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    Lifelong Twins fan; serious homer (Twins, Vikes, Gophers); married with children so no time for the above
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    Dilbert's pointy-haired boss


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    Do I get to have outside interests?

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  1. It's unfortunate there are so many to choose from. Willie Norwood? Bombo Rivera? Ooh, how about Ron Davis?
  2. Looking forward to 2013, with our rotation of Liam Hendriks, Nick Blackburn, PJ Walters, Scott Diamond, and the washed-up remains of wily veteran innings-eater...like Carl Pavano. Kyle Gibson should be beside himself right now...uninjured, he's the ace. Coming off of TJ surgery, he'll be mediocre for the first year or so. Wake me up when it's 2014.
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