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  1. Otherwise it was a fun game with a big W. Poor Buxton. Damn.
  2. I want Larnach and Kiriloff to be tremendous. Heck, I'll settle for really good. I hope they both get there.
  3. They both have a fairly quiet and confident demeanor in the box. I am optimistic about them both. Go young guys.
  4. We had some first pitch swinging yesterday. I like the aggression. Sano didn't wait to fall behind.
  5. Are we #1 yet? What a great way to win. But damned that injury bug.
  6. I hope to watch Kirilloff and Larnach swinging for the Twins for the next few years. The league has adjusted to them. Smartly and predictably. They both need to show that they can adjust too. And demonstrate a level of learning, both on offense and defense. They have holes in their swings and, to me, holes in their game. Defensively and on the base paths. I wish them great success in Twins' uniforms.
  7. You are not the only "old schooler" on here who could not care less about those numbers. I push them aside like the cold canned peas my parents used to try to make me eat as a kid.
  8. Catching a fly ball and throwing it TO the infielder is not that tough.
  9. We're going down! I'm yelling TIMBER! My eyes are starting to hurt watching the mess of a team.
  10. Some say his hand might be his problem.
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