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Everything posted by joefish

  1. Boring. Nope. Gonna hop on board of the Lewis Train and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.
  2. Hernandez looks younger than that on Seinfeld. He's ageless!
  3. Let's look at the strike out pitches that our hitters failed on. Start with Kepler.
  4. Tough to watch Kepler get called out in his final two at bats on pitches that were both slightly off the plate. Inning ender and a season ender. RISP. LOB. Doumit, Kepler. Swing if it's that close. It snowed here this morning. My Field of Dreams is white this morning. Appropriate. GoDoumit!
  5. I have come to like AJ. Wainwright talked too much for me. Even being a former pitcher, I found him spewing too much detail. I was offended by the nyy guys when we had them.
  6. I hate to see injured players limping around the field. I like our depth We are gonna need it. Is a limping Jorge better than a healthy Farmer ? A limping Carlos better than Castro? Idk yet.
  7. Let's win the series. Feeling optimistic. I don't need any Yankee references or even mentions of any of their players. Leave them in rear view mirror. Onward and upward.
  8. I wish the video coverage of the playoff games was as good as the regular season on my mlb subscription. Instead I bitch about Ron Darling and choose your own camera angle that is operated by no one. Just random camera angles that don't zoom or follow the flight of the ball. But now that it's getting dark at night here I get the real feel of night baseball. I love that. I loved playing under the lights. GoTwins. Goffense GoBats WSBOUND! BOOM!
  9. He will 100% be back, but far less than at 100%.
  10. MAT has looked "off" to me since his return. Not hitting the ball and not great in the field. Something is not quite right.
  11. Injured players should not play. Buxton? No. Correa and Lewis? Only if they are better than their healthy fill-ins.
  12. Last week I had Donny as the MVP. He carried us for a few games. Now it's Castro. Pass it around. Depth is good.
  13. Have him take BP off of nothing but lefties. Every day. All day. If they must, use him as a pinch hitter against those nasty left handed relievers.
  14. It's a no for me on Ryan. He can change my mind though. Right now I'd give Maeda the nod.
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