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  1. Incompetence is toxic, absolutely. The hitters have put him and this team in position multiple times, and he's failed over and over again. He may be a nice guy, but results matter a lot more at the pro level, and I'm sure the players are wondering why he's still getting all these chances. That will kill the morale of this team - if it hasn't already.
  2. Can't even imagine what this is like for Jayce Tingler. He's watching Pagan destroy another season for a totally different team, right before his eyes. Maybe even getting the manager fired again in the process. When some of us said the Rogers trade was a disaster in the making, this is exactly what we meant. And when some of us said that Rocco's inability to adjust when changes are needed - this also is what we meant. Just listen to him make excuses and fawn over Pagan ("his stuff is great, but his execution isn't good" - what the heck IS pitching if not EXECUTION?). This won't change because Rocco won't demand changes. He seems more worried about clubhouse chemistry than being decisive and taking a stand over player nonperformance. Pagan should not be on this squad today, period. But this will be the Colome disaster all over again.
  3. Personally, I think he's a guy you break the bank for. Yes, the last three years of any contract won't be as productive. So what? By that point he can be mentoring Lewis' return to shortstop. Sign Correa to a 7 year deal. Slide a rehabbing Lewis over to 2nd to take Polanco's place. Consider trading Polanco, Martin, Miller and/or Steer for great pitchers. Keep Palacios as a low-cost solid backup. I think having Correa here through the 2020s drastically increases the chances of a World Series title in Minnesota.
  4. Great, great article. Perfect example of how relationships help make progress and growth at both personal and organizational levels. Yes, I'm pissed, but Wes will be missed here.
  5. I'm going to drop this after this post because it's getting rather silly, but do you really think they wouldn't hire their superstar pitching guru #1 choice for the job if he wasn't available immediately? That they couldn't have gotten him working with staff in October? Come on, that doesn't hold water either. It's IDEAL for him to join their program now, sure. But if they targeted him this strongly, they certainly would have brought him on later. That's how any employer would work with a top choice for an ongoing program.
  6. Where has anyone even said "evil"? - C'mon, there's no reason to take this into the realm of the ridiculous. But there is a line of logic here that is ridiculous - that contracts don't matter if one party of the contract is unhappy. I'd be curious to follow fan reactions if Rocco left the Twins in August for a better offer with the Yankees, or if Buxton saw a chance to join the Braves in September to be closer to home. I give you all credit for being worker-supportive, but I still lean towards the importance of relationships, mutual trust and commitments. But I'm getting old fast.
  7. C'mon, this is a strawman, Mike: 1) Sounds like the Twins offered to match the salary, despite not even being warned in advance that he was looking elsewhere for jobs. 2) If he's that sought after, the job certainly would still be available in the MLB postseason. Perhaps even with a greater salary, if other top schools knew he was available. When you agree to be an MLB pitching coach - and when you make specific recommendations over which pitchers to bring in because you can build a relationship with them and help them redevelop their pitches - I believe you accept an obligation to complete your contract. If you can't, you warn your employer in the offseason of your interest to leave so they can prepare. This didn't happen. So I am not going to cheer for Wes abandoning his relationships and responsibilities here, no. Sorry. Commitments should mean something. But good for him, Everybody knows that more money = more happiness, right?
  8. Sure. And just as the Twins FO would face criticism for firing him abruptly and without cause, so too should he withstand criticism for leaving under the same circumstances. That's also part of the two-way street. But he's getting his paycheck, so I'm sure the criticism won't mean much.
  9. This discussion seems to have shifted to whether Johnson had the right to leave (of course he does), but I think we were arguing about if it was right or decent of him to leave in this way and at this point in the season (of course it wasn't). Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Wes.
  10. I'd even say shameful. So much emphasis placed here on the "Wes Way" and his work with the staff. This a low move, and ruins any good feeling I had about what he did here.
  11. I respected what he did here, but I do not respect leaving the team midseason with no warning. This is a high-profile position that requires a full season commitment. That must have been clear, right? The job either meant something here, or it didn't. Apparently, it didn't ... or it didn't mean much. For the players who built a relationship with Wes, this leaves them - and the team - in a tough spot. Might want to clarify expectations of the job for the next pitching coach.
  12. I voted "buy," but I do not yet fully trust this FO to make the right moves. The shadow of Sam Dyson looms large, and I've yet to ever see the Twins land impact pitching in a pennant race. It may be a moot point come the deadline, though. With this shaky bullpen and very limited rotation, the Twins could easily be 5+ games behind Cleveland within a month. If that's the case, you sell Kepler, Sano, Archer, Sanchez and possibly Correa and hope for wiser signings over the offseason.
  13. Yes, but what's odd is that I'm both grateful that we're a competitive team and also completely full of rage that we've lost our decent lead in the standings. And right when my doctor says I need to watch my blood pressure. Sheesh!
  14. I feel like this season - plus the offseason - is giving me the worst case of whiplash: There WILL be lost games! --- There WON'T be lost games! The Twins will sign NO ONE! --- The Twins sign CARLOS CORREA! Taylor Rogers is healed and ready to go! --- Taylor Rogers is GONE! We're 4-8 and TERRIBLE! --- We're 11-8 and AWESOME! Our FA starters are HOT! --- Our FA starters are INEFFECTIVE! The pitching pipeline is FLOWING! --- the pitching pipeline is totally CLOGGED! Byron Buxton is healthy --- Byron Buxton has had knee issues since SPRING TRAINING! Our bullpen is GREAT! --- Our bullpen is HORRIFYINGLY BAD! Our guys CAN'T HIT! --- Our guys can MASH! Royce Lewis is an AMAZING STORY! --- Royce Lewis is another Twins rookie TRAGEDY! Am I happy about being tied for first? Yes. Kinda. But I also feel dizzy and need to lie down for awhile. Wake me up when Pagan and Duffey are gone, please.
  15. Starting to look like this team was more like preseason predictions: Hover around .500, might be in the Wild Card conversation. That Spring surge was a lot of fun, but this team's wings are looking like they've been clipped. If they can't move on from Duffey and Pagan, they've got no chance for a postseason. None.
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