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  1. No research necessary - we are one of the worst of all time.
  2. This doesn't make me hopeful for the future. I'm sure I will feel better and more optimistic come spring training 2022.
  3. That's why when I have the same rant about how awful the Minnesota championship drought is, I clarify "men's professional sports teams". Otherwise, people throw the Lynx, UMD hockey, and other titles won by teams located in this state in your face. Just for the record, I do consider the Lynx championships as equal to a Twins, Vikings, Wild, or Wolves championship just a different category.
  4. The weather, ballpark, giveaways, and watching opposing players of interest are the remaining reasons to attend a Twins game at Target Field at this point in the 2021 season.
  5. Wait, I'm confused. I only watched the replay on the Bally Sports app (the world's worst app). Didn't Buxton try to bunt in the tenth inning and fail?
  6. One of the most head scratching extensions ever. I'm a Dobnak guy, still don't understand this contract, though.
  7. I'm pretty sure I got those tube socks back in 1985. That Kirby/Herbie Herbie/Kirby poster is awesome.
  8. The Twins auto renewed my season ticket package so I am good to go.
  9. “Rock’n’roll is nothing but shoes and haircuts.” David Lee Roth
  10. It's interesting to see that Arraez's off field personality matches his on field persona. Fun player to follow.
  11. He was in 2nd place for BA until this latest cold streak which started against the Yankees. He is still in 5th place in the BA race (if he had enough PAs to qualify), 16 points behind first place. If Arraez gets hot he could make up 16 points in the next month or so. Or, he could stay cold and hit .275 or lower for the year. Nobody really knows what will happen, that's why we play the games. I think Arraez will heat up again and finish well above .300 as I believe his hit skills are elite. Only time will tell.
  12. Keep the Tortuga graphic on the Bullpen Usage Chart for the foreseeable future. He is the best reliever in the Twins bullpen!
  13. Could we please get this version of Josh Donaldson (with healthy legs) at the start of 2022? The presence of that big bat in the middle of the lineup is a game changer.
  14. Yes, thank you for that perspective. The three Saints games I have seen so far this season have been putrid. The low A minor league games I have seen over the years have been much more entertaining. I disagree that the Saints are so much cheaper than the Twins. I found $18 tickets for Saturday, September 11 for the Twins. The Saints play at CHS that night and outfield reserved are $16. Yes, there are cheaper Saints options, I just can't sit on the berm or those awful GA seats at CHS Field. I also concede that you get closer to the field at CHS for the same dollars. I think people are crazy to want to watch the AAA team over the MLB club if we are only talking the play on the field.
  15. Yes, the Saints play a tainted form of baseball. No, just kidding. What I meant was that if you only looked at the baseball part of the equation and not at external factors such as price, stadium, etc. that the question was ridiculous. I don't see the attraction of watching the players that are not talented enough to play on the MLB team over watching the actual MLB team. I get the external factors as I mentioned my wife likes CHS better. I went to about 10 Saints games per year before 2021. This season, it will be four. I increased my Twins attendance since fewer Saints games attended. I have been a Saints fan since day one and really enjoyed them more when they were unaffiliated.
  16. From a pure baseball standpoint, this is a ridiculous question. The Twins every time. Now, factor the intangibles and maybe (maybe) it's the Saints. For example, my wife likes the smaller CHS Field and laid back Saints atmosphere and doesn't care much about quality of play. I liked the previous Saints version unaffiliated from the Twins better.
  17. Bremer is only 65 years old, so odds are he will still be the play by play voice for the 2051 Twins and be the emcee for this reunion. I see no indication Bremer will retire before then.
  18. Those starting pitching matchups look like an 0-6 week. You are pulling the plug too soon on Kepler. In 2021, he has 1.1 WAR, OPS+ of 101. The wOBA and wRC+ look below average, I will give you that. I'm not walking on a guy with 16 HRs so far in 2021 during the worst season of his career and a .215 BABIP. The Twins have him signed for 2-3 more seasons dirt cheap. I can get behind moving Kepler down in the order and putting Arraez leadoff.
  19. The Legend of Lewis Thorpe and his early days continues to grow. It's not that I don't believe these tales of greatness, they just are so different than what he flashes today. It makes me even more nervous to give up Berrios for prospects.
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