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  1. This is the kind of blowout win that can trigger a long winning streak. Oh, wait.
  2. What I miss about baseball during the offseason is its daily nature. I'll be following English football and the World Cup, but those don't happen every day. I don't watch every Twins game of every inning of the ones I do watch, but I really enjoy having it (and all of you!) there every day.
  3. I had a similar reaction. I enjoyed a peaceful, baseball-free late afternoon and evening. I looked in to check the score and it said 2-2 in the 6th. I said, "OK. 3-2 loss. I don't want to watch." They are so predictably awful in clutch situations.
  4. Rocco would be a great bench coach, using his analytics to help inform the manager, who makes the decisions taking that into account along with the human and tactical elements. He could be totally empathetic with the players. Just don't let him make the decisions.
  5. If I'm remembering correctly, Megan Rapinoe had two ACL ruptures early in her career. (I vividly remember watching from the stands as she limped off after the first.) She went on to be an international superstar in a sport that is much more physically demanding than baseball. It's probably all about how the individual heals, but there is hope.
  6. Is Chevrolet Fountain a new car model or is it a thing in centerfield?
  7. Coaches who can't teach? Players who won't/can't/don't learn?
  8. I was typing instead of watching, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded like he forgot to field a single to right and turned it into three bases.
  9. Had I known I would do today, the theme would have been "October baseball, Twins style."
  10. More than ability, I respect that he gives 100% all the time. His 100% is not as high as some of the more talented Twins, but we get it every game, every inning, and every pitch.
  11. Have the Twins started stealing bases over the last two weeks because the games don't matter any more, or because they have finally brought up some players who are faster than tortugas?
  12. And if you also had a Jeffers RBI triple on the same bet, you can now afford to buy the Twins.
  13. Of course, it's the two guys hitting ~.100 who produce the first hits and a run! Must be opposite day.
  14. Sitting against the lefty is my guess, but with the Twins you can never assume health!
  15. You have a lute on your list? I thought you were more of a tuba guy.
  16. This is one of the places where Win Probability Added fails. Thielbar rather than Gordon got the demerits for the latter's grievous error that lost the game.
  17. Dick was talking about Louie, Louie as a song for Varland and commented that most would not remember the Kingsmen, who were the band that recorded it. I know the Kingsmen only because they were high-school students at Rex Putnam High School a few miles from my house. The Putnam athletic teams are named the Kingsmen. (Not sure what they do about the girls teams.) I don't know if the band was named after the school or if the school's teams are named after the band.
  18. I've always loved the panoramic view from the upper deck. I used to love sitting (mostly by myself) in the $3 seats in the third deck at Met Stadium!
  19. I posted another forum entry about this, but I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Twins' staff and facilities in Ft. Myers today. I can't find anything in the local press or on the Twins' site.
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