Yeah thats pretty awful, I assume we must have improved, and aren't ranked 12th in the AL in bullpen ERA in 2021! Oh.
  13. And today the staff ranks 27th in era, 18th in whip, and 2nd most hr given up against. Even with two division titles(and the pathetic playoff series' that followed), that doesn't look like improvement. Im not even about wanting them fired today or tomorrow, but that's what I think most people of that persuasion are probably looking at. That and the fact that next year doesn't look all that promising, and it FEELS more likely than not that we'll be selling off some more of our position talent(that was drafted or signed by the last FO), to facilitate another rebuild.
  14. So is this what an open window feels like?
  15. My first thought when we signed him was, "I hope this doesn't turn out like Adam Everett." Its turned out like Adam Everett.
  16. I mean, yeah, but those guys have been the worst veteran baseball players for the team this year. I guess as far as disappointing, im most disappointed in the season buxton didn't have. but obviously I don't blame him for that. the only other vets im really disappointed in besides these guys listed are Sano and Kepler. i can't blame guys for being hurt(buxton, Donaldson, Maeda, Dobnak, Thorpe, Kirilloff, etc), or for being rookies(so so many).
  17. Call it bad luck all you want, I just call it bad baseball.
  18. All it comes down to for me is this. Jose wants to bet on himself, which is probably a decent idea considering his track record. He's not signing anywhere until he's a FA, and thats his right, and I applaud him for all he's done and will do. We don't know any of the real numbers, but most people agree he's worth about wheeler money, maybe a few more dollars, Ive seen 150/5 type contracts as what it would probably take to get his to forgo FA. And maybe he goes and balls out in Toronto and is worth all that and more, hell I hope he's worth Cole money and gets himself paid. But the Twins don't like that bet, because they get no guarantees. They can take that money and try to sign another pitcher of similar quality for the same contract, and get two highly regarded prospects in the process. And thats a really smart move, because while I love Berrios, and always rather see the players get paid, I don't want to see the value for pitchers of his caliber jump like 8mil/yr in an already shaky couple years, and I know teams in any market, but especially mid/small don't want that either.
  19. Short answer: im not. Longer answer: Ive gone back and forth on them over the years, and what happens the rest of the season and off season could change my mind. I have no idea what direction they're really going for, but if through fa, trades, and prospect development they can put a team that plays watchable baseball on the field in 2022, ill be happy. I feel slightly better than I did two weeks ago, but things have just gone from really bad, to really bad with some new faces.
  20. Cool. They probably will have that option. It's not worth it for a part time player. I mean, yeah its all crazy money to us, but $30 million a year to a guy who might play 80 games is stupid. Great if his agent and part of the world can make the case that the WAR justifies it, dudes worked hard and been through enough. Still a worse bet than resigning Cruz for a 40 whatever year old season.
  21. Thats exactly what I think he should do. I mean if I were the Twins, I'd maybe offer 2/50, for what he's done and on the off chance 2023 looks better than it does today.
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