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  1. Yes, I remember when the first player born in the 1970s (my decade of birth) hit MLB and it doesn't seem that long ago.
  2. I was at CHS on Monday night and SWR looked deserving.
  3. Yes, the no one over the age of 35 comment confused me as well. I think it should be under 35. I'd vote for Friends reruns over Night Court. Friends was much more popular and has a wider audience and appeal. I'm guessing many in the proper age group have forgotten Night Court.
  4. Jeez, show a little bit of class. The guy has worked his whole life to get to this point and just got his first MLB knock. Take the foot off the gas on the criticism for at least a day. If this is all he accomplishes for baseball in this life he is top of the class in the big picture. Hitting a home run in the majors is an accomplishment to be proud of.
  5. Fair enough and not totally unwarranted critiques of Miranda and Arraez. While you do back it with some numbers, it just seems odd to point the finger or even mention those two as any part of the problem.
  6. Three more games this season. Watching Ohtani and Trout on Friday and Saturday night. Then, playing hooky the last home game of the season. I don't understand the comments about bailing on attending games because they are now out of the race, etc. To each his/her own, I guess. For me, I enjoy the game itself, the sights and sounds of Target Field, and (hopefully) nice weather for outdoor baseball.
  7. My buddy hawked beers pre-COVID at Target Field and used to make hundreds in tips at a busy game. NFL games were even more lucrative. They even used to get a bunch of vendors together and car pool over to Lambeau when they had the chance so the money was so good.
  8. American Family Field (Miller Park) - Milwaukee is a plastic dump on par with the Metrodome and should be in tier 10. Maybe the excitable fans add to the atmosphere. If you are simply ranking the stadium itself, it is vastly overrated. I will always just drive another couple of hours and go to one of the Chicago stadiums. I was impressed with the White Sox stadium, really enjoyed the scoreboard setup there. Not sure what you saw in Angels Stadium, it came across as very generic to me. To place Target Field in the same tier as Angels Stadium is an absolute joke. Congratulations on seeing so many stadiums. My dad is nearing 80 years old and told me this summer while we were visiting Wrigley that he wants to see all major league stadiums.
  9. I'm all for criticizing a professional athlete when it's warranted. This doesn't feel like one of those times. All indications and from Rocco's quotes the other day, Buxton gave everything he had to stay on the field. We can criticize the contract and maybe Buxton's body isn't built to play a full MLB season for whatever reason. To question Buxton's talent and desire doesn't compute.
  10. Yes, if the Twins can win tonight and sneak 2 out of 3 from Houston and San Diego can get a two game mini sweep of Cleveland then things might smell differently. I'm surprised to see so many Twins fans on the ledge.
  11. It doesn't take much imagination to find a 2-5 or 1-6 record as a distinct possibility. The Astros have a distinct advantage in Tuesday night's TBD v. RHP Justin Verlander matchup. I'm sure glad that game is getting featured on MLB Network.
  12. I like the 3 out of 5 idea. Since I'm going to the first three games in LA, I am pulling that they win the first three in this scenario then lose Saturday and Sunday. I saw the Dodgers on Sunday dismantle the Padres in precision fashion, so in reality one of two at Dodger Stadium is a real good thing.
  13. It would be nice to thread the needle with Correa not setting the world on fire the rest of 2022, the Twins still making a long playoff run with Correa's legendary playoff production leading the way, topped off by Correa returning to the Twins in 2023 because he can't get a better offer.
  14. Losing to any Wisconsin entity only infinitely increases the pain, so that added to my frustration.
  15. I thought it was relevant since the OP said something similar in the first paragraph.
  16. Trade talk, prospects, and the draft all bore me for the most part. They are filler and so much speculation.
  17. The switch hitting is intriguing. I didn't know that until watching this highlight reel. Although I personally don't get too excited about prospects sine all prospects are suspects and the impact from this kid is many years away. It seems the Twins did score big on this one.
  18. Try https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/ as an information source.
  19. Is there a way for Twins Daily to have this article automatically posted twice each season through 2028? It will save much effort all around. Buxton is streaky and injury prone, so might as well get this article posted on auto renew until things change.
  20. Let's reconvene on July 1 after 8 games with Cleveland. It should be a fun 10 days or so.
  21. I only remember late career Carew as an Angel and the unique batting stance. It's a marvelous and valid comparison. Arraez is a joy to watch, my favorite Twin of the past 20 years.
  22. The MLB Network mentioned this morning that the GM who fired Maddon was not the GM who hired him.
  23. Attending a live sporting event doesn't have the same appeal that it did a generation or two ago. With high def television and immediately accessible highlights and game recaps, much of the appeal and advantages of going to the game are lost. I personally enjoy being outside and watching the game from where I want to and how I want to. Also, Target Field is just an awesome experience each and every time. I believe all of the reasons given so far are valid. Each person's reasons for not attending are their own. However, the cost argument gets to me a bit. The Twins are nearly giving away tickets at this point (recent $4 and $9 deals). There's $12 parking in Ramp A (cheaper parking close to the stadium as well). You can bring in your own bottled water and outside food into Target Field. There are family-friendly concession stands, located in Sections 133 and 327 with hot dogs, soft pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, soda and canned beer under $5. I have friends and family that won't go even when you offer them free ticket and free transportation even though they claim to be Twins fans. It's difficult to get off the couch and some people don't want to be bothered with going to the games. Others are fans and just simply don't like going to the games.
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