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  1. I favor the second option. A space needs to be cleared for Miranda, and the Twins desperately need a full year to get a better assessment of their prospects at the big league level. There's likely no need for Donaldson here in 2022. I like him, and I wish this was 2019 again so he could have played a role on an up-and-coming contender in MN, but it's not. Brewers would be a good fit.
  2. Great work, Tom. Though I do wonder a bit about this: "Houston Astros have made rebuilds work in the not-so-distant past" Yes, it seems like in many ways the sustainable success the Rays and Astros have had recently was built off of the prospect capital that they amassed during their many down years. Essentially, build the infrastructure for development, draft high year after year, and then as your team improves trade the home-grown stars as they near free-agency for other teams' top prospects. This is the route the Orioles are taking, I think. They know it'll be a very long haul. I'm not saying that this is the route I want the Twins to take, but I don't think we have anywhere near the superstar prospect capital that the Astros and Rays had as the foundation for their successful seasons. And our FO just isn't yet very good at assessing, trading for or keeping impact talent. So, we might end up taking the Orioles route after all.
  3. I think I initially misread this as an "in 2022" article, but I like that it wasn't. This all seems a bit more plausible to me over the longer haul, though with the exception of Jax matching Duffey's prime success (that seems downright impossible to me). 2022 is going to be very bad for the Twins - way too many rookies who are going to take their lumps - but a good year in terms of development and growth could set the table for success for 2023.
  4. Everything about this article is perfection, Brock. Please print it out and tack it to Falvey's office door.
  5. That 9th inning against Chapman. That beautiful, beautiful inning. Dip it in gold and put it on a shelf. And ... it ended the Yankees season early. One more win, and the Yanks would have hosted the WC game. Different outcome, I'm sure (just don't look up the Yankees home/road splits in 2021 ... it doesn't help my argument here.) So there. Hey Yankees - DON'T MESS WITH THE TWINS!
  6. Ahh, fun. Kinda amazed that the doubleheader loss in Detroit - where Gordon missed a fly ball in CF that had a 0.0% chance of being a hit - didn't make the cut. But to me, the most embarrassing experiences of 2021 where when Akil Baddoo tore the Twins apart at the plate and in the field. Salt in the wound on a huge roster error that just should not have been made.
  7. That could be, but in this particular case, the Astros seem to have a pretty well-oiled organizational machine for prepping for playoff matchups. The White Sox are hitting the Astros pitching (18 hits in two games ain't bad), but ALL have been singles. That, and the Astros solid situational hitting seems like the result of some careful scouting. Of course, the Astros have been known to look for other kinds of angles for winning, too. But overall, I think you're right. It pains me to say it, but I would prefer to see the Twins play the Yankees and Rays more often in the regular season, just to see how it might elevate their play over time.
  8. This is an excellent point. I think Miranda deserves a chance to make that spot his own at the big league level. I even like Donaldson, but the biggest impact he was going to have here was in '20 or '21. Sadly, it just didn't come together.
  9. Oh man, what a fun way to review the cases and the evidence. Good stuff, Nick. And a solid conclusion.
  10. I'm asking this genuinely and not at all combatively: what should fans be asking for from a Twins manager in this era, and how do we know if we're getting it? I keep hearing the idea that the Twins struggled in the playoffs under Baldelli because their offensive stars "underperformed." I've heard that this year was terrible because young players "underperformed" or "weren't ready." If the issue isn't the players' overall talent or ability, then isn't underperformance a managerial issue? If that's not the issue, then it's roster construction. And if after 5 years this FO can't construct a roster with the talent to win, why would we want them to stay? I know I'm cranky, but the buck has to stop somewhere at some point, doesn't it?
  11. Agreed. Plus, they had devastating months-long injuries to multiple stars - any one of those injuries could have derailed the season. Have to give credit where credit is due to LaRussa. Now we'll see what impact he may have on their postseason run.
  12. True, but when Rocco's Twins can play a postseason series the way Gardy's Twins did against the A's in 2002, then I'm inclined to give him more slack. And at least Gardy's teams claimed a few postseason victories from the Yankees - and in NYC, no less. Again, I wanted Gardy gone even a year before he was fired. I'm just saying that Rocco's teams haven't even hit Gardy's low level of postseason success. In fact, they're not even remotely close.
  13. I'm confused. Why would we be spending this kind of money on an aging starter who just had multiple injuries, whose fastball is down to a career-low 90.9 mph, and whose strikeout rate was 5% below league average? MLB Trade Rumors also points out that he allowed "more hard contact than ever before, both in terms of average exit velocity (91.2 mph) and hard-hit rate (46.1 percent)." If we're really going to compete in 2022, we need FA starters who are A LOT better than Pineda. If we're not going to compete in 2022, then it's time to see what the prospects can do. I don't see a roster spot for Pineda either way. The article says that Baldelli considers him a "pillar" in the clubhouse, but after a dismal 2021, I can't see a reason not to build a new clubhouse culture.
  14. Well, I'm just happy we snagged Pressly in the Rule 5 draft back in 2012, and we still might be seeing the benefit of this in 2022. We need more of these kinds of steals, baby!
  15. Baldelli's work is hard for me to assess from where I sit as a fan. On one hand, he always seems respectful and talks in supportive ways of his players in postgame conferences. By all accounts, he seems like a decent and sharp guy, and I have to admit that I genuinely like what I see of him as a person. But I do wonder why he only started to emphasize fundamentals drills after Cruz was traded. Did he defer to the established veterans too often? Did he let them set the agenda and tone? Is he too afraid to rock the boat or to take the reins? Morneau's Twins HOF induction speech included a few comments made about Ron Gardenhire that I thought might be vague critiques of Baldelli. He talked about the importance of Gardy pulling him aside as a young player and telling him that much more was expected of him, that he needed to be more professional and accountable to his teammates and to the fans. He then highlighted the way Gardy would show emotion on the field in order to relieve the tension his players faced: "I have a vivid memory off you tossing your hat up in the air, kicking dirt on home plate, because you always had our back." Can anyone imagine Baldelli doing this? Do I want Gardy back? Nope - there were facets of the modern game that Gardy couldn't incorporate. But do I think that some of the things Gardy did had an impact on the emotional component of the game. And however .500-ish the team may have played after this year's trade deadline, there was no pressure on them whatsoever. When the pressure is on a Baldelli team, they simply do not play well at all. They choke. They choked at the end of 2019 when something was expected. They choked again down the stretch in 2020 and also against Houston. And when the team was expected to come back strong at the start of 2021, they fell flat on their faces. I'm not upset that he'll be back, but I'm hoping that he's learning. And quickly. I'd give him a D+ in 2021 ... and tell him that much more is expected of him as the skipper.
  16. First, just so you know, Mike. I always like your posts and thoughts. I'm not fighting you here. But Cleveland is an awful team? The Rays are awful? They've had sustained success and still have far better farm systems and prospects. Some teams play well year after year, develop well and trade well as needed. I'm hoping the Twins can get there, too.
  17. I mostly agree, but Miranda is blocked by Donaldson. I don't even think Miranda will break camp with the team in spring if Donaldson is healthy. Understandably, they don't want to alienate the only big FA they've signed. It's a tough situation that only a Donaldson trade or prolonged injury will resolve. And it's very unfair to Miranda, who busted his ass in 2021 and absolutely earned a promotion to the show.
  18. But we don't. We have a very average minor league system. I like the guys we have in the wings, but we are exactly a middle-of-the-pack farm system. And three out of our four rivals in the AL Central (KC, Detroit and Cleveland) are ranked higher than us. And again - this is WITH the trade acquisitions made at the deadline.
  19. No, the key September moment was the 6-5 loss to the Yankees on the 13th. Perfectly encapsulated that no matter how surprisingly bad 2021 was, some things never change. And, fittingly, our dismal play against the Yankees is just the buffer they needed to win a WC playoff spot.
  20. Very different situations, yes. But similar theme: this organization drafts and acquires talent, that talent struggles here and blossoms elsewhere (sometimes spectacularly so) ... and the Twins end up with very little, if anything, to show for it. When you feed WAR to league opponents, you kill your organization's chances to win. I disagree with the downplaying of the severity of the Ortiz mistake, though. Yes, the Twins were competitive after losing him, but they never had the "oomph" to get deep into the playoffs. Ortiz provided that "oomph" to Boston ... and likely could have done so here. I sometimes wonder why I hear "Well, (Player X) would never have had that great year/career in Minnesota" so often without the question Why? Why aren't we having that impact here? We might be losing Buxton this offseason. It wouldn't be an Ortiz mistake (I assume there would be some kind of trade return), but it would be very hard to watch him play 140+ games and lead another team to an LCS or WS. I'm tired of wondering "what might have been" with this team.
  21. No one can predict anything in baseball, I think everyone agrees and understands that. The issue is who is better at educated guessing. For example, whose instincts and research pushed hard for signing Semien, and whose instincts and research led to signing Simmons? Which FO saw more promise in Ray and Rodon, and which chose Happ and Shoemaker instead? I never expect a FO to accurately predict every outcome. What worries me is when the poor guesses vastly outweigh the good guesses. It's a signal that their instincts or research isn't very good, or their luck is terrible. Either way - if that's the case here - I don't want them making decisions for my favorite team. But I'm beating a dead horse. I'll say it one last time here: I'd fire this FO immediately and start a fresh offseason for the organization. My own personal guess is that this would get the team a lot closer to contention in the near future, and would stop the talent loss.
  22. This is what we needed in the 2020-21 offseason, and this FO couldn't deliver. Now the SS need is even greater and 3-4 starters are needed. I appreciate positivity, but the hole we're in is a lot deeper than folks think.
  23. I greatly appreciate all your work on these recaps, Nick. Excellent write-ups. Well done. Yes, let's hope they're more fun to write in 2022.
  24. F. The gaps in this team were clear after the terrible finish to 2020 and the FO made those gaps considerably worse. Instead of bolstering the starting staff, the bullpen and SS, they waited out the offseason for cheap free agents. And those they selected were historically bad - and then they stuck with them for far too long. They completely misevaluated young internal talent, and through trades and Rule 5 losses have now put the organization in a bullpen, starting rotation and OF talent deficit relative to what they lost. They bungled contract extension talks with Buxton, using a trade deadline ultimatum that seems to have backfired. The bottom line is this: they inherited a team on the cusp of postseason success. They now oversee a team with no established starting rotation, a team that will draft 8th overall in 2022, and with a farm system that is nothing to write home about (ranked 15th by MLB.com, even with the trade deadline additions). And we may have just seen Buxton's last game in a Twins uniform. It's a big offseason for them, and I'm always hoping for redemption, but I can't even understand any grade for this FO over a D-.
  25. Thank you for your work this season, Nash. Excellent work here and on the Locked On Twins podcast. You made a bad season almost bearable.
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