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  1. Part of me is glad that this team gets to sit on an off day dwelling on a game like this. Nothing frustrates me more than wasting a big inning by allowing a big inning the very next half inning. Just another way for this team to lose. Nice to see Larnach and Kirilloff come up big in a big, late game spot though.
  2. I think it's a lot of the problem. While repeatability is emphasized, very few can harness the notion while giving everything they have consistently. Those that can are the elite players. It's an even rarer air that players can do it with the adrenaline flowing in big spots. I don't know how to fix it either. There are clearly benefits for not going all out every pitch, but teams and players have decided that it's worth the trade off.
  3. Like @ashbury mentioned, I think this would be hard to legislate. I don't think taking away the inner half of the plate is good, nor do I want to incentivize crowding the plate. Though, one could question the intelligence in that, there will be times where a player may feel the risk is worth it. Obviously, if it is intentional then there are already mechanisms in place to deal with it. Giving max effort on every pitch, things like this will be inevitable unfortunately. Not sure how one gets around the wildness that comes along with that. If they do, I'd like to know that for my gol
  4. It would be nice to have one reliable reliever around. Longevity with the team might also have some value. I think is have to be wowed in order to deal him. That said, if they dealt him I wouldn't really be disappointed by it. If that's how they think they can improve, then that's what they should do.
  5. While it's great that they've been able to string some wins together, the joy is completely squashed by the Buxton news. It's just incredible how bad his luck really is. Doubled down on by the fact that he finally appears to be putting everything together and being the player we had hoped he'd be. Very frustrating for player and fans alike.
  6. I think they can improve fairly organically and not by accident. Weird things can stop happening, they can play more sound baseball and they can get healthy. That alone should translate to more frequent wins. The issue becomes what happens with the pitching staff. Until changes are made there, particularly in the bullpen, the ceiling of this team is quite a bit lower than it should be.
  7. Their fortunes will be tied to how they do against the Pale Hose. At worst, if they can split with them and gain a few games elsewhere, then there may be some light. I don't see that happening, but that's why they play the games!
  8. Interesting talker, for sure. I liked the idea of super-utility guy to keep his bat in the lineup, but didn't really like it on the defensive side. I'm not sure I'd consider that a wash though. I'm conflicted. I think his best suited as a 2B, but he's not unseating Polanco. So, he's redundant there. He's not an outfielder no matter how much they slot him there. "Ideally", I'd slot him at DH if Cruz isn't on the roster. I like what he brings offensively, I just don't know where he really fits with the glove.
  9. I want to like the headline, but have yet to find a way to do it! So, this will just have to do. Well played, @Brock Beauchamp!
  10. No, I don't. He could just as easily end up being the same guy who is always hurt and breaks down further and never does anything. This mentality gets so old. Focusing on the one guy that ended up being great and ignoring the hundreds of other players that never do anything of significance is self defeating. Sometimes those things happen. More often than not, they play out and nobody regrets a thing. This is coming from a guy who loves watching him play. He's my favorite player on the team, by far. Living in fear of failure is a sure fire way to fail. Let the Yankees take the fina
  11. Same. And if I'm the Twins and in a position where you're likely to only sign Buxton or Berrios, Berrios is the safer signing. He's remained healthy, he's productive and less risky. I'm not sure "safer" is "better", but I also don't think that signing Berrios would be a negative thing. The same can't be said about Buxton.
  12. Before making such a proclamation, I'd like to see the season play out. We're comparing full season's worth of results against two and a half months. Things could get worse (somehow) or could improve. I do think it's pretty safe to say that the staff is brutal. They're as frustrating a staff to watch as I recall watching.
  13. He was an All-Star for his bat though. He just happened to play SS. He committed 22 errors in 2019, a career high. He's always been better suited for 2B. His arm isn't good enough for SS.
  14. They've all been brutal and contributed heavily to the death spiral this season has become. And they've all contributed in their own way, so that's neat. So, to me, the only logical answer is "yes".
  15. "The game was ostensibly over by the second inning, which unfolded as follows; walk, single, single, 3 run triple, ground out, passed ball, strike out, hit by pitch, pop out. An increasingly disenfranchised looking and ineffective Happ left the mound after two innings with his team in a 5-0 hole." When I woke up this morning and saw the final score, this is exactly the type of paragraph that I expected to see in the postmortem. The ship has sunk, now hurtling towards the sea floor.
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