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  1. OK. I went and did more research. So the multi inning save kings seem to be Gossage, Fingers, and Eckersly. Rivera had his share as did Wettland before him. Josh Hader had numerous multi inning saves in 2019 but for the most part are rare these days. I really did think Chapman had more. Especially his Cincinnati years
  2. Chapman has been a 2 inning closer his whole career. So was Riviera. Not saying they always got 2 innining save but were called on to do it many times.
  3. Nah. More useful as trade chips. You can put anyone in the bullpen and be successful
  4. How were Twins runs scored vs how were Clevelands. Im talking about THIS game
  5. Look. It's not on the offense and it's not Rocco. This is a 3-0 shutout. Bieber stifles the Twins a lot. These 4 inning starts are the problem. It's like a bridge too far
  6. The platinum glove part of that play was the diving stop. After that's accomplished. Eat it there's no play
  7. Correa probably should gave ate that 1. If it gets through its probably 2 runs anyway but the pen is on fumes. We need 8 runs here and now
  8. A split as compared to a sweep which is exactly what it should have been and Thornburg is showing why they went Pagan yesterday
  9. No. Archer to me is one of the reasons the bullpen is overused. You need 5 bullpen innings everytime out.
  10. So Archers line. 4 is 90 pitches 6 walks 1 hit 0 er. Is that considered a quality start
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