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  1. The bats absolutely have to get going. And going consistently. The focus has been on the bullpen, which isn't good, but this team can't score consistently. If the offense was as good as expected, this team would still have a decent lead in the division.
  2. No, but it was apparently the only one that mattered.
  3. I imagine that was a higher quality contest than the one we just witnessed. Not that that really matters, I guess.
  4. Two "official scorer ruling pending" in one game?!?! I can't handle this!!!
  5. I didn't believe what I was watching to the point where I figured that I'd had too much Scotch. Thank you for confirming things.
  6. Next time use the sarcasm font. Never fails!
  7. Everyone stop blinking! You may miss the remainder of the game!
  8. They're gonna win for sure now! Coincidentally, my Twingo card is just a 2-4-1 DP from being a winner!
  9. Always interesting to see "official ruling pending" on gamecast.
  10. Play with the dial a bit more. It'll come into focus, I'm sure of it.
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