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  1. I would have just been satisfied if he finish the inning a few batters earlier...
  2. What about too much happiness? (i have on good authority that is a banquet and a dance)
  3. Are sure that's the bottom? There is a game today after all.
  4. I'll take the blame on last night. I went and jinksed us apparently.
  5. Leon on base again. They can't stop him. Can only hope to contain him. Which i guess they did last time.
  6. Maybe it will be over turned due to the catcher blocking the plate? Obviously he needs a really big lane...
  7. Rumor has it that it is two stains that have blended together: ketchup forms East Germany, and spaghetti sauce fills out West Germany. And there is a pearl of Horse Radish sauce from that one visit to Arby's where Berlin would be.
  8. I hope we win. What else do i usually say? Gotta get it out of the way so i can something new.
  9. I don't know. Maybe he is saving himself for the playoffs, like some save themselves for their wedding night?
  10. What, me worry? It's in the bag, along with the cat, and some pipes, and a whole lot of mischief.
  11. Good to see Ryan is still out there. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two for next time.
  12. Nah, i think he meant someone we could trade to the Dodgers for a boatload of prospects?
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