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  1. The Strib is reporting she has breast cancer 😕
  2. Totally admire his emotional intelligence! Play the long game and take the time a full recovery requires, even when he is feeling ready.
  3. Seems like he did not come into camp at 100%. If months of rest and rehab didn't get him back to good, how is more time going to make a difference?
  4. The way the injuries are starting to pile up, I may need a bit of Bacardi for my Kool-aid 🙄
  5. Ober's stock might be rising. Maeda is having another rough outing against an Atlanta lineup of mostly starters 😕 Doesn't look to have anything on his fastball.
  6. The wind was blowing out that day. The first 5 hits were homers.
  7. Interesting idea that really illustrates how far most current sports presentation is from the modern media experience!
  8. I'm a bit confused by those who say they can't watch the Twins. A subscription to MLB.tv is about $20/month for the season. I can watch literally any MLB game (and MiLB this year) on PC, tablet, phone, cast to a TV or on a smart TV app. The Twins games are available 2 hours after they finish (or in real time if you want to mess with a VPN). I think it is a decent deal. Will be even better if the blackouts go away once Diamond is completely defunct.
  9. Change is the only constant… embrace it or spend a lot of time and energy being frustrated.
  10. Anyone else put off by the over the top behavior of the USA team while beating up on a clearly inferior team? That was one day after being humiliated by a Mexico team that they should have been able to handle!
  11. I am liking the pitch clock in the spring training games I've watched. Watching the WBC games with the old pace makes them seem to plod on forever... and I could live without ever having to watch another hitter adjust his batting gloves again!
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