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  1. Fair point. I think, for me at least, it's not so much the specifics of this case but rather that the FO seems to have whiffed big-time on some other talent evaluations. To my thinking, they were wrong about the FA starters they brought in, wrong about the Rule 5 guys they lost, and wrong about some trades in their regime. They could have misevaluated Gordon as well, and the Twins will need SS depth in 2022 (in fact, they needed it this year, too.)
  2. I think you're probably right about Baldelli here, though I would have loved to see Gordon get more chances at SS. He seems to have surprised the team with his promotion, grit and play this year - he may have a few surprises left. But you're wrong about calming down. Twins fans watched our young talent (Gil, Ynoa, Baddoo, Wade) bloom elsewhere in 2021 - we needed a young hero here, and Gordon's doing what he can to deliver.
  3. Good post, but I politely disagree. The way this FO evaluates talent, the "one of our 10 good pitching prospects" that they give up will become far better than anything they get back in such a trade. I would welcome a Kepler trade, and I always thought he'd make a good Yankee. But up-and-coming contenders looking for an offseason trade don't typically need the kind of guys we'd have to offer. With the exception of a good catcher.
  4. Thoughtful analysis - I appreciate all you put into this. Would be fascinating to compare this with our market and division competitors. It seems to me that the large number of times we see "Aggressive" or "Reach" here is an indication that this FO thinks they are smarter than the average MLB bear. Though the results so far just don't back this up at all They don't draft well, and that's a MAJOR part of the talent pipeline for a mid-market team. They also bleed talent in Rule 5, they don't sign FAs well and their trades are a mixed bag at best (sellers: OK, buyers: terrible). Can someone please remind me why so many on TwinsDaily are eager to keep this duo at the helm?
  5. This is a really good take. I wanted to say that Kepler was my bounce-back pick, but he had a terrible Spring Training and acted like he was a star who was just taking the time there to tinker around. Instead, his season was pretty much a long extension of his spring. He doesn't seem curious enough to make adjustments, and established MLB pitchers have completely figured him out. Here's hoping I'm wrong. With Morneau's support as a mentor, I'm hoping Larnach bounces back in a big way in 2022.
  6. "Unfortunately, the Twins lost two players who have been impactful for their new organizations. They were lucky not to lose Jose Miranda or Jovani Moran too. However, they did well in recognizing the need to protect Bailey Ober." Going 1-for-5 wouldn't typically keep a player in the majors, so not sure why it would keep an executive in a major league FO. Good article, but it certainly dredges up some 2021 pain ... and highlights my deep skepticism over whether these guys should be making these evaluations for our Twins moving forward.
  7. Let me add a second to the "Thank God" comment. I realize that there are much bigger issues in the world, but I appreciate the little bit of good news here for Ryan. Come back in 2022 with a chip on (not in) your shoulder, Joe.
  8. What role did Cave play in those titles that a replacement-level free agent, or LaMonte Wade even as a rookie, couldn't have provided? It's just so unwise to trade a promising pitching prospect for a 4th outfielder.
  9. "All of that said, if there is such a thing as karma -- and I believe that there is -- the negative attitude of fans may be having some effect." Gee, way to blame the victim, buddy. Just to be clear, these "negative fans" have been shelling out tax dollars and hard-earned recreational bucks to support these teams and house them in state-of-the-art facilities. All this despite a total drought of championships. I think it's more likely exactly the opposite. Minnesota sports fans tolerate failure in ways other fanbases don't, which may mean that FOs and managers/coaches don't feel any great pressure to produce results here. Midwestern culture typically requires one to be even-keeled and humble about expectations. That could be playing a role here, too.
  10. This is the best sentence about this FO I've yet seen written. Being generally sharp but unsuccessful (or even unlucky) isn't enough to keep these kinds of jobs, in my opinion.
  11. But here's the thing that concerns me: the skills required to do this (acquire more talent than you lose, sign effective free agents, and make postseason-boosting moves at the trade deadline) are the exact skills this duo seems to be missing. They had an open window in 2019-20, and they had absolutely no positive impact on the outcome in the postseason. Is it really all that scary of a proposition to give new people a try? There's a lot of hope going around, and I hope all that hope is well-placed. But I haven't seen any evidence that this is the FO duo to get us over the hump and out of the postseason slump. Quite the opposite.
  12. The Hicks and Cave trades are good examples of the differences between a top-tier and second-tier MLB club. In each case, the Yankees assessed areas of organizational strength and used surplus prospects to acquire high-upside players who were sold low. Pretty clear how both of these turned out for the Twins, despite different FO staff at the helm. One wonders why Falvey and Levine can't do the same with Rooker, Jeffers or Larnach, or couldn't have done so with Wade or Baddoo. But it's these kinds of moves that separate the best from the also-rans.
  13. Thank you. And yes, we've already had three major Twins Daily posts about how the FO deserves more slack and patience, which I find a little bit funny. To be fair, I also find it fairly laudable and noble. There is something to trying to see the best in others and hoping that something good will come out of something bad. But I do wonder when this seemingly-endless patience for failure is gong to run out around here. And I do kinda wonder if the heat that Yankees fans put on their FO doesn't at least sharpen their moves a bit and keep the team generally competitive. We often perform according to the expectations others have for us.
  14. Based on the way folks often talk about Sano, he could make my top 3. He's not at all the player once hoped for but he has still put together a season with some decent moments. Thielbar #1. Another gutsy season from a guy who was retired. Heck, I even think Polanco is underrated. We're witnessing Twins historic greatness (for a contract steal) and lots of folks don't seem all that impressed.
  15. Depends upon their record against the Yankees. That's kind of a joke. Though, more broadly, what kind of development do we see in our pitchers? What do they do with Buxton? How tough do they play against contenders? What FA signings do they make? How do they manage the 40-man roster? That will have a lot more impact on my opinion than any particular record. I expect absolutely nothing next year - you don't lose an entire starting rotation (and your best hitter) and come back the next year a contender. Or probably even a 82-80 team.
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