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  1. Chris Martin was a player judged to be a little short of the skills to be an every day shortstop and then he morphed into a versatile skilled defender at multiple positions who was able to be very productive playing all around the field. Perhaps Nick Gordon can fill a similar position for the Twins. He is athletic and already competent at six positions and hopefully his fire is to play often and get at bats. A player can want to be the everyday player at one position but be more valuable in a utility role. I wonder if Luis Arraez suffered some because he doesn't fit in the outfield and he knows it. I cannot say this is true for Arraez, but Nick Gordon may fill that multiple position role well next season. I hope so because his speed is a needed skill to the Twins lineup.
  2. Gordon is improving in all phases of the game as he gains experience. The Twins need to have athletic players like Gordon as a part of their roster. He has certainly improved his stock as far as making himself part of the conversation for next season. Nick Gordon's development also provides some depth should the Twins trade an infielder or outfielder.
  3. You can bet the national debt - they sure would have. I'm really disappointed, It's such a little thing, but exactly what the players notice. Rocco lost me.
  4. Poor move by the Twins. My position on current management has been mostly supportive but understanding that they did not have the experience of past front office teams. This move was unnecessary and classless, sad to see.
  5. Lately, I have been paying particularly close attention to pitchers who have appeared in minor league games recently before subsequent appearances in major league games. Whether it was relief pitchers in tight late inning spots or starting pitchers, the pace of game was always quick. The batters might step out from time to time to attempt to dictate tempo but even then the pitches were delivered in less than twenty seconds. Shane Baz was less than ten seconds between pitches quite often in his debut with Tampa. I do not like the idea of a clock in baseball but there needs to be some conversations about reducing the difficult habits of a few players, which may necessitate a rule change. There are pitchers who regularly take thirty plus seconds to deliver every pitch and this does nothing to maintain interest in the game.
  6. Miguel Sano hits the ball really hard and is a very controversial player because of his wild swings (pun intended) between strikeouts and hits. He should have value to another team, particularly if the NL adds the DH. Hopefully, MLB will get its act together on this by November. Regretfully, Sano may help the Twins in a trade to a team looking for power and a change may help him too. I would be sad to see Sano go but a shift in employment is often a beneficial course within life. for many people and may push Miguel Sano to a better place professionally.
  7. Three solid picks by this post to have better seasons in 2022. For many people, it might be difficult to actually watch Colome after the struggles he had in the first two plus months this year. A return to major league rules in extra innings will help Colome because he doesn't strike out people and the ghost runner is a drag on his work. Colome would also benefit from being used in different situations than just the last inning. Finally, when Colome does not have his cutter working, just take him out. I do believe that Dobnak and Jeffers will be better next year, but I think they are more useful in a trade. Kepler is a player that must make some changes to his game or his career will shift to being a 4th outfielder. There is talent within the struggles of many Twins players and I hope to see some fire in the last two weeks.
  8. Luis Arraez may be less than 100% but I haven't heard or read this news from the Twins. If he is less than 100% it sure seems odd to put him out on the field when others could play. Count me among those who believe that Maggi should get a few at bats and innings at the major league level. It would be difficult to explain sending him back to St. Paul because Simmons can play in Chicago. I'm hopeful that the Twins end the season with some upbeat play and decisions.
  9. Ace is too tough to define, except in retrospect. Yes, there a few pitchers who catch our attention such as Max Scherzer and in the recent past pitchers like Zack Greinke, Justin Verlander, and Clayton Kershaw. Jose Berrios ranks in the top twenty in numerous pitching categories: innings, WHIP, baa to name a few. How do we define "ace"? How many pitchers qualify as an ace? If it is the top 30 starting pitchers or one per team, then Jose is an ace. I hope the Twins offer him 6/$150 million if they get a chance.
  10. Baseball is a tough business, especially for the players. Everyone wants a shot and a bonus baby needs to go through the same trials as a last minute add. We sure hope Sabato keeps improving at each level. The White Sox received some valuable contributions from a somewhat similar player, Andrew Vaughan, this year. Sabato is early in his career; there's time.
  11. The circumstances this offseason are slightly different than in past seasons. This time there is a decision between rebuilding and retooling. The former means we hang with the Orioles while the latter means we stomp back up front in the AL Central. I loved the trade for Maeda and the Odorizzi trade worked wonderfully. While I welcome a similar "find" this Winter, there also needs to be additional aims for recognizable strong pitchers and a hopefully successful use of the free agent market. The Twins have an abundance of outfielders and redundant infielders as well as an extra catcher. Every player is available, including Byron Buxton, as well as all prospects. This is not a time to panic but an opportunity to use areas of strength to shore up weaknesses. This can be done with a 2022 budget of $125-160 million. There are many options and the Falvine duo has a chance to identify which teams and players to move and acquire. My first three choices (at this time) to add via trade are Alcantara, Marquez, and Lauer. My first three choices to look at via free agency are Carlos Rodon, Marcus Stroman, and Thor Syndergaard. What none of us knows is the interest in our players as a trade partner or the potential cost of the free agents. Realistically, the Twins need to add three starting pitchers and some combination of free agents, trades, and "finds" will work.
  12. Jose Berrios is an excellent MLB starting pitcher and his ability to take the ball every time his turn comes up is laudable. We won't be confusing Berrios with Max Scherzer as an absolute ace but he is really good and I'm at a loss to understand why everyone doesn't understand his importance to a team that wants to win.
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