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    recently learned tuba, i guess.

    some collegiate theater background. familiar with gilbert and sullivan.

    and spending most of my time these days with family in upstate ny.

    anything else? can field querries, i suppose.
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    see biography, i guess?

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  1. Feels somehow strange Mr. Rooker takes Right instead of Mr. Gordon with Kepler not playing... I wonder at that logic. Unless Mr. Gordon is observing how Mr. Simmons is playing as part of his improvement efforts.
  2. But why not just intend to overthrow your target all the time by 20 feet? (hash tag - go to 11)
  3. Something of a catch 22, eh? Welcome to the major major major major leagues!
  4. I am okay with mumbling and blabbering, so long as it is interesting. One moment while i turn it on...
  5. CB approves (i assume... been a while, though) And it means i don't get to ask "what i miss?"
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