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  1. His demise came immediately after the sticky stuff was banned. I don't expect to see him pitch for the Twins again. He was a fun story.
  2. Yes, keep Grey. He's the closest thing we have to an Ace. I enjoy watching him pitch. Our young arms can learn a lot from him. Sano no Bundy not so much
  3. Correa looks to just be going through the motions too often. He is underperforming.
  4. Taking the win yesterday, while using up our best bullpen arms, was worth the win and worth whatever happens today.
  5. Wishful thinking is one of baseball's greatest attributes.
  6. It would feel better if we had a hint of momentum heading into the break instead of the nomentum bleakness that is plaguing us.
  7. It seems like a recurring problem for Twins pitchers. Scott Baker comes to mind. Get ahead with strike one and strike two. But then what? Nibble a bit, then get blasted. Throw a meatball. Duffey struggles to put guys away.
  8. I could offer to take Miguel on a "fishing trip."
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