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  1. I think the run in first place is finished now. I'd be surprised if they're able to re-take the lead at any point for the rest of this season.
  2. I figured this game would at least be tied after seeing Pagan come in.
  3. I’m actually quite surprised they made some solid moves. I didn’t expect them to add a starter and 2 relievers.
  4. Jorge Lopez and my wife were friends in Puerto Rico and we are thrilled to see the Twins pick him up. He will be a great addition with his performance and attitude in the clubhouse.
  5. I won’t watch this game but I hope they can get a win tonight. This 2 game lead could evaporate quickly.
  6. I'm gonna forecast that this game is gonna be an L. I hope to be wrong but.....
  7. He didn't strike out and made solid contact. Better than I expected.
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