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  1. That is one fine dog! How long do i wait until i get one for lack of an opinion?
  2. Brilliant, isn't it? One wonders how this could take up less than 100% of the pie... It's really buy one, get another free deal.
  3. Impressive! I am happy to see he seems to be improving this year.
  4. Remind me how many Justices sit these days? Could they field a competitive baseball team?
  5. Lemme guess.... And then the House of Representatives went to Texas? And we haven't had a legislative branch since?
  6. Oh yeah, Happy St. Patty's! Apparently everyone is Irish today... in Providence.
  7. Thanks. I had to do me some research, as all i know of Canada i learned from SCTV... and i finally found something. In honor of all the dingers, here's Take Off!
  8. I know i should supply picturesc chicken photos here, but i am too lazy. Would a good toon or two suffice? Tuna is supposedly chicken of the sea....
  9. Yes, both present problems when dealing with traffic. On the other hand, Traffic follows directly from Playtime with My Uncle. (if you don't follow, you need a vacation. I recommend you get in touch with Mr. Hulot rather than Mr. Bean.)
  10. A blooper splits Buxton, Cave and... Polanco? Runners at 1st and 3rd. But for naught as we got our 3rd out to end the inning. Hurrah!
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