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  1. Buxton catches that. Celestino probably catches that,
  2. The absence of a certain Senor Perez in the lineup should lower KC's expected run production against the Twins by about 2 per game. Nice timing for him to be on the IL.
  3. 6-1 in the second against Balazovic, all earned; two doubles and a homer against him. Two errors already, including one by Kirilloff at first. This is not even a decent Saints team right now.
  4. He's now in the field at SS. Made a nice attempt at a play. Balazovic has given up more runs than outs so far in the first inning.
  5. Each time got 12 hits against real pitchers. But the Twins got 7 more runs!
  6. Looks like Oakland is auditioning to join the Central Division. Maybe they could move back to KC.
  7. It was a semi-serious question. It seems like the strike zone has been migrating downward for decades.
  8. Max played a lot of 1B in the minors. Given his general athleticism, I imagine he would be very good there. Those ballet genes will be useful at times handling the tricky footwork.
  9. What if that's not the nature of his injury? We are accustomed to players getting completely hurt and getting completely healed. It doesn't always happen that way. Are there are injuries that allow less-than-full activity without further degradation, but wouldn't be fully rehabilitated with full rest? I think so. I nursed my balky knees through 10 seasons as a soccer referee by working 5-6 games a week rather than 10-12.
  10. Why is Buxton leading off all the time? Yes, once in a while he gives us one run with an early homer, but he is a free swinger (he and his teammates saw one pitch in that at-bat), doesn't walk a lot, never tries to steal when he gets on base, and his approach at the plate is all about slugging percentage rather than OBP. Middle-of-order hitter, not lead-off hitter,
  11. Thanks! If/when I get back to TF, I'll be sure to look for it.
  12. A ballpark is really a meagre place for a vegetarian. (Unless you are at a Forest Green Rovers' match! England's (world's?) only vegan football club.) Pretzels and nachos and not much else since I'm not supposed to eat a lot of ice cream.
  13. Aren't the other Central Division teams supposed to throw the ball away twice and give us the winning run? What with these Cleveland guys?
  14. I remember that after that trade, Tapani and West pitched for the Portland Beavers, back when we were often among the 100 or so ticket buyers.
  15. Would that be what they call "swinging a hot bat"?
  16. That third strike was a thing of beauty. Where was that command earlier in the inning?
  17. I'd settle for getting to the bottom of the third with lead. Some of those pitches were not even in the Gray area.
  18. Two hours and ten minutes so far, and we're only in the 5th. Pitch clock please!
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