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  1. This thread reminds me of LaMonte Wade, Jr. He was viewed as minor league depth, we had a surplus of left-handed bats in the outfield, so we traded him for a bullpen hopeful. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but how did that work out? I just hope that if we trade Rooker away we win the trade instead of repeating the Wade trade.
  2. Man, Justin has no problem with public speaking. At this rate we'll be lucky if the game starts before 7:30.
  3. Yep. In the NBA having two top-flight players can get you into the playoffs. Having three can get you a championship. In MLB having two top flight players pretty much guarantees you'll win 65 games. Moreover, in baseball it's much, much more difficult to project a draft-eligible player's ultimate performance level compared to basketball. One can also look at it this way. The Twins are currently in the #8 position for the 2022 draft. Now look at how many star MLB players were drafted 8th or later. (Almost all of them.) Tanking is silly. If you want to succeed, simply draft a good player each time your turn comes up. It comes down to scouting, scouting, and scouting.
  4. I'm too lazy to search for statistics to back this up, but it seems like Berrios very often pitches well, just not quite as well as he needs to in important situations. It makes me wonder if he has an underlying fear of success. I know that's kind of pop-culture psychology but it seems to apply. Last night was a prime example. His team is in a must-win situation in every game it plays, he knows it is his job to shut the opposition down, and he knows he has the stuff to do it, but he still had that lapse in the third inning that did him in.
  5. Don't stop just because the bases are empty. Let's show Berrios an early exit!
  6. I'm participating by expressing a point of view regarding the topic of conversation, and I enjoy doing so.
  7. Assigning a 1-5 number to a starter is not a stat. It's an arbitrary label that has no empirical statistical basis.
  8. I haven't read the whole thread, but I don't understand why people get so hung up on categorizing starting pitchers. I think it should be the goal to have a rotation of starters who have different strengths (with at least one lefty) to give a different look for the opposing team to deal with every game, but to try to assign a classification of ace, 2, 3, etc. is totally arbitrary and, IMHO, pointless.
  9. So what if the pitcher slows down a bit in occasional situations? Speeding up pace of play does not have to mean there must be action every second.
  10. So what would prevent a batter from standing outside the batter's box and letting the pitch clock wind down? Whether there's a batter's clock or not the pitch clock should not start until a legal pitch can be thrown.
  11. My favorite jersey does not currently exist. The best home uniform, which should be worn 81 times every regular season, is the cream pinstripes of the original team except that the very ugly 1960's script would be supplanted by the 2010-vintage "Twins" script that is currently used on the white pajama home uniforms.
  12. I'm in favor if it but only with these two provisions: One, there must also be a clock on the batter getting both feet in the batter's box (and the pitch clock will not start until that happens). Two, the pitch clock (but not the batter clock) will be turned off when there is a runner on base.
  13. I'm glad there have been no ignorant posts about it being Ryan's fault that he let that ball hit him like there were when Buxton suffered a broken hand.
  14. It's hard to tell, but I assume you were joking. What he did was OK from a business standpoint for an unaffiliated minor league team. Since the roster is made up of has-beens, never-wases, and never-will-bes you have a very low payroll so you don't have to attract many fans to cover expenses. This also means you won't attract fans who want to see quality baseball so instead you market to people who are willing to pay to see a pig as a mascot and other kooky gimmicks. Your win-loss record makes no difference. None. This would never work in the major leagues.
  15. When there is an infield fly the batter is out and the runners can advance at their own risk. The thing about that in this case is that it removes the force play at third and second. On the play neither runner was tagged out so they should have been placed at third and second.
  16. I've said this before and I'll say it again regarding replays. The official deciding the replay should not know the call on the field. The official would rule safe, out, or inconclusive. Only if the ruling is inconclusive would the call on the field stand.
  17. This is Polanco talking to the first baseman after that tag. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=0w-HpBPJC1I&list=RDAMVM0w-HpBPJC1I
  18. Interesting that Perez was in proper position to back up the throw by staying at home plate.
  19. Merrifield could have avoided spiking Sano on that. Shades of AJ Pierzynski spiking Mientkiewicz. Or was it Cuddyer.
  20. I'm starting to think that we should put him there next opening day and see how it goes.
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