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  1. This is an important point. We Twins fans love our players, but realistically we don't have a single elite player at any position. Which is why the talk of contention in 2022 or 2023 continues to seem odd. A team can win without an elite player, but that team has to pitch extremely well and play fundamentally sound baseball. That's not our Twins.
  2. Good question, with so many variables. Some of it is also the level of competition the team faces from year to year. The AL Central was quite weak in 2019-20, making the Twins regular season success seem perhaps more significant than it was. When the competition caught up, the Twins weren't as far ahead as 2019 made them seem. I appreciate some of the larger-scale developmental changes in the organization under this FO, but they've yet to bear any real fruit. They should get the vast majority of credit for their initial success here, but those successes were really pretty modest.
  3. Well, the rationalizations for doing nothing about the rotation before the lockout are in full swing now. And it's not that you're wrong, Nick, it's just that we again seem to be rushing right in to make excuses for this organization. Excuses they aren't even making - they've said next-to-nothing to the fans about their seemingly-changed plans for 2022. Though, as you point out, they might never have been planning to sign a top FA starter. I get the sense that lots of teams have pitching prospects like the Twins. Our pitching prospects are not particularly exceptional, and we currently have a mid-tier farm system, and most have been seriously hurt. Like you, I have *hope" that they'll pan out, but there are no guarantees that even one of them will become an impact starter. And this organization needs an impact starter - multiple impact starters. There was nothing wrong with signing a few reliable, established veterans, even if 2022 seems lost. They could have served as mentors for younger pitchers, OR they could possibly be traded at the deadline if they overperform and the younger pitchers prove to be ready. This line from your article sums up this sad attitude that we seem to have as Twins fans: "Maybe even win some games." A year after having WS aspirations, our fan expectations are so embarrassingly low now that we're crossing our fingers hoping that *maybe* some of our hurt pitching prospects might debut next year and win a few games. Good gosh. But, if you're trying to find or make some sense of reason in all this, your article does seem to get there.
  4. I came of age as a Twins fan in 1986, so I had an embarrassment of riches to choose from. However, it was Dan Gladden that made me love the idea of playing baseball at full throttle and with a dirty jersey. I wasn't a tough kid, but I admired his toughness and his fight. I loved that he was a Twin.
  5. I've already put my opinion out there about this FO. Multiple times. I've spewed enough venom on this subject. I don't like being so negative, by the way. I like to see the best in others. But I want the Twins to have an elite FO. I want this team led by innovative thinkers who have a passion - and a strategy - for winning. I think this FO gets a few things right, but I also wonder if they believe their own hype. They talk about their moves/deals the ways the most bland corporate executives talk. I don't sense the spark there for this team, and I never have sensed any urgency from them about winning it all. Or even just one playoff game. And, sadly, things have gotten much worse under their direction. They took on a team with an upward trajectory, and now the team is decidedly pointing downwards. All while doing absolutely next-to-nothing so far about the rotation for next year. If Buxton has an MVP season next year and yet we can't win games because of pitching, that's going to be another huge lost opportunity. I would have already fired them back in September, but I may be too emotional about the Twins and too rash and 2022 may prove me wrong. I hope so. I want them to succeed.
  6. Hard to understand all the complexities at work here. Even though it seems like all sides (players, owners and fans) want increased competition in the league, there appear to be some big differences in terms of how to get there. I can say that, for all the talk of "league parity," it sure seems like the high-profile teams experience very short playoff droughts, and the lower profile teams experience much longer playoff droughts. NY, CA and Chicago teams routinely go on spending sprees for FAs, all while revamping their state-of-the-art analytics and development facilities for drafting and developing talent. What choice do the lower-tier teams have but to cut payroll, wait for top draft picks to develop and hope that bargain FA contracts pan out? Additional revenue sharing and salary caps and floors seem pretty important to these aims. But there may be some issues or components I'm missing.
  7. The starkness of this hits pretty hard. No matter who they realistically slot into that #1 spot at this point, that's not a rotation that can compete for anything but an awfully high draft pick for the team the following year. Love that they extended Buxton, but I don't see the urgency here to get the most out of his prime.
  8. Maybe not terrible. Maybe not great. But this is not a "retooling" move, FO. If you're still serious about competing in 2022, get back on those phones, fellas.
  9. I agree. Those injuries were likely not predictive. But I do have a strange superstitious side, and I would LOVE to see the Twins overhaul their logo and jersey this year. Give Buxton a fresh start. Immediately put away the old associations of his many injuries as a Twin. I know, it's dumb. And yet, the human mind is a goofy thing.
  10. I nominate Cody as the FO's official bargain shopper. Seriously, these were well-researched and well-reasoned suggestions. If we're going to continue to be a team that relies on finding diamonds in the rough, we better at least be good at it.
  11. I've said "unreal" about the Twins over and over again over the last few years. Always in a negative way. This time, it's in a very positive way. It's a contract that won't kill the team payroll-wise if he never really is healthy. It won't even really hurt if he maxxes out incentives. Even if the worst-case scenarios happen, I will always be happy that a man with resilience + character like Byron Buxton got paid by the Twins. I love this, Thank you, FO. Solid move. Now go get a few great starters and let's win this whole frickin' thing.
  12. Ted, I really appreciate these updates. Thanks for aggregating and summarizing the need-to-know stuff on the CBA. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.
  13. I love Buxton as a Twin. The injuries have been heartbreaking, but the good times have been magical. But I do wonder if he wants to remain here, and I wouldn't blame him if the answer is a clear "no." Because the FO has let an extension drag into a potentially-troubled offseason, and because it's pretty clear he and Polanco will be the primary anchors for a rebuilding squad over the next few years, I can see why he'd want out. This isn't an aggressive FO like Chicago, and Buxton probably realizes that any extension he signs here (even if at market value) will further put him under scrutiny the way Mauer's contract did for him. It wasn't fair that Mauer had to shoulder that burden of being a contract scapegoat while dealing with injuries, and I'm sure Buxton saw a little bit of that play out as he was headed up to the big-league club. I was thinking the other day how Cruz really seemed to take the heat off of guys like Buxton. You need a core of 2-3 big personalities to set the tone for a contender. You need a FO who doesn't just sign just one marquee homegrown player to a mega contract and surround him with past-their-prime veterans and ineffective rookies. Buxton should be joining an up-and-coming team who see him as one important piece to a title run, not as a centerpiece. Buxton probably wants/needs to join a winner at this point. And at this point, the Twins are not a winner in any sense of the word. It will be heartbreaking to lose him, but it's probably inevitable at this point.
  14. Sure. 1) It's not a "minor" or unrelated note - Cave's signing directly impacted the number of slots available to protect prospects. 2) I believe that Severino and Palacios had a real shot at impacting this team, and I'll be sad to see them lost if they are selected.
  15. Since the inclusion of Cave led in large part to the Wade and Baddoo blunders, you'd expect a FO to learn from these kind of mistakes. Seems they haven't. Seems they don't. And with a 2022 MLB contract? No other team in MLB would have done this - there is NO competition for Cave's services at this point. Twins would have lost nothing by waiting and offering him an MiLB deal later, if he was somehow needed. Just yuck.
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