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  1. Roy is just saying words and spinning in a circle.....
  2. Since down under they use KPH the radar gun in Perth would be lit up at 142....
  3. Rocco would tell Sir Rodney "I'll put you in only if you promise not to lay one down the third base line" Analytics say play for the big inning.....
  4. Why didn't their third-baseman stumble and fall all while losing the grip on the baseball?
  5. $5 ticket promotion....I don't think paying people only that much will entice them to Target Field
  6. 7 inning game...we are toast....for that matter even if it was 9
  7. Also put the flex season pass commercials back in the hopper and play some Audra or Annie playing catch with Garv Sauce.....
  8. Roy just keeps up the positive takes......right now he and Dick are dipping into the left handed toasts supply and trying to get the next 90 minutes over.....
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