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  1. Great first post and welcome to Twins Daily!
  2. Sure, but workouts and simulated games are no substitute for real game action. It's one thing to do something in practice, but often quite another to do it in a game with the adrenaline going.
  3. It should improve as the season progresses, especially if they keep winning. The weather has been abysmal for most of the home series so far, with nicer weather more people should come out.
  4. Did I hear this correctly?  Bremer and Hawkins had to evacuate the broadcast booth because of a possum on the loose?  

    Oakland really does need a new ballpark...

  5. I did not expect to see Lewis excel to this degree coming off of two straight lost years. He continues to impress and it's fun to watch. It's great to see him taking the opportunity and running with it. Love to see him forcing the issue to keep him up.
  6. He's actually had a pretty good year with the stick. He's hitting .347 on the year.
  7. Well, not really for a UND student. Full disclosure...I'm a NDSU grad.
  8. I believe that is what they call a "curve ball" in the biz!
  9. Aside from the whole Hawkeye thing, the family Braves thing, the fact that it took you so long to get addicted to baseball thing, you seem okay. Though, I have to imagine the psychology background does more harm than good in a sports context! I kid, I kid! Welcome to TD and enjoy the game thread!
  10. Now that I've got my snarky replies out of the way (for now), I'd also like to congratulate @Dave The Dastardlyon the book! That's pretty cool!
  11. The meth labs and abandoned trucks just give the fish that distinctive Red River flavor though!
  12. Most guys benefit from getting some time in the bigs and getting sent back down. He knows what he should work on and should learn from the experience. As hard as it was to watch Celestino last year, I think that experience paid dividends over the winter and into this season. Hopefully Miranda can do something similar whether he gets sent back down or not.
  13. Nice write-up, Nick. As frustrating as it is for all of us to watch, imagine what he's got to feel like. Hopefully they're able to figure something out short of the second surgery.
  14. It's an important role! Always good to have one "built in"! Tonic and lime sounds refreshing on a nice hot day at TF.
  15. I'm very partial to Tony Os cuban sandwich, but it's hard to beat a good brat at the ballpark. I'm not a beer drinker, so it's usually pop for me.
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