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  1. NOT crazy. Bill Smith took over the team after the 2007 season. Four years later the organization had a major league team with a 99-loss season and a minor league system bereft of any hope. He was one of the worst GM's in MLB in the last 50 years.
  2. He was NOT playing every day. I checked the box scores from last week to confirm. He played on 6/8, 6/10, and 6/12. He did not play on 6/9, 6/11, or 6/13. Apples and oranges. They were hoping Refsnyder would improve enough to get back to playing sooner, the idea being to avoid using the IL and possibly have to add someone to the 40-man. If they had another outfielder ready to go they probably would have put Refsnyder on the IL right away. The only outfielder on the 40-man not in the majors is Rooker and I'm sure they want someone who can play CF.
  3. Very similar to the Buxton issue. There are those who feel Buxton should not have gone through a ramp-up rehab assignment but rather just be put on the major league roster and go 100% after a month off. It would be equally unreasonbale to advocate for shifting Buxton directly from idling to high gear.
  4. Even against decent teams with second-line and third-line players this team has done OK at producing runs. As long as our position players are healthy I'm not concerned about that. It seems we have enough talent coming along to keep us stocked for the next few years. Beyond that, the obvious has already been stated many times. It's time to cut bait regarding Shoemaker. I can't picture another team taking him on if he's released, much less give something up for him in a trade. We should hang on to other short-termers for now and hope their performance in the next month or so can fetch us someth
  5. That's the first thing I thought of when I heard Cave went on the 60-day. Being traded for a low-level prospect would have been the best way for him to contribute to the success of the organization.
  6. Do publishers really not know any better? Or do they just not bother? I suppose they figure the librarians do a better job anyway so they don't even try.
  7. By having Shoemaker on the roster the Twins are telling us that there is nobody else in the organization who can do a better job. I simply do not believe that. As I said after his debacle in KC it is time to thank him for trying and wish him well in his future endeavors.
  8. With Berrios' stuff one of these days he's going to have a game where he's totally unhittable. Why not tonight?
  9. Another thought on this matter: only those who voted "Don't rebuild, continue to fight" on the "Blow it up?" poll would advocate for placing Buxton on the major league roster without a rehab assignment. The other 96.15% of us agree with the Twins that it's best to wait until he's truly ready.
  10. I agree that this incident in last night's game was wrong. You have to touch first, second, and third, in that order, before touching home plate or the run doesn't count. It's the same principle as a batter not being allowed to take first on a base on balls unless there have been four pitches outside the strike zone .
  11. So after not playing at all for a month he should go full speed without any ramp-up? By that logic there should be no need for spring training. Just have everyone get conditioned on their own and start the season. I guess this is one of those agree-to-disagree situations. Players know the difference between rehab assignments (or spring training) and major league games. In the majors the instinct is to go all-out, and if the body is not fully healed from injury the risk of reinjury is significant. On a rehab assignment the instinct is not to overdo it to minimize that risk while still havi
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