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  1. Well, really you'd have to ask Cody Schoenmann; he used viable in the headline. But my inference is that he thinks viable means good enough to be in the rotation. What I meant by more than viable is that I think he will be one of the top three in our rotation (with Lopez and Ryan).
  2. BTW that line was written by William Safire. At least that's what the Google told me.
  3. First of all, I commend the vast majority of commenters here for spelling Paddack correctly. It shows that you are actually paying attention and have some knowledge of the subject matter. I think Paddack will be more than just viable in the 2024 rotation. I expect him to be solid. He is an experienced pitcher and, SSS notwithstanding, he showed last fall that his stuff will play now that he has a healthy arm (for the first time in a long time, as Minderbinder pointed out). He also has the offseason to continue working on whatever he needs to do to be ready to go. IMHO optimism about him is justified.
  4. Gordon was satisfactory. Provus is better than Gordon ever was. But the only announcer I know of who may have been better than Carneal was Vin Scully.
  5. You're right of course; it's not automatic but having a strong baseball culture as a base to work from is very helpful. It also helps to have neither the NFL nor the NBA to compete with for money and attention.
  6. This has been posted before but apparently it doesn't always register. The St. Louis Cardinals franchise can't be compared to other teams based on market size. St. Louis is a baseball-first market. Always has been. This goes back to the earliest years of the major leagues. There were two major league teams there for 52 years (!) in a city smaller than Chicago, New York, Boston, or Philadelphia. The Cardinals were the primary team of probably half of the geographical United States before teams moved and expansion occurred. This is why NBA and NFL franchises have not succeeded there. The Cardinals have a significantly higher level of revenue than other teams in markets of similar population. Comparing the Cardinals with other teams based on market population is working from a false premise. Apples and oranges, if you will.
  7. I don't know what's so brilliant about copying and pasting from actual comments.😉
  8. Blackouts in some form have been around for decades. In the early years of televised baseball home games were rarely broadcast because teams felt it would hurt ticket sales. Later, alternative broadcasts were blacked out so that fans would be forced to watch on the team's preferred outlet. But in the modern era (finally!) teams have realized that they can ultimately receive revenue from any and every source fans can access and teams have also realized that making it easy for fans to follow the team is a good thing for business. Why did it take so long?
  9. I don't listen to radio radio coverage a lot, but I like Atteberry. That said, I certainly understand why he's not everybody's cup of tea. I hope everyone involved in this shift of roles succeeds.
  10. I would have been fine with either Provus or Gellner. I think they are both very capable and I think either would have done well. Just curious...why would you have preferred Gellner?
  11. The 2024 team is in the catbird seat regarding the AL Central. Cleveland is closer to rebuilding than contending and KC and the White Sox have a loooong way to go to be competitive. That leaves Detroit, and I doubt many people expect them to surpass the Twins. This means that the Twins have a good shot to be in good shape come mid-July even with a lower payroll. If that comes to pass they will have some space to absorb higher salaries as the trading deadline approaches. I realize this involves optimism on my part but a guy can hope. The thing is that this still doesn't answer the question about why this was leaked in the first place.
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