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  1. The comeback is always greater than the setback.
  2. The dude can flat out hit. To take the Cruz comparison a step further - Nelson Cruz continued to stay productive on offense well into his late 30s. Why can't Donaldson keep mashing for the next two or three years? Some of the other negative talk directed at Donaldson is due to his large salary and people having unrealistic expectations attached to that salary.
  3. That's pathetic if true. Who am I to judge the younger generations, though?
  4. You can take Carew. I will stay with Puckett and two World Series championships in my back pocket.
  5. I like and agree with this explanation. There are so many entertainment options immediately available and at our fingertips that we aren't all going to be on the same page. My oldest daughter is 25 and my youngest is 9 and just the difference between how they are being raised and the culture is noticeable. I take comfort that children are at least still playing baseball. A recent study by https://www.aspenprojectplay.org/state-of-play-2020/ages-13-17 shows baseball third in youth participants with 2.1 million 13-17 year olds playing baseball in 2019. Behind basketball with 3.4 million participants and bicycling (?) at 4.3 million participants. At least the youngsters are still playing the sport of baseball. It's just difficult to capture and maintain people's attention in today's world with so many choices. My memories of the 1987 World Series run by the Twins was that the entire state was focused on the Twins - at least everyone I knew was anyway.
  6. He had a great career that season. Those 178 triples in 1977 put him in 18th place for most triples in a career.
  7. The greatest Twins player is also my favorite - Kirby Puckett. Closely followed by Kent Hrbek and then Brian Dozier.
  8. No worries, it's a worthy topic for discussion (though unpleasant).
  9. 2019 was the worst. The Twins had a record setting offense and a respectable pitching staff .. only to once again get swept by the Yankees. This defeat moved the Twins closer to the Vikings territory of, "They will never win the championship" (again for the Twins). What a gross topic to pile on top of the dead of winter and the lockout.
  10. The Mike Bell passing was difficult. He was just a few years younger than me and I still feel young-ish. We have to really not take life for granted, it's so precious and time is fleeting.
  11. While I am not a fan of Dick Bremer in the booth, he did make statements about being back at the ballpark that have stuck in my brain. Basically, Dick's message was that he will never again take for granted the privilege of attending (in his case, announcing) a major league baseball game. I also attended my most games ever at Target Field in 2021 and made baseball road trips to watch the Twins. I savored every moment.
  12. Maybe if you only go by the book and focus on longevity. Again, just maybe. I will always take Kirby as the #1 greatest Twins player ever along with the two World Series championships.
  13. Being 15 years old in 1987 and 19 in 1991, Kirby couldn't have made a bigger impression on me as a baseball crazed teenager. I'd give tens of thousands of dollars today to go back in time to that Metrodome and hear the "Kirbeeeeee Puckett" on the PA and see those championship teams again.
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