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  1. I think the satire banner can be removed. I'm pretty sure that I've actually read these comments elsewhere...and it wasn't satire!
  2. Great to hear that blackouts are going away...but I'd really like to know how they're going away.
  3. Count me among those. I'm not an Atteberry fan at all, so this ought to be interesting. Good for both of them though! Best of luck with the new roles!
  4. Not if you think his injuries are going to catch up with him. And I hope that I'm dead wrong about that.
  5. I think Lewis has more value than Julien and I believe in Lewis' overall game more than Julien. His inability to stay healthy is what bothers me. I see Julien as an Arraez type with more pop, which I appreciate and like, but his glove bothers me. I think Lee has upside over both, which is why I'd keep him. That said, I wouldn't deal Lewis for just anyone either. I wouldn't necessarily shop Julien either, but I'd certainly listen. Give me an infield of Lee, Correa and Lewis and I'd be ecstatic regardless of who is at 1B.
  6. If the right deal comes along, sure, I'd do it. I'd be VERY picky with what deal would involve him though. Guys like that don't just come around. I'd be more likely to deal Lewis and Julien than Lee. I'd be pretty picky about who I deal Lewis for too though.
  7. I didn't find a poll. That hack @wsnydes must have been asleep or something. Here's another article with some prognosticating in it and the comments section.
  8. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? Hate to wonder how you'd feel if they finished below .500 and missed the playoffs.
  9. I'll go first. I predicted that the team would hover around .500 for most of the season, finishing with 85 wins and losing the division by a game to Cleveland, and thus missing the playoffs. Not too bad at all. I've also said repeatedly that this team will go as far as the youngins will take them. I think that was largely true. And I think it was particularly true in the playoffs. The youth showed aside from Lewis and ultimately became their undoing.
  10. Now that the season has come to an unfortunate end, it's time to go back to Spring Training and rehash where we thought this team would end up. What were your preseason predictions and how'd you do?
  11. Another beautiful night for winning! Hopefully the right team takes advantage tonight!
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