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  1. I voted "buy," but I do not yet fully trust this FO to make the right moves. The shadow of Sam Dyson looms large, and I've yet to ever see the Twins land impact pitching in a pennant race. It may be a moot point come the deadline, though. With this shaky bullpen and very limited rotation, the Twins could easily be 5+ games behind Cleveland within a month. If that's the case, you sell Kepler, Sano, Archer, Sanchez and possibly Correa and hope for wiser signings over the offseason.
  2. Yes, but what's odd is that I'm both grateful that we're a competitive team and also completely full of rage that we've lost our decent lead in the standings. And right when my doctor says I need to watch my blood pressure. Sheesh!
  3. I feel like this season - plus the offseason - is giving me the worst case of whiplash: There WILL be lost games! --- There WON'T be lost games! The Twins will sign NO ONE! --- The Twins sign CARLOS CORREA! Taylor Rogers is healed and ready to go! --- Taylor Rogers is GONE! We're 4-8 and TERRIBLE! --- We're 11-8 and AWESOME! Our FA starters are HOT! --- Our FA starters are INEFFECTIVE! The pitching pipeline is FLOWING! --- the pitching pipeline is totally CLOGGED! Byron Buxton is healthy --- Byron Buxton has had knee issues since SPRING TRAINING! Our bullpen is GREAT! --- Our bullpen is HORRIFYINGLY BAD! Our guys CAN'T HIT! --- Our guys can MASH! Royce Lewis is an AMAZING STORY! --- Royce Lewis is another Twins rookie TRAGEDY! Am I happy about being tied for first? Yes. Kinda. But I also feel dizzy and need to lie down for awhile. Wake me up when Pagan and Duffey are gone, please.
  4. Starting to look like this team was more like preseason predictions: Hover around .500, might be in the Wild Card conversation. That Spring surge was a lot of fun, but this team's wings are looking like they've been clipped. If they can't move on from Duffey and Pagan, they've got no chance for a postseason. None.
  5. It'll be interesting, that's for sure. We've bounced between extremes this season - a 4-8 start, two win streaks of 6+ games - and now we're going to face the new rising star of the AL Central. If there's some veteran grit and savvy in this team, now would be a good time for it to lead the way. But, regardless of what happens in these next ten games, this pitching staff just isn't good enough to win any division in baseball. Considering that there are no reinforcements ready at AAA, Falvey and Levine should be very busy over the next few weeks pondering trades. Injuries and a stalled pitching pipeline means the door is still wide open for Chicago and Cleveland.
  6. You nailed it. Sadly, I always hoped there was at least one truly great season left in his career, but if there is, it may have to come elsewhere after he's traded to an NL team with DH needs..
  7. All good points, but the emphasis on playoff performance is also pretty justified - it's why teams play the game. Playoffs may be the icing of a season, but if the frosting is rotten or sour on a cake, we tend to think of it as a bad cake, regardless of the quality of the spongy stuff below it. However, I agree that Rocco isn't responsible for all 18 losses. He inherited 2/3rds of that awful streak. It's just sad that his teams have added on to it so effortlessly.
  8. This article just confirms what I've thought all along. We should've brought back Bucky Harris. Honestly, I appreciate this article and I like Rocco. I genuinely like him. I think he's a decent man, and I think he puts effort and thought into his work, on the analytics side and on the player relationships side. If he wasn't managing this team, I don't think Buxton would've resigned and I don't think Correa would have taken the chance to come here for a short stay (maybe a longer stay, too). I would want to work for Rocco. BUT ... I'm not sure I would want to "go to war" with him in a battle. Rocco understands the big picture of a long season very well. I'm not yet convinced he understands the way to lead a team into the postseason. It's not that his teams have lost postseason series (sadly, that's almost expected against big payroll teams), it's that they haven't even won a single game, and they've looked overmatched and lifeless in every one of their postseason games so far. It's been embarrassing. I wanted Rocco fired after the 2020 series against the Astros. This season has made me think I was wrong, but as for his inability to spark competitive play in a postseason series ... well, I'm hoping to be proven wrong again.
  9. That's the flip-side to clubhouse chemistry, isn't it. Sometimes you have to cut someone likable for the good of the team. Chicago won't stay bad forever, and the Guardians are finding their groove. Every bullpen loss at this point is costly. It's okay to keep him around for mop-up for a few weeks, but sooner or later the call will have to be made on his spot with the club. Probably sooner.
  10. The Lewis setback is just one of those agonies that ripples outward through the organization. How likely is it that a player with two ACL tears is your reliable everyday shortstop, and you won't even see him at the earliest until the All-Star break of 2023? So, if you're the FO, do you go back to Jim Pohlad and ask for a megadeal extension for Correa and then re-sign Palacios (with a major-league deal this time) as his backup? Or do you re-sign Palacios and just hope the the market provides a serviceable second option while you wait/hope/pray that Lewis continues his storybook return mid-season? Not a terrible week in terms of play, but feels like a terrible week in terms of what it's done to the Twins' future plans.
  11. At least 5-4 through the nine game gauntlet? The Twins are legit. Not great, not perfect, but legit contenders for the AL Central, and maybe more. Great win today.
  12. Don't sweat it. We're all struggling with the soul-crushing frustration of the news. And we're all pulling for Lewis to re-start this story in a year.
  13. Unreal. Playing him out of position proved to be a terrible move, but I realize that they wanted to get his bat back in the bigs, and position flexibility it seemed to work okay for Gordon. But still, was this wise in his first year coming off of ACL? The results say no. You know, being a fan of this team isn't the easiest thing in the world. Okay, pity party over. Go get 'em, Lewis. You can still be a great story in 2023 as well.
  14. I should be more mad. I'm not. I expected a very easy Yankees sweep, but our boys snuck out a win and played fairly close baseball in the other two. The fight continues. But that Hicks trade ... keeps on stinging.
  15. Every time the Twins beat the Yankees, the skies all over Minnesota should be lit up. Wouldn't cost us much, considering it's not all that common. Not yet, at least.
  16. And yet the Orioles have already beaten them twice, and haven't lost yet my more than 2 runs. The Orioles. No one is saying the Yankees aren't good. It's just that many have been saying that the Twins are also good. If they are, they need to also beat the other good teams. Even great teams. No one expects the Twins to sweep this Yankees team. But winning 2 out of 3 at home is not an unreasonable place to set the bar for a Twins team we're supposed to be buying into. And they still could. This could have been the one bad game of this series. But my guess is, it won't be.
  17. Meanwhile, the White Sox shut out the Dodgers. Look, this Twins team is better than I expected. I like 'em. But there will be no broad-based excitement for this team through the summer if they can't at least win a few games from the top dogs in baseball. It's okay to lose a good share of games to the league titans, but it's not okay to lose them all, especially not while rolling over like well-heeled puppies in the process. Nothing about these losses is surprising, which is really the most sad thing about them, series after series after series. If you want fans in the stands, boys, you better do more to earn an audience.
  18. Yankees sweep = most likely outcome Twins take one = hope for 2022 lives on Twins take two = the hype is real Twins sweep = first sign of apocalypse
  19. If Buxton isn't healthy, the chances are about the same. But if you can maybe swap in a hot Kirilloff bat, the impact might even swing towards the positive. The trouble is, I'm not even sure what 10 days does for a knee. Plus, the mental side of the game is fundamentally important, too, and Buxton doesn't want an IL stint - he wants to play. Could Baldelli and Correa talk him into it? Because I think Nick might be right. And with the usual Yankees/Target Field voodoo, might not be the worst thing in the world for him to miss this series.
  20. What's fun about this season is that you could make the case for a pretty long list of guys who have stepped up in a big way and filled roles exactly as needed - guys like Joe Smith, Jhon Duran, Griffin Jax, Jharel Cotton and Gilberto Celestino, among others. Not necessarily team MVPs, but fighters who have given this team a boost nearly every time they're put on the field. I love that about this 2022 team.
  21. You and me both. He's a valuable piece here, or a potential trade addition for a larger deadline deal. I want him to have a good shot at an MLB career this year despite missing a chance in the draft.
  22. Solidly not a villain. Not quite yet the contender captain we want him to become here, but I'm still pulling for him because I think he's a decent man with good intentions for the club. This team is hanging in there despite some crucial injuries, tender arms and challenging stretches.
  23. Yes - he's been one of the quiet heroes for this team. He's been caught up in the RP call-up/DFA grist mill. He deserves better, and I hope it works for him to stick around for the rest of the season.
  24. I think the tantalizing and strange thing about the '22 Twins is that they show flashes of greatness without actually being great ... yet, They could win this division handily. Or they could faceplant into 3rd in the AL Central and miss the playoffs. Both scenarios seem completely plausible at this point, Not many division leaders have that kind of uncertainty in their trajectory. I also think it would help them if the fans were more enthusiastic and would pack Target Field. But, understandably, the fans won't step up until the team shows some grit and fight against the top teams. So it's probably on the team's shoulders to win back hearts and wallets.
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