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  1. Yes to this, Squirrel. Let's enjoy his success. And Kepler's two home runs. And any other good things that we see happen on the field. Here's to hoping for more successes from any Twin.
  2. I wish someone would have edited Rocco's script to include an opportunity for Maggi to step onto the field while he was up/over.
  3. IMO, Larnach is defensive liability. Pretty slow. Below average arm. Poor fundamentals and a low level skill set. He better hit the cover off the ball. I'd take Kepler's defense. Even though he has lost all signs of being a good hitter. How did he get so bad? He is clueless these days.
  4. If the best pitcher on your team would also be the best pitcher on a different team, he would be in my definition of Ace. Exceptions allowed
  5. I'd take Kepler's RF defense over Rooker, or Larnach, or Kirilloff, or anyone else on the roster. I think defense is one reason we moved on from Rosario. Give me specialists over utility and versatility every day.
  6. Plenty of time to bake some fresh cookies to wash the beer down.
  7. My wife is a Yankee fan. She said she won't miss Torres if the Yankees decide to upgrade from him. Given that, I say no to a trade that would bring him to the Twins.
  8. Polanco has to stay at 2b. Not Arraez, unless they trade Jorge. So I say let's see what Gordon can do at SS. Run him out there for the rest of the season. Let him get comfortable, at least for a few games.
  9. There is an interesting read over in a Yankees article citing the 4 players their organization has "mismanaged." Gil is one of those 4. Badly screwed.
  10. Cookies AND beer? The breakfast of champions!
  11. Good game. I watch Ryan get swings and misses and wonder why and how. Batters are reacting with surprise. Location. Location. Strikes up, down, in and out. Impressive so far. Fun to watch A bit of hope.
  12. Maybe Dobnak lost his feel when they took away all the stickem. I can't see him helping us. It's too bad about that contract.
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