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  1. I like the roster ideas, Verlander probably isn't likely but it will be a long cold winter if we only imagine the most plausible scenarios.
  2. I would expect the disparity to be similar if it only reflected bullpen innings, which I would think are where velocity has really impacted the modern game, save for Degrom and Scherzer types.
  3. We were reminded again this year that catchers are always a foul ball to the seeds away from major surgery. And of course you have an all time franchise icon who had to switch to first because of too many fouls to the grill. Stand pat at catcher please, depth is only temporary.
  4. The team has done pretty well with Buxton on the field, so I think that makes it harder to evaluate. The dumb extra inning rule exposed an ice cold closer and poor depth behind him. A team with some bad pieces can sometimes not gel. To me its kind of a C grade but maybe he handled things really well behind closed doors with covid, vaccines, etc.
  5. Simmons' presence has moved Polanco to 2B where he fits much better defensively, and his comfort might be part of his great offense.
  6. Meanwhile Diamondbacks release Ryan Buchter, so he's probably coming here
  7. I would balance the schedule more. No more mirage that your organization is successful because they beat up on KC an Detroit 36 times per year then get exposed against NY. Yes every division has an also-ran but the Central seems to more often. No more champagne after clinching playoffs. Only for winning the pennant.
  8. I just don't think signing a SS is realistic with the Yankees and Dodgers in the market for 2 of them. Potentially the Cubs also, and I bet a team like Detroit gets in on a Baez. Go for Thor or at least pitching in general.
  9. It feels like they are trying to do something that no one else is really doing, and now the season is basically extended spring training so guys just keep coming in for a closer look.
  10. Miguel Rosas from Miami Marlins. It looks like he has a 2022 team option that kicks in by plate appearances, and anyone can be had from Miami.
  11. Bean5302 nailed it. Loved the game but it lacked balls in play. Balls in play bring out the action- defense, baserunning, strategy, etc. To be fair, what player wouldn't want to go up to bat in that game to try to crank one out into the corn.
  12. I don't know what I don't know with the FO. I hoped they had been aggressive in trying to move a Sano or Kepler for pitching last offseason, but I don't know that they tested the waters and didn't see anything worth pursuing. I also have no idea what kind of edicts if any are given to Rocco and crew on lineups, pitching changes etc. The FO is like a college football coach only approaching their own recruiting classes. I don't love the continued trial of other teams' 40 man refuse, but I assume that's only part of short term planning. They get more patience from me.
  13. They've invested a lot in Pineda from the initial injury recovery to sticking with him through his suspension. Maybe they have a good relationship with him and want him back and it wasn't worth disrupting that relationship for whatever the offers were.
  14. I think the Shoemaker leak was encouraged by the Twins to make teams think that the Twins Way is the problem
  15. These are tough players to evaluate. I think Berrios and his agent think he's a number 1, we generally think a 2. But we finally have a 2. And its hard to get a FA to come here, and a 27 year old 2 could still have a couple dominant seasons. So is that a 150 million dollar pitcher? I guess. Should they be fired if someone else goes 6 years 180? Probably not. I think they're tired of the Buxton injuries and kind of hope he walks.
  16. Good proposals. I hope the returns are generally pitching heavy though, like the Cruz deal.
  17. Crossover potential with '... of the Galaxy.' Groot can be the mascot.
  18. I think the Donaldson move was a 'go for it' signing, perfect after 2019. I think they could've done more in 2020 and been in better position for 2021 with some creative acquisition of power arms for the pen. Maybe that's the convenient answer for everything, but maybe capitalizing on a Kepler trade market for example, which is an option we're considering now for conversation at least.
  19. How does injury list time affect his service clock?
  20. If his batting average struggles can be improved by the shift elimination rule change then hang onto him and re-evaluate after
  21. I wonder if part of this is we'll sign Buxton or Berrios but can't do both. First one signed is the keeper- but I think that will be Berrios.
  22. The Players Union isn't crazy about incentive laden deals. Tony Clark will advise Buxton to bet on himself.
  23. How Kepler, Sano, Polanco finsh and how Buxton and Garver recover. This was the core. Can Polanco sustain his mid-season rebound, can Kepler show his recent streak is a sign that his struggles were from health/Covid, and how do Buxton and Garver look for 7 weeks or so. To me I let those items play out in 2021 before deciding on a complete rebuild.
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