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    recently learned tuba, i guess.

    some collegiate theater background. familiar with gilbert and sullivan.

    and spending most of my time these days with family in upstate ny.

    anything else? can field querries, i suppose.
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    see biography, i guess?

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  1. All this emphasis makes me wanna watch "it happens every spring"
  2. Trying to remember where i recently ran into the distinction between mimes (which in this usage were mimics) and pantomimes (the acting of things out) Both are more talent than i currently claim..
  3. And is a good conjunction to use in the subject. I wholeheartedly approve. The big question is when Rooker comes up, do we use an Oxford comma?
  4. I'll also add a small vote for Andrew Albers, with the caveat that i don't want to know what combination of unfortunate events might result in him being called up again. PS. He's pitching for St. Paul tonight...
  5. That would really suck if the White Sox got him. Escobar was a great Twin and I would not like or would very much dislike seeing him in a White Sox uniform. Honestly that would suck big time! Didn't we get him from the White Sox in the Francisco Liriano trade? I won't begrudge him going full circle.
  6. So we lost? My bad. Some day i will stay and post And maybe we win.
  7. 1. Jorge Polanco (S) 2B 2. Max Kepler (L) RF 3. Nelson Cruz (R) DH 4. Trevor Larnach (L) LF 5. Ryan Jeffers (R) C 6. Miguel Sano (R) 3B 7. Alex Kirilloff (L) 1B 8. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS 9. Gilberto Celestino (R) CF
  8. As game thread intro Haiku offers no comfort Lost Byron, won game. Wrapping head around the Byron boxer's fracture Can he be strong bad? I distract easy How many games Buxton's missed? Soliceless number Others can take slack Kirilloff, Gordan, Larnach The game must go on... Reds: 0. Wade Miley (L) P 1. Jonathan India (R) 2B 2. Jesse Winker (L) DH 3. Nick Castellanos (R) RF 4. Tyler Stephenson (R) 1B 5. Tyler Naqu
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