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    recently learned tuba, i guess.

    some collegiate theater background. familiar with gilbert and sullivan.

    and spending most of my time these days with family in upstate ny.

    anything else? can field querries, i suppose.
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    see biography, i guess?

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  1. Oh yeah... My excuse was driving. And happy to say i have not died of dysentery.
  2. And they corrected themselves. There was a series in Puerto Rico where Twins played as the home team where Sano hit one out. Not being in TF, it shouldna been counted. So Buxton's was 999 by a Twin at TF.
  3. Make it a good one! (Excuse, that is. Though i hope the bike isn't bad either)
  4. Well, got enough signal to get mlb audio back on line... On to Missoula for gas. (I apologize to Chief on not taking the opportunity to load up on gas in Butte)
  5. Per the poll, i am usually there for the ballgame and a cheapskate to boot, so unless there are special circumstances (like dollar dogs) i subsist on baseball.
  6. Do infer he hit a 4 bagger? I had to use the facilities... The announcers been going on about that being a kilo-homer for the Twins in Target Field (TF as some around here say) or kilo-home-homer?
  7. I was at the Kingdome before i was old enough to understand what was going on. I am all about the trident logo.
  8. Y'all missed your chance. Shoulda jumped on the Lynx band wagon! Not that i am much better. Fortunately '87 & '91 never grow old, There are just few younger ones vying for attention.
  9. Lyrics to the Being Green song, no? Put the lime in the coconut. Should cleanse yer ear palate.
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