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  1. As others have noted: Four solo homeruns and get no other runs and lose by two. So typical! I know it's silly, but if you extrapolate last night to the full season we hit 648 homeruns and go 0-162. That's extreme, but it's the pattern that his team has set.
  2. How in the world did pitching even happen before this surgery was invented? This is only half sarcastic. Did pitchers not strain/sprain/rupture the UCL ligament in those days? (And if they did not, why is it ubiquitous now with all of our modern medical and training advances?) Or did pitchers simply quit when the UCL went out? Or did they find a way to pitch with a damaged ligament? I'd appreciate any clarification from those with more knowledge.
  3. So Ober is #82? By my calculation he's only 81 inches tall!
  4. So, three players from the expected pre-season starters, and they are hitting .250, .238, and (the #3 slot hitter) .150.
  5. Simmons gets two assists on this play? How often does that happen?
  6. Wow, a clean inning from the BP with a one-run lead. Isn't that against club policy?
  7. I haven't watched the Twins for a couple of weeks. Should I watch this one? Alternative is the second half of a meaningless friendly match between Sweden and Armenia, whose quality makes MLS look decent. Hmmm. Maybe I'll watch Berrios for an inning or two on my second monitor.
  8. Maybe it's time for the Twins to move over from Column A to Column B.
  9. How many times do you suppose a broadcaster ends up saying "Tarpa Tampons" instead of "Tampa Tarpons"? Accident waiting to happen.
  10. Donaldson cuts that one off and gets two. Sano watches to see if Simmons can perform a miracle.
  11. Do you suppose that when the Twins were advertising for a closer in the off-season, they inadvertently left off the "c"?
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