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  1. I'd rather we pull a kid off of a local high school team and give him innings than this guy. Move on. He sucks!
  2. I am indifferent on this move. We gave up nothing to get him. Basically this ends up looking like trading 1-year of Urshella for 2 years of this guy. I haven't seen him play much so I will reserve judgement, but I also feel like moving a guy that was pretty solid and literally the most durable player on the team wasn't a great idea with the glass joe guys we already carry on this roster...
  3. I think you just hit on the reason they did this. It's the team control. They feel like they can pay this guy peanuts and he can fill SS or somewhere else in the infield if needed. I don't feel like this is a winning move in any way. But it is a Falvine move. "Team control" 2 of their very favorite words.
  4. I would prefer they start him out as long relief. And if I'm being honest, I don't think he will contribute much. He's 35 coming off TJ. I hope I am wrong, but I think his days are over. Twins will try and sell it though as a stud coming back for the rotation. We all know better than that. If it happens, great, but counting on him for much is a mistake IMO.
  5. The only way I want any of these guys is on short term deal. They are all old and going to fall off a cliff. Offer 2-year 110 million dollars, I don't care how high the AAV is. What I don't want is guys 35-38 years old pitching for 25-35 per year that are brutal and make it impossible to add players down the line. Make them rich short term or move on. It is not worth giving major long term money to any ballplayer that is over the age of 30-32. Haven't we learned this by now.
  6. These are the kinds of guys I have always been against signing. And the Twins continue to do it year after year. Pickup 2 of these types of pitchers and 2-3 of these types of position players. All while wasting money that could have been used to buy 1 or 2 studs. TRUST YOUR MINOR LEAGUES. Only sign or trade for studs. Use your system to fill in.
  7. I think you are right with SWR, he has the POTENTIAL to be a #1-2 guy. To be a real ace though, IMO you need at least one HAMMER pitch or exceptional command though and from what I have watched none of his pitches look to have that kind of profile about them. If he can improve his changeup to make it that kind of pitch I would be 100% on board. Agree on Duran 100%. He has that hammer type stuff. Can he stretch out without getting himself injured? If so, I think you instantly have possibly a top 10 starter in all of baseball. That said, is it worth the risk of injury? He's unhittable out of the bullpen and a huge weapon on a team that loves to use their BP and doesn't care much for their starters.
  8. Possibly you are right. And to be honest, this is probably the smartest route to take with him. His stuff is better than anyone in the Twins system except Duran. Deceptive delivery also. My guess if he can stay healthy, he will be a bullpen HAMMER. This is the guy I most want to see get healthy and up to help the Twins. Watching clips, he looks dynamic.
  9. "IF" you are going to hand out long term deals to position players, then I would prefer someone that plays both sides of the ball and is under the age of 30. I would either go all in for Correa or find a placeholder. That said, it this will be the last year in a few when they are so many good SS on the FA market. They better be sure Lewis or Lee can stick there if they don't end up getting someone this offseason. Of course, there are always trades.
  10. This could work, but don't expect anything from Kiriloff. My gut feel, he is done. As is done for good. I also HATE Arraez at any position besides 1B. He is flat out not a good fielder anywhere else. I literally love the guy as a player, but I think shopping Polanco for pitching is probably not a bad idea this offseason. That said, I don't want to move him for peanuts or for guys way down the line, Would love to be able to use him to get major league ready/ML pitching, stud relief help, etc. Not sure this is feasible, and this would likely lead to more Aaraez at 2nd, but I would at least put some feelers out there to see what his value in across the league.
  11. Shift is gone after this year. But I would also disagree on 3B being harder to play. 2B has much more ground to cover, has to handle cuts, double plays, etc. Catcher, SS, 2B, CF that is where I want all of my athletes if possible.
  12. I honestly think the Twins need to sign an outfielder this offseason. Someone right handed that can hit the ball above average. That way, when Buxton sits out, we would have someone that can play on a corner and move either Kepler or Celestino to center and not worry about how they hit. That or sign a real CF that can both field the ball well and hit. Either way, you will need someone to backup Buxton, because there is only a 2% chance he plays more than 90 games or so. Even when he is in there, he is the DH as often as the CF. I think Celestino has the defensive talent to replace him, but his bat isn't great. He also needs "baseball class" for the entire offseason to learn how to actually play the game. It boggles my mind that a guy can make it to the major leagues, yet be much further behind in knowing how to play than the average 16u travel ball player.
  13. I would prefer a guy with that kind of athletic ability and defensive prowess to play a middle of the diamond position though, wouldn't you?
  14. I love what Gordon did this year. He was finally healthy and produced. I love his speed, athleticm and ability to play multiple spots. He also seems to have a pretty good persona about him. Big fan after this year, let's hope it wasn't a flash in the pan and he can continue as a piece of this core for awhile.
  15. I agree that he plays hard. His attitude inside some players on this roster with more talent would sure make things fun again. Hard to really call for seeing more of him next year, but I agree, he brings something to the Twins that we don't see a ton of anymore. Hats off to him.
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