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  1. OK Rook, impress all of us! Edit: PH, never mind.
  2. But we have yet to see who the first player born in the 21st century will be.
  3. 16 characters including the hyphen. I'm pretty sure this would be the longest last name in franchise history. Max Kepler-Rozycki has 14, and Gene DeMontreville had 13.
  4. Should be easy to find a spot on the 40-man for now; I think we are allowed to transfer Archer or Gray to the IL-60.
  5. Well, when you have a special ticket package that includes poor-to-average quality headwear it's going to attract a lot of people.
  6. Of course there are many interlocking letter logos. But we have the only TC that I know of. Very recognizable and unique.
  7. Of course I'll have to reserve comment on the new uniforms until I see them, but the one thing they had better not mess with is the TC logo. It should stay on their caps and continue to be used elsewhere. It's unique and it immediately identifies the team. There's nothing resembling it anywhere else in sports.
  8. Per Phil Miller of the StarTribune: https://www.startribune.com/twin-new-uniforms-target-field-dave-stpeter-rebranding-cranes-behind-left-field/600210558/
  9. Rocco does not develop starters. Nor does any other major league manager. That is not in the job description of a major league manager. That is the job of the minor league player development staff.
  10. If you are setting 99.5 losses as the over/under I'll put big money on the under.
  11. I don't know if it's me to whom you are referring, but I have said more than once that a team's objective for the regular season is to win as many games as possible, or at least to win as many games as necessary to qualify for the postseason. No team will win every game. In fact, few teams win 60% of their games. But one of the keys to winning as many games as possible is to use your resources wisely. It's a bad idea to reduce the likelihood of future wins by overusing your best players in a blowout game that is very unlikely to be won. (Or, for that matter, in a blowout game that is very unlikely to be lost.) So, yes, there are individual games where a team doesn't care if they lose because one step back can result in two steps forward. By the way, this is one of the issues that surfaced regarding Pete Rose's gambling. If he had a significant amount of money riding on an individual game he would be more likely to harm the team's chances in future games by pulling out all the stops for that game. This works out to be the exact opposite of how a team should be run. Instead of managing for the best overall record he would be managing for a single game only.
  12. I don't think there's anything about Baldelli's performance that would justify ending his employment. He seems like a pretty intelligent guy and I think he has mostly the right philosophies about handling players. For example, I generally agree with his philosophy about usually removing starters when the batting order comes around the third time. This strategy should work in your favor if you have a deep, reliable bullpen. That said, if you don't have the ideal bullpen you have to manage based on the players you have. I think that this season there was room for improvement in his performance in that regard.
  13. I was at the last two games, my first time seeing games there. It was disappointing for sure to watch how we played, but this is not surprising. It's been a tiring season and everyone knows it doesn't matter one bit whether we win any more games or not. We played literally our 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th-string outfielders and 4th-string catcher today. And speaking of disappointing, I expected to like Kauffman Stadium more than I did. I guess it's a bit unfair, having been spoiled by Target Field for so long. The field itself was nice, and I liked the fountains. But to me the upper deck is a monstrosity. There are a LOT of bad seats way up there. I'll include a photo I took after today's game so you can see what I mean. And I was also underwhelmed by the food and beer choices, although I didn't try any barbecue because I had a good meal of that yesterday afternoon at a small local establishment. That said, I liked the fans and staff I interacted with and I will certainly be back, hopefully under better circumstances.
  14. I don't really hate any team in the AL Central. I have relatives who are NYY and Bos fans, and I don't hold that against them, but those teams are on the short list of teams I don't like, the others being LAD, Atl, and Phi. Two teams I envy are Cle and TB. They have been getting it done mainly by drafting and developing.
  15. It was probably more like having nobody even close to being as good at playing center field. Besides, a short pointed discussion with the manager should be all that is required to deal with a problem.
  16. Maeda was pretty acey in 2020, short season notwithstanding.
  17. I think tanking in baseball is essentially pointless. First, draft-eligible players are much more difficult to project in baseball than in other sports, Second, my guess is that tanking almost never makes more of a change than 2 or 3 positions in the draft anyway. But if it is felt that tanking needs to be discouraged via a lottery, then setting up the lottery so that a team can not advance or descend by more than 3 positions ought to do it. I don't like that a team with the 7th-best record in its league has any chance, even a remote one, to wind up with the first pick. Nor do I like that a team with the worst record has any chance, even a remote one, to wind up with the 18th pick. How could this be done? Here's how I would do it. Choose one of the first four teams in the draft order at random to receive the first pick. For deciding the second pick, add team #5 to the remaining three and choose at random. For the third pick, add team #6 to the remaining three and choose. At that point, if team #1 has not yet been chosen, they get pick number 4. Otherwise add #7 and choose the team for the fourth pick. At that point, if team #2 has not been chosen, they get pick #5. Continue in this manner until the first 18 positions are decided. From that point on the selection order stays as it would have been without a lottery.
  18. I suspect the domain wasn't as valuable as the previous owners thought, hence the long holdout. All people have to do is bookmark a site so it really makes very little difference what the url happens to be.
  19. I understand the philosophy about limiting a starter to two rounds through the opposing lineup. Each batter has had two AB's to home in on the pitches, the starter will be beginning to tire, and a reliever who is fresh and has a different repertoire is more likely to succeed. But if that's how it's going to be done a deep bullpen is a necessity. Having another reliever would be a plus, but MLB rules limit the number of pitchers a team can carry. So if a starter routinely gets pulled after 4 to 5 innings and 60-70 pitches, would pitching on 3 days rest instead of 4 be feasible? That means more innings from the 4 best starters (if they can stay healthy) and it frees up another spot in the bullpen. If/when the rotation needs an extra day of rest then send a reliever to AAA and bring up a starter for a start or two, then send the starter back down the next day and call up another reliever. I can't be the first one to have this thought, but I wonder if it's ever been seriously considered by MLB teams. Of course the pitchers need to be good no matter what system is in place. Gotta draft, trade for, and sign the right guys and have the right coaches and player development people in place. Simple but not easy.
  20. There ain't no saguaro in Texas. 3:42NOW PLAYING WATCH LATER ADD TO QUEUE
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