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  1. If it's in the New York Post one shouldn't reflexively believe that it's true.
  2. Athletic departments don't want to keep up with the Joneses. They want to be better than all Joneses. I'm sure the LSU athletic department did a search and found that Johnson was far and away the best fit for their program. Moreover, I'm sure they realized very quickly that other programs would soon make the same finding. Hence they realized that it was in their best interest to act very quickly and make an un-refusable offer before someone else did. Kudos to LSU.
  3. It would have to be the 13-run rule. No major league team has ever won a game after trailing by 13. 12 has been done, though.
  4. Seriously, though, wiping them out in the opening game of the series, extending their losing streak to 5, can demoralize them for the next 4 games. I hope, anyway.
  5. They are. They could have scored 15 by now if they really wanted to.
  6. I don't think the exact split matters. All of our current analysts are better than Bert and Torii. I rate Hawkins lowest of the group, but I still think he does OK. If we could get Roy, Justin, Perk, and Kitty (in no particular order) to handle all the games that would be outstanding.
  7. Another example of Baldelli's mismanagement. He should have batted those players 1-4 instead of 5-8.
  8. Johnson was hired by the Twins in November of 2018. This is the time of year when college baseball coaches are in the middle of preparation for their season, which begins in February. That means workouts and practices are underway or close to beginning. This would be similar to a pitching coach leaving an MLB team in January, while spring training is being planned. I don't recall any hue and cry about Johnson leaving his position at the University of Arkansas at a critical time.
  9. I'm sure money isn't the only issue. But if the difference is 400K per year as was mentioned above I would think money is a very significant issue. I will also make a guess--and it's only a guess--that after nearly 4 years in MLB he has found that he prefers working in a college setting rather than in the professional game. There have been scores of coaches who have found that they are better suited to one more than the other. Moreover, this looks to me like it's one of the best college coaching positions in the country. Rather than assuming there's something shady I choose to give all parties the benefit of doubt and believe that this move is simply a career shift for Johnson.
  10. If he's available at a reasonable price, OK, I suppose, what the heck. But I certainly wouldn't give much in money or in prospects to get a so-so pitcher who's 34 years old.
  11. After the games on May 24 we were at 27-16. Since then we have gone 13-17. Not wonderful but certainly not in free fall. I believe we lead the majors in injured list time and Cleveland got hot for a while but in spite of those issues we are still in first place. I think this team will be in contention for the postseason from this point forward.
  12. Miami is not doing that bad. 32-38. The problem is that in spite of being a fan favorite he's a marginal baseball player, he's not physically fit, and he'll be 31 in October. I don't think any contending team would have a spot for him and rebuilding teams won't spend their resources on him.
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