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  1. And 105 minutes until the CBA expires. Any last hour requests?
  2. August is easier to answer, seeing as we know more about our triple A prospects than we do the free agents we end up signing...
  3. I am a little unclear how this works as well. Apparently somehow there is a loophole that allows them to be moved off the 40 man roster without being passed through waivers which is only available at this time of year?
  4. I don't get likes on face book. Can you explain them to me? And has Roxy spent time with multiple organizations? Or is Roxy a one home dog?
  5. I think the Berrios trade did 2 things for the negotiation. It solidified the "no really, if an offer from another team is good enough, it will happen" stance, which at least will give pause to a "holding out for more just because you can" stance. But it also made the "sign to a big extension" budgeting easier. You can give Buxton a little more without having to factor in as much of Berrios deserves that too, and now he will expect it. Anyway, i don't think anything will happen until the CBA stuff resolves itself. Best get set for hibernation...
  6. Just to clarify... Are those $130 million american $ or canada $? Kudos to Berrios! And if the Twins are a silly team, i will still root for 'em!
  7. I don't suppose there is a sports equivalent to stock options? Offer him a slice of the Twins pie at the end of the day. I wonder if any other team would match something like that?
  8. Wasn't it some sort of mutual option? Maybe Colome chose to leave... Then all would be right with the Twins, wouldn't it?
  9. Do they open the books for reservations that far in advance? One time someone told me to get reservations when they started taking them a year away from a wedding in a popular tourist place, i waited 6 months until the national park service opened their campsite reservations. I think i was the only one attending that wedding sleeping in a tent... Wonder if there is good camping near Cooper's town...
  10. Does this mean beat writers will have to go to Walmart for their shirts? Or will there suddenly be lots of shirtless people wandering around looking for something else to write about? (I suggest poetry. Try Haiku if you don't rhyme. It stands to reason) Also, kudos for bringing up the possibility of lockout or strike (not that i can tell the difference) due to the negotiations going south, and not in the Spring Training way. Not that i have read much news of late, but i haven't seen much coverage or posturing related to the up and coming collective bargaining agreement. How's it going?
  11. Oh yeah. Them too. Or if you just grab a bat, ball and a few gloves and a bunch of friends.
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