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  1. I hope Correa is ready when they send Miranda down and that they let Lewis try his hand at 1b, just to keep his bat in the lineup. I know 1b won't be his position for long , but give it a shot
  2. Not everything that is counted matters.. And not everything that matters is counted.
  3. Better days must be ahead because they haven't been with him or behind him. Hurry up. Kirilloff. I have lost faith and patience with Sano.
  4. Which is why Jeffers is dh-ing while Arraez sat on the bench today. Jeffers is gonna get his swings.
  5. But everybody wants the pitchers who can win a 1-0 duel.
  6. Miguel needs help from the Launch Angel. Maybe try praying.
  7. 14-2 today's game. No sweat. We have nothing to worry about.
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