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  1. I agree. And if they trade any one of Buxton, Berrios, or Rogers. They flat out MUST get at least one guy AND develop him into a top line starter. This is where the FO should be making their money. So far, neither that last FO nor this one has developed anyone that can start games and be in the top 1/3 of the league except Berrios. Trading for, or drafting and developing top line arms are what this organization has struggled at for quite some time. It needs to be better flat out or we will never see what we want to see here and that is winning playoff baseball games.
  2. People understand it. But what we don't understand is why would the Twins make a 7/70 offer when a 5/100 will be on the table? It's insulting and a classic "we tried" move. Teams flat out WILL pay Buxton that kind of money. It's risky, but it will happen. Twins are off the mark by about 20-40% just like they always are when this kind of thing happens. Leopards can't change their spots. Hunter 3/45 - 5/90 Santana - 4/80 - 6/137
  3. And this is exactly what I am talking about. Twins give up big time talent and bring back wet blankets, #4-5 starters, 4th outfielder, league average players and tout how great of a job they did. When is the last time that any seller-type trade the Twins made brought back a real difference maker?
  4. Then there is no need to move him. He is a top reliever and we have the worst bullpen on the planet. Quit giving away talent and bringing back wet blankets for them.
  5. I agree, if they trade Rogers, they need back a guy that projects as a stud. I want a top 30 MLB prospect for him. Quality, not quantity.
  6. I don't think it is cause for termination. The cause for termination would be when they do end up trading these guys and the pieces they get back don't develop into anything. If they trade them, they flat out need 2-4 guys that contribute at an extremely high level back for them. I'm not talking about #4 starters, 4th outfielders or replacement level guys. I am talking about #1 starters, top 10 league MVP type guys. Trading Kirby Puckett and Frank Viola would have been enough to stockpile the organization for years. This is a fairly similar situation. These 2 guys are flat out the 2 best players we have. If they trade these guys, they MUST get back and develop the players into huge pieces that lead to something close to a title. If not, CAN THEM
  7. He can expect it because he agent is at work feeling around and knows it's 20+ per year the minute he hits the FA market. Yes, he has another year of arb left, but the fact is, he WILL be paid much more than the offer the Twins gave. That is why he is doing it. Would you take an offer that is half of what the rest of the league will offer you? No one would. He and his agent are not dumb. They will flat out not accept this token offer from the Twins.
  8. They could have with an ace and a stud closer. But the Twins don’t ever go for it. That year they hit all the bombs they needed to go all in and of course didn’t. Afraid to ever go for it. Hold onto all their prospects, etc. this organization won’t win a title unless they are able to develop 3/5 of a pitching rotation and 3 solid bullpen arms and all are young and affordable. They simply do not have the guts to go for it when it is there for the taking
  9. It’s 5/110 or so and everyone knows it. Twins offer is laughable. Is it a risk at that money? Heck yeah, big time! That said, that is what he will get. He is the best athlete in the game and possibly the fastest. 10 million a year for this guy when garbage #4 pitchers make that is just not even close. He will get 20 mill per year or more whenever he signs a deal. Book it
  10. No, it's not new information. That is why when fans fall for reports like this, they are gullible. This is just another "we tried" piece and anyone that has been around for long enough knows it. The offer for Buxton will be one top 100 prospect + filler garbage. Take that to the bank. Everyone knows the Twins won't pay him what the market says he is worth. Why would anyone give up a top 15 in baseball type prospect AND have to pay the man when they can just wait another year and keep that top 15 guy? You saw this exact thing with Santana. What did we get for the best pitcher in Twins history? Almost nothing. Not one prospect that was in the top 20 in any lists and a whole pile of steaming garbage. The return will likely be equal to or less this for yet another top player that the whole league knows this organization has no real intention of signing...
  11. Just watch what happens. Teams have the Twins over a barrel just like they did with Santana and they know it. There are only a few teams out there that will be willing to give Buxton the big money because of that risk he carries and it will be the same teams that wanted to rape Johan from us.
  12. This is exactly what it looks like IMO. A 70 million dollar offer when 100+ will be on the table for almost certain. He won't sign here, folks, so get ready for it. If he was going to sign here, you honestly wouldn't even see this article. The deal would just be done and we would hear specifics. This is basically the Twins doing damage control as more than likely IMO, Buxton has made up his mind he won't be signing here. I also want to brace everyone for the fact that in a trade, the Twins likely won't get what most of us think he is worth. The other side of this, is that as soon as Buxton turns this down, then Berrios is 100% gone as well. In fact, it's quite possible Berrios is already gone and Buxton sees the writing on the wall as well. Do what we do around here all the time. REBUILD
  13. I mean, I'm with you if you can get another team to take on that contract. My guess though, is that the Twins have to eat a large portion of it to move him. In fact, I would guess, that no team takes him even if they don't have to give up a player at all unless the Twins eat a pile of money.
  14. I wouldn't trade him. If you did, just as you guys are saying, I would want back what his talent is worth, not how much he has played. It's worth the risk for this sorry organization to try and resign him. And with that injury history they DO have a little bit of leverage. We won't be able to touch another player like Buxton for many many years. Put it this way. This team doesn't have any top pitching. And they won't until they can identify a guy in the draft that can throw hard, go 7 innings and dominate games. The way forward until they can get this pitching is to win with your position players. Your pitching staff will continue to be below average until you pay someone or develop someone.
  15. I don't mind trading him at all. If the offer is good. That said if it isn't, keep him and dump next year at the deadline or just let him walk at the end of next season. Dumping guys that are successful just because you think you have to has gotten the Twins into trouble before. I need a top 100 prospect in baseball to even pickup the phone...
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