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  1. (Maybe more like Advil, given the state of the Twins' health.)
  2. I’m pretty cynical about the Twins these days, so here my take on the Twins’ Halsey Hall-vintage broadcast intro song, updated to late 2022: We’re gonna lose, Twins. We’re gonna score (maybe). We’re gonna lose, Twins. Watch that baseball soar (into the catcher’s mitt). Crack out a foul ball; Shout a “Hip-Hooray.” (Yet, despite it all) Cheer for the Minnesota Twins today! So here’s what I’ve got for tonight: Rookie Josh Winder starts for the Twins, with his 4-5 record and 4.20 ERA. So much has happened since April that it is difficult to realize that he had never appeared in a major-league game until 2022. Missing much of the season through injury (he’s a Twin, after all) he has made just 9 starts and 13 overall appearances. For the team with bleached stockings from Chicago, Johnny Cueto makes the start. This has been the 36-year-old’s first season in the American League after 14 with the Reds and Giants. He brings in a 3.15 ERA and a 7-9 record in 22 starts (23 total games). MLB.com says that his nickname is “El Jucho,” for which Google Translate provides no clues. Can any Spanish-speakers on the site help with this? Or is it something unprintable in English? Lineups Cynicism aside, beating the White Sox is always fun, and last night showed that it is possible. Go, Twins!
  3. What if the added velocity leads to arm problems and more time on the IL? The solution could be more of the problem.
  4. I just tuned in. Are we really on the first page of the game thread? Really? Wow. I have tomorrow's intro and I guess it's worth putting in the effort, but golly,
  5. Wow. Now even Cave has caught the bug. That was embarrassing!
  6. Is anyone else thinking that it might be nice to see him take Bundy's next turn?
  7. I agree. And they are 3:05 into the game with still 3 half-innings to go. Bad baseball is one thing. Bad and slow baseball is excruciating.
  8. Not enough people in the stands to boo? Not paying attention? Minnesota too nice?
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