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    Grew up in Central MN - Little Falls area on Dairy farm. Serve in the military - USAF. Use GI bill to get college degree from SCSU. Have work in Production MGMT for 4 MFG companies last 30 years. Married (wife Janice) have 5 kids and 8 grandchildern. Life long love affair with game of Baseball & MN Twins. Played game has a youth. Other passion is Bruce Springteen and the E-Street Band. Attended 14 concerts over the years.
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    Production Control MGR for MFG Company


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    Family, Baseball, and Bruce Springsteen's music

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  1. I am with the ones who like the trade for many of reasons stated. Good baseball trade for both teams. Really like Kiner-Falefa's glove and speed. Bonus, he can be the emergency 3rd catcher too. Goodbye Turtle for sure. I'm pretty confident that Jeffers and Rortvedt will be fine too. I am thinking too that adding an excellent fielding SS won't hurt in trying to sign free agent pitchers. Especially with SS being a black hole for coming season without trade. Lastly, with coming rule change in 2023 limiting shifts middle infield defense with range becomes more important.
  2. Great article and great guys. I have been on the journey with them has a lifelong Twins fan since the beginning 1961. Only got one big dream left one more World Series Championship run. 1987 and 1991 was long time ago now, I want my grandchildren to have that experience. Target Field deserves a World Series. The guys deserve it too, their passion shines through their work. All the best!
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