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    Grew up in Central MN - Little Falls area on Dairy farm. Serve in the military - USAF. Use GI bill to get college degree from SCSU. Have work in Production MGMT for 4 MFG companies last 30 years. Married (wife Janice) have 5 kids and 8 grandchildern. Life long love affair with game of Baseball & MN Twins. Played game has a youth. Other passion is Bruce Springteen and the E-Street Band. Attended 14 concerts over the years.
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    Family, Baseball, and Bruce Springsteen's music

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  1. I stand with Melissa. Joe was a great player and person. He will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He had some bad luck with injuries, or his records would be even greater. I always felt if him and Morneau had not been derailed with injuries in some of their peak years. They would have led the Twins to at least World Series appearance or two. Like Melissa I have tremendous respect for Joe the person. No classier a guy ever played for the Twins. I've been around long enough to see them all.
  2. My view is the huge underperformance of Correa and Buxton is the biggest factor. Why the Twins record is what it is. If they cannot elevate their play to past performance levels. The team has no chance to be a competitive play-off team this year. Any moves they make at the trade deadline should be based on an honest assessment of Correa and Buxton's play for remainder of the season. I still have some hope but it's getting harder by the day. Since they both have long term contracts and no-trade clauses. The 2024 team will be heavily dependent on them getting them turned around also.
  3. I'm not convinced that Kepler's recent play will continue. I concur with trading high on Kepler if there is an opportunity to do so. Larnach's age and years of team control over Kepler weigh heavily why I prefer moving Kepler. Especially if the return is similar. Dumping Gallo and keeping Wallner on the big-league roster is a no brainer. At least I hope it is!
  4. Besides Lopez's poor performance, my guess is he was a problem in the clubhouse too. Addition by subtraction. Hindsight is 20/20 but man would love to have Cano back. They do need to do through review on why Baltimore was able to turn Cano into an All Star and they over-valued Lopez's trade value based on 1/2 a season has a closer.
  5. Definitely move on from Popkins and 1st would explore whether Nelson Cruz is interested in the job. Another possibility would be if there is college coach with big league experience either has a coach or player. I just can't take much more of almost half the outs are strike outs. Especially the high number of called 3rd strikes. Swing the bat at the least.
  6. Agree totally. Especially with the disappointment of the attitude of the manager and FO towards the results on the field.
  7. Very disappointed in the season. Something is wrong that so many hitters are underperforming. When they hired the young, very inexperience batting coach I questioned the hire. He is not totally blame but I'm convinced he is in over his head. Rocco in his press conference after the Atlanta fiasco sure seem to me pointing fingers at him without directly naming him. I would think their working relationship is pretty strained after that. That they are not making any significant changes during the all star break per interviews with Falvey, Dave St, Peter is disappointing. I remember in 2006 when they were in similar situation and Ryan and Gardy did make major changes. Which turned their season around. As a season ticket holder, I'm not buying staying the course with the current players and coaches makes sense. I guess I will have to join with other boo birds at games. I did read in Souhan's column when he was interviewing Joe Pohlad, Falvey's boss in his office during the last game (15-2 loss). They both could hear the boo birds loud and clear. Here's to Joe Pohlad properly motivating Falvey and Rocco.
  8. I am going to take it one game at time. He had hell of a game yesterday and I enjoyed watching it.
  9. Enjoyed reading your article Hans. Thought provoking and informative. Good job!
  10. Sorry Melissa, I love the pitch clock and the pace of the game with it. Players are adapting well to it. It will be fine for the playoffs. I'm retired now but did not like the 4-hour plus playoff games at night. When I had to get early the next morning for work. Go Twins!
  11. Four Hall of Fame Twins: Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew, Kirby Puckett, and Tony Oliva. Cased Closed.
  12. Great job Twins front office! Thank you has a long-time Twins fan and season ticket holder. Go Twins!
  13. Anyone watch the MLB channel? There is a couple former MLB GM who are regulars. They frequently say, "There is no such thing as a bad 1-year contract". However, there have been hell lot of long-term contracts that teams have regretted over the years. Just saying while I drink my cold beverage.
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