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  1. I mean yeah, that's the attitude the Twins and their fans need to have. Why not us and why not now? I will cling to any glimmer of hope.
  2. Yes, I am in the camp that if the ship is still sinking at trade deadline 2023 then you can start looking at replacing one or both of the Falvine duo. Patience is a virtue and we are in for the long haul with these guys.
  3. This game was over after one pitch from the Twins? That's just so symbolic of this season. I had to look up the definition of talismanic: relating to or of the nature of a talisman or talismans. "symbolism can be attached to talismanic objects" representing and inspiring a particular group. "they are without their talismanic captain" We can keep learning even during this bleak 2021 Twins season.
  4. With Texas nipping at their heels one game back of the Twins. Thank goodness for Baltimore. In the NL, only Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Arizona have worse winning percentages than the Twins.
  5. So great to beat the cheat (ers). What an unlikable franchise the cheating Astros are. There were well deserved boos yesterday at Target Field directed at main cheating villain Altuve and other cheaters from the Astros.
  6. I'm blowing out the bullpen Friday night and going with Berrios and Jax on Saturday. If Berrios gets knocked out early on Saturday then Jax is throwing until he hits his pitch limit. Three pitches from Rogers and zero from Robles and Colome (I can't believe I'm saying that) is unacceptable. Tomorrow will never come if they don't start stringing wins together and if it does it will be meaningless. Screw the stupid win probability chart, one run down is one swing from a tie game.
  7. The Twins are in desperation mode, or at least should be as this botched season slowly slips through their fingers. They have to beat teams like the Astros when they have a chance. Shoemaker doesn't make sense in this context as I don't think the Twins can worry about tomorrow. I was at CHS to enjoy the fireworks so didn't see the Twins game so don't have all the details and refused to watch the replay.
  8. Wasn't Robles available? He only threw 11 pitches on Thursday night.
  9. My only gripes with your plan is that Rortvedt looks nothing like an MLB catcher and I'd like to hold on to Big Mike Pineda.
  10. It's the Minnesota Twins against the Yankees so the Yankees will probably take the series. I'm optimistic they have a puncher's chance at taking 4 of 6 from the Evil Empire and the cheaters.
  11. That baserunning blunder in KC is painful to watch.
  12. 20,000 seems like a good number for the Twins to aim for. The upcoming Yankees series should give them a boost.
  13. It's sad that this club has been reduced to prospect watching and goofing around with new things. I thought we were going to get a legitimate competitive window that lasts, not two seasons followed by the obligatory first round sweep. Maybe 2021 is a blip on the radar and they will turn it around in the second half or 2022 or something. Just looked at the standings and they fell behind Detroit again.
  14. So, the Twins window of two seasons is now closed and we must slog through the next two and a half seasons to hope to be competitive in 2024? Man, how I hope this isn't true.
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