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  1. The guy they had behind him was ready and healthy though. Not to mention Gold Glove caliber. That's not the case here.
  2. I'm pretty confident that Correa was essentially signed as a stopgap for Lewis. If he decided to stick around, that's a problem I'd definitely endure and try to figure out. Lewis' injury definitely complicated this offseason. While I think he'll return and be just fine, there's no guarantee that Lewis is ever the same. He looked the part in the field and with the bat, but I don't think we've got a large enough sample to say that he's arrived. I'm not really worried about that though, he certainly looked the part. All that said, this team still needs a SS until Lewis comes back. I think it makes sense to go after any of the top 4 SS's and deal with Lewis's return when it happens. Sometimes issues work themselves out.
  3. Yeah, I agree with that. That's part of the deal though if you're going after that top tier guys. I don't like it either, but in a sense I'm kinda at the point where I'd rather risk that for once.
  4. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. I agree with pretty much everything in this article, but after watching this FO shop the bargain bin on pitching for their entire tenure, I wouldn't mind a change of pace and go after a high priced FA just to see what happens!
  6. I don't want it either. @Fire Dan Gladden, it's all yours! :)
  7. Supply and demand principles apply to both scenarios. They apply very differently, but they do apply. And one transaction just has consequences.
  8. Agreed. Those people do pretty much ask to be taken advantage of, but that doesn't disprove my point that they are, in fact, being taken advantage of. That was my point.
  9. My take is being conflated into something it is not. As I mentioned in my reply to Linus, in my mind price gouging and taking advantage of people are two different things. At least in this instance. The people that buy these jerseys are doing it willingly, but that doesn't mean that the team isn't taking advantage of them. Those people are simply complicit in it. They don't need to buy the jersey, people need to their insulin. That's price gouging because it is needed. Nobody needs a jersey, they just want it because "shiny" and will pay whatever price for it. That's taking advantage.
  10. I'm not arguing that it is. I've not said that it is in any of my posts. I've even said that the people that buy them are doing it willingly and that that's one them. That doesn't mean that they aren't being taken advantage of. They're simply complicit in it. I'm agreeing that it's not price gouging. I'm saying that it's taking advantage of people. That's not the same thing to me. Those are two different things in my opinion.
  11. That's a valid point, but they could still discount the old stuff while selling the new stuff at a "reasonable" price like they likely will by next season. They've essentially doubled the price of the new jerseys and made a blank one cost more than a player specific jersey has been. To me, that's taking advantage of those that need to have the new shiny thing.
  12. Oh, I agree. And people do it to themselves, willingly. That's on them. But I think charging big prices for a blank jersey that exceed those for an autographed authentic jersey just because it's new and shiny is taking advantage of people. I'm with you. My spending has been cut back big time. That's been that way for a number of years now.
  13. While I tend to agree with @Squirrel about the price gouging point, it's certainly taking advantage of people. A pretty poor practice for a team that's struggling to get itself on TV and fill seats in the ballpark.
  14. I'm much less concerned about backup at third than I am at SS. It's a deeper position in the organization while also being a less demanding position. It also has an obvious starter, unlike SS. I guess what I'm saying, is that I'm not too worried about the backup at 3B because I'm okay with the options there.
  15. You're too kind, Chief. Seriously, I think you're being too kind. I hate these!
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