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  1. I don't know who wrote this, but I have read something to this effect: When I was growing up I only played about 10 games of baseball in my neighborhood. Each game started in the spring as soon as there was enough sunlight to play after school and each game ended the following fall when the sun began to set too soon.
  2. He's an unrepentant Twins fan who tries mightily to keep that in check when he works a game. Sometimes he succeeds and sometimes he doesn't, but when it bleeds through I think it's totally appropriate for his audience. (Find the video of Jim Thome on 8/17/2010 and the video of Brian Dozier on 7/10/2015.) I think he will be a deserving member of the Twins HOF after he retires.
  3. It seems there are many people who dislike the concept of an opener. As for me, I'm in favor of whatever makes the team's pitching staff more effective as a whole. If using an opener accomplishes that, thumbs up!
  4. Defenses wouldn't have shifted for long. He'd have hit a bunt double every time there were three infielders on the right side.
  5. I have very recent memories of Dan Gladden saying Adrianza with a long a as the first syllable. It made me literally switch the radio to something else.
  6. Nope. I want the Vikings to win more than any other NFL team but I'm very whatever about how and what they do. It's not baseball, it's only the NFL.
  7. This is a bit tangential but... I believe starting players officially enter the game at the point when the lineup cards are presented to the umpires before the game. Managers do not see the official opposing starting lineup until after both teams' starting lineups are presented. Is there anything to prevent a manager from making a last-minute change if there is an opener match-up that is more favorable? Say Team A announces a right-handed starting pitcher the day before the game. However, Manager A anticipates an abundance of left-handed batters near the top of the opposing lineup and presents a lineup card with a left-handed pitcher, presumably as an opener. Is this within the rules? Would this constitute poor sportsmanship or is it only strategy? This also gives an advantage to the visiting team since they could wait until after the lineups were presented to warm up the opener, thereby concealing their strategy.
  8. Actually I suspect it might be NoDak oil fields.
  9. So what if there's always one or more interleague series going on? I think that matters not one bit. IMHO interleague play should be spread out over the entire season anyway whether it's mathematically necessary or not.
  10. My opinion about Gladden's work in the booth is that it makes him LESS deserving of HOF honors.
  11. Gladden (and possibly Tovar) is an example of the slippery slope of Halls of Fame and why I don't put a lot of value in them. If player A has a good run as a Twin and gets in, then player B should get in too. Same for player C, and D, and E. Etc, etc, etc. Now that Gladden is in, then what about Larry Hisle? Lyman Bostock? Jimmie Hall? Tom Brunansky? Randy Bush? Gene Larkin? Gary Ward? Shane Mack? Ron Coomer? Lenny Green? Roy Smalley?
  12. I'm significantly older than you; even so it's Kirby for me as well. And this also makes him my favorite baseball player of all time.
  13. I specifically remember Patrick Reusse saying on the radio in 2005 that an elbow injury was almost a certainty for Liriano because of the violent delivery he used to throw his slider. Human bodies are only capable of so much for a given period of time, and Liriano's given period of time ended in 2006. But, man, what a given period of time it was. It hasn't been many times that the Cy Young winner has been second-best in his team's rotation.
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