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  1. But does he really deserve Minor League Pitcher of the Day when he's pitching for the Twins? I guess that at this point of the season the Twins vs. Cubs might qualify as minor league ...
  2. Kepler came up through the Twins' system during the Terry Ryan era. My recollection is that the Twins were much more focused on hitting the ball hard to all fields in those days, which explains the high average in the high minors. But now he seems to have bought totally into the "hit it as hard as I can to right field" philosophy and it has (IMO) ruined him at the plate in exchange for a few extra HRs each year. Can he go back to his foundations? Should he?
  3. In my (very limited) experience, the slowness varies a lot by team, as well as by player. My two least-favorite AL teams (those furthest east) seem to relish their time "on stage" and stand around posing for the camera as long as possible. I attribute that to pure ego-centric arrogance, but maybe there is another reason. Games between these two teams often last ~4 hours.
  4. Except for Cruz, all are pitchers. If the Twins had a terrific pitching staff, one could say they had dealt from strength. In real life, not so much.
  5. I know it's a typo, but I had some fun thinking about a lineup with no catcher and two centerfielders. Actually, I'm not sure the rules allow no catcher...
  6. I vote for Tortuga. Maybe that's why he didn't start in the first game.
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