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  1. With the requirement that each team have a representative, I am thinking neither will make it. Arraez is the clear pick with C-4 having a shot as well.
  2. Prospects will be the way to an impact deal. Kepler/Urhela may get you a reliever rental. Martin and Miranda may get the A's or Reds talking
  3. I agree that Soto is up due to both Polanco and Gordon nursing injuries. When both are healthy Soto will be DFA 'd and Gordon should got to AAA. Don't need him in the OF and Arreaz can move around the infield if needed.............I like Nick, but he is expendable and might be a throw in for a deal for a SP/RP
  4. I do believe he is one that will need to be in a deal. Royce Lewis made himself almost untouchable, and without Correa secured beyond this year Lewis has to stay. We will need to overpay, but need to be careful as one SP won't get us to the end goal. However, a controllable top third of the order pitcher will come with a price of Martin+.
  5. The roster needs to be juggled. Correa will be back soon, so no room for Palacios. Duffy needs to be DFA'd. Kiriloff needs to move across town. I would like to see a package of Kepler, Palacios and another piece to get some pitching.
  6. I liked the trade when it happened as it was becoming clear that Berrios was not going to sign. Now I am hoping we can use Martin as an asset to land us a top pitcher soon.
  7. So when Larnach comes back we know Miranda should go. What if Kiriloff builds on last night and needs to be back at 1B, who then goes? My guess is Garlick. Still no room for Lewis - unless an injury hits and we don't need that. I am torn on Lewis up or down. IF, and a huge IF Correa was going to sign a long term deal then we could start the move to 3B or OF, but for now Lewis needs to play SS if that is his future. Would like to see the team package either Martin or Miranda with lower prospects for a SP though
  8. Martin will be trade bait for a rental at the deadline if Lewis proves he can stay
  9. Miranda isn't ready, so he goes down when Correa is back. Move Lewis around a bit while managing Correas time back as SS/DH. See if Correa is serious about signing long term without opt outs and get it done. If so then you transition Lewis to be a 3B/LF, if not he will take over at SS next year.
  10. Eliminate inter-league play and make the WS more fun. Allow teams to shift - hitters learn to hit the other way...............No Joey Gallo I don't watch you to hit bombs as you lose more games than you win with your K's and "loud outs" versus your 30+ HR's. (Idon't watch you anyhow as you are a YANKEE) Bring back the value of SP...................I hate openers, and bullpen games. Give me a SP who goes 7+ every time they take the mound as Pitch counts are over rated and lead to some great games being destroyed by a bullpen imploding
  11. Sit Sano and when he gets hot TRADE HIM. He can hit 30+ bombs for someone else as he loses as many games as he wins. Trading now gets us nothing, when he is hot we could get someone to put in the rotation; although the starters ERA is below 3.00 right now
  12. Lets see if we can dump Sano or Arreaz with Martin to Oakland and land someone in the top half of our rotation.
  13. Lets hope the lineup talk here gets muddled with a trade for a top of the rotation pitcher. I like all of these guys, but Larnach, Kepler, Arreaz, Sano need to considered potentially tradeable for the rotation to form an outside wildcard contender this year. Unless we can package Gio and Sanchez with someone as well..
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