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  1. The Twins are not playing good baseball as a team right now. The Angels are bad and losing last night was ridiculous because that game should have been a blow out win. Something within the team is not right and the players are not working together. you can sense it and see it in their faces at various times. Baseball has a long season and many shifts in behavior and attitude as well as physical wellness play into the outcomes. Hopefully the Twins can discover something positive on the plane ride back to Minnesota.
  2. There is something odd about a MLB starting pitcher who is a veteran needing to be sat down after 65 pitches against a very poor hitting opponent. The velocity shown by many pitchers today is impressive but most of the velocity is from relief pitchers. Ryan sits around 90-92 with Bundy checking in a few clicks higher and Mahle around 92-95. These are all very good fastballs but not out of the ordinary for good pitchers in the 21st century. Why is there such a drop in pitch counts in the last few decades? Bert Blyleven would groan when a pitcher was taken out with 100-110 pitches, suggesting that when a guy is cruising along throwing another inning was practical. If 100 pitches is a standard for a decent starting pitcher, where does the Twins management team derive their opinion that 60-80 is the ceiling for most of their pitchers? Mahle threw 100+ pitches in ten starts for the Reds but now cannot reach 90 pitches? There must be some model the Twins use but it sure isn't working as the bullpen has struggled to fill five innings per game all year. When a team develops a strategy based on the models they deem most likely to produce a positive outcome and it results in a series of fails, there needs to be some reflection. The refusal to consider some change, adjustment, or just some different trial runs in game philosophy in many areas seems just stubborn at this point; pride maybe. The Twins seem to disdain running, bunting, sacrificing, IBB, and other parts of the game. Most egregious is how the model decides the moves and not the performance being shown. Thus we don't see "let him pitch- he is strong" or "he is off-get him out of there" and other human decisions. The Twins management must be watching the games but there are times it isn't obvious. There would never be a place for Tom Kelly or Ron Gardenhire in this organization much less a guy like Terry Francona. I'm mystified as to the plan.
  3. Perhaps Julien can be promoted to St. Paul when Martin is sent back to Wichita. It is getting late in the schedule but Julien to move up, but he certainly has done everything he can to prove he is ready for the next challenge.
  4. The way the Twins played and managed the Saturday night game in Anaheim brings me pause to my previous optimism; the game was distressing.
  5. Was Bundy really tired or losing any command and control of his pitches? If so, then ok to be proactive. I didn't see any tough innings or at bats. Bundy looked the same in inning five as he did in inning one. If he was lifted because of analytics, the Twins have a serious problem. Using 4-5 relief pitchers every game isn't sustainable and the issues will most clearly stand out against better teams. Tough to understand.
  6. A couple of thoughts from watching a number of Saints games, especially last nights game. Balazovic hit 99 with his fastball and had decent movement on his pitches last night. He totally hung a curveball for the two runs. Command and control will be his friend if he can harness his stuff. He looks a little emotional at times when he misses or doesn't get a call, nothing too unusual. He is a big dude and needs a ton of repetitions and side work to refine his pitches. If Balazovic can gain control and command the Twins will really have a top of the rotation pitcher, but it might take another two years. Wallner has a large frame that hurts the ball when he connects. He has a good eye and looks like he is learning how to hit decent pitching. While he does have a great arm, Matt is a little slow to react in the outfield. He actually looks pretty athletic but clearly needs to take a ton of fly balls and line drives to improve in the field. Finally, Michael Helman plays like he intends to get his time in MLB. He is good on both sides of an inning, playing defense and hitting with a plan.
  7. It does feel like the low point for the Twins. This also means that the way forward will be up and up. We have seen snippets of Polanco reversing course and hope Correa and Buxton will follow. Baseball has a long season and the grind is real. Today is a good opportunity to see the positive possibilities of the remaining schedule.
  8. I am in total agreement with this post. Further, I'm a little confused by those who seem to be Twins fans not caring or not believing that winning the AL Central and/or being in competition for the postseason is worthwhile because the Twins are not favorites to win it all. I'm still enjoying a team that is light years better than what we witnessed last year. 85 wins was a very favorable forecast for the 2022 Twins and this is within reason still.
  9. To go with with earlier question ... I guess bunting isn't allowed.
  10. Ok, I get that the Twins want to hit home runs but does anyone think it is at all possible for the Twins to bunt a runner over to third base with nobody out once a week as a trial run?
  11. The Twins remain in a holding pattern with a fair collection of mid and back of the rotation arms.
  12. For sure. I like Ryan but I had him behind Ober to start the year, Proves what I know. At least Ryan has avoided injuries for the most part.
  13. Ryan is a decent pitcher, a good #4 and capable of fitting in as a #3 pitcher. Joe has trouble with teams that lay off the high stuff and he gets whacked on pitches down in the zone. However, if he harnesses his stuff and controls where the ball goes he can be very effective.
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