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  1. In my opinion they are, that doesn't mean it's gospel. Usually teams don't get rid of a third of their rotation or make infield holes though when they are in first place.
  2. LOL. Exactly, if it isn't any good, then why is it relevant? Aaraez won't move. Maybe they will move Urshela and do full time over there with Miranda. But I just don't see stuff like you are saying relying on 2 prospects to fill 3B and trading away starting pitchers when you are a contending team. I've read your posts and lot of them are pretty good, mostly Pohlad pocket protector-ish, but usually well thought out. This line of trade scenarios, etc you suggested though don't make sense to me.
  3. Aarez at 3rd? Did you watch him there earlier? He was terrible there. He is at 1st and that is where he will stay with him hitting like he is, they are not going to mess with him. Steer, ok fine, but I'm not rolling with an unproven guy when I have someone that plays lights out defense over there in Urshela.
  4. You won't get anything for those three players. So, if you want to get them off the roster for the sake of freeing up spots on the 40 man, that is the only reason to do it. Dumping 2 pitchers that are as of right now in your starting rotation is also not very wise. Urshela might get you something, but he is exactly the kind of guy playoff teams have to be a utility man. He plays great defense and his bat isn't terrible. Unless the return for him is a fairly solid relief pitcher, I would hang onto him. Also, I am not ready to give 3B 100% to Miranda with no backup plan yet.
  5. And you might be right. I just think if you have a team that is playing well, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. There is a chance the Twins go the next 2 seasons and don't make the playoffs. Then what? Back to dumping anyone that is any good and another rebuild. Strike when the iron is hot is always my mantra. Pitchers are especially flaky. Also, if Buxton is still healthy at the deadline with Correa(who won't be here next year), and Arraez hitting hotter than anyone in baseball, I think you have to take that chance. Think next year of Buxton at 70 games, zero from Correa and Araaez OPSing .725. It could happen very easily.
  6. If Austin Martin is worth anything anymore, he is the one I would move. Him + one other pitching prospect that grades as a #4-5 guy should be enough to get one of the better relief arms on the block IMO.
  7. Do you think the Twins will magically have a better lineup and/or rotation in a year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.? What "future" are you talking about? Are we supposed to just hold onto all these young hitters in case someone gets hurt? It's not fair to them to not be on a major league roster. We have a glut of them, move them for where we aren't strong. It only makes sense. Whether this "move" is for this year or into the future at some point, you have to make room or move guys that are major league ready.
  8. One prospect in the 75-150 range(MLB rank) and a throw in is what he is worth at the deadline. Maybe not even that. You aren't getting 5 studs back for him.
  9. It really won't matter until the manager starts letting ANY of the starters go more than 5 innings. This is all working now, but my money says this bullpen gets worn out around July/August and are going to be cannon fodder for the remainder...
  10. Here's the thing. If the Twins get towards the deadline and are looking like a lock for the playoffs, why would they dump Correa for more pitching? We have tons of prospects that can and should get moved if this is the case. I would prefer using those prospects to go after #1-an arm we can control for a bit and #2, the very best reliever available. If the team is in a playoff position when the deadline comes and they move him, the whole team will quit and you can forget long term deals for any youngsters you have and need or want to extend that are on the squad right now and will have options when their time comes.
  11. This has been the case for almost every Twins team that has made the playoffs in the last how many years. I think this is a good club and if things break their way they might make some noise. That said, I am not expecting more than a division title.
  12. If by that you mean do I think Rocco is in over his head managing his bullpen? Then yes. And if you meant that I think we have a team full of guys that will do well vs. poor pitching in our division and bottom feeding teams but not against the #1-2 starters of the contenders, then yes...
  13. I think we will win the division. Or that is my hope. We might have to get lucky though, I think Rocco is going to burn up this bullpen. Once we get to the playoffs, we have Buxton, Correa, Polanco and Duran, heck let's add Joe Ryan. Those 5 are as good as anyone in the league. The rest will have to play out of their minds.
  14. Paddack is young still. He was a top 35 prospect in all of baseball coming up. Look at his minor league numbers, he was a stud. He is better than anything we have in the minors. I like this trade. Hate losing Rogers, but if we weren't going to pay him after this season, then it was a good move. He should scoop up innings for 3 years in a 3-5 role. Hopefully by then, we will have established a better top of the rotation through trade or whatever.
  15. Having your 2 most important defensive positions filled by perpetual all stars in Buxton and Correa makes this team worth watching for sure. I didn't think there was any way we could get this guy, so I will give the front office credit. Thought it was going to take more years to get him. The opt outs suck, he basically is here on a 1-year deal, but either way it's neat having the Twins be the team to land him.
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