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  1. Eric Davis. Paul Molitor early in his career too. Molitor recovered to have quite a run of excellence. I would keep Buxton unless totally blown away by another team. Furthermore, I would try to extend our often injured centerfielder. The Twins do not need any more utility players or prospects who might be real good back of the rotation pitchers. If San Diego, for just one example, wants to win a World Series then they will have to give us C. J. Abrams for Byron. The easy retort is that will never happen. My reply is - their choice.
  2. "How much can the Twins spend this offseason?" Can, will, should, or will are all different determinations. Every fan has a different idea. My best guess is that the Twins can spend $150 million for 2022. I would not be surprised if they spend $100 million. As a Twins fan since 1961, my expectations are simple. I would like to see an emphasis on pitching and defense, but what the Twins will spend may not come close to what they can spend.
  3. My guess is the starting number is $100 million. Think Wheeler. 6/$110 million sounds right. Jose may want to pitch in New York City and then the reality of a tough decision next year looms.
  4. Kirilloff is best at 1B, Sano is 1B/DH, Garver is a DH who can catch in a pinch, and Nelson Cruz is still hitting better than all of these players. There is a crunch at DH/1B and somebody will need to be moved. Cleveland uses catchers behind the plate and this is important to pitchers. For example, Santana was moved out from behind the plate years ago. The Twins need to recognize the importance of a catcher. I'm hoping that the glut can be solved with positive results, but if Cruz is moved there are still only two chairs for three players.
  5. Not the worst but troubling that management did not feel any serious inclination to address the team shortages last winter and are still slow to react. The excuses are pointless, but despite a problematic offense it is the frequent non competitive pitching performances that have hindered and hamstrung the Twins this year thus far.
  6. Shoemaker was not a worthwhile gamble, but the others were ok as far as throwing dice. I'm a little surprised that Colome's lucky charm was lost and both Happ and Dobnak seemed like reasonable number five pitchers. This stretch has tested these pitchers' confidence in themselves and baseball is really tough when doubt finds your talent. My take is that they are doing their very best but time caught them. I would like to see a few of the younger pitchers who we are told are not ready. Sometimes opportunity comes before the model design, yet reality exists.
  7. From this post and comments it seems clear that relief help is unlikely to appear from the farm any time soon. The prospects need an opportunity in St. Paul. Bullpens are very tricky and the answers are never clear. It is interesting to see TB trade for Matt Wisler. Yet I would agree he had used up his time with the Twins.
  8. Bring Cano to Target Field. Why not? He might help and if he has a rubber arm and proves useful, even better. Seth, do you think one or both should get a call?
  9. My agreement with the post is pretty complete; Rocco and this Twins leadership are under the microscope. While I continue to listen to most of the Twins games, I am surprised at how little attention the inexperience of their management team receives and was taken aback last winter at how much fans seemed to fawn over the Twins decision-makers. Like Celestino and the host of other inexperienced Twins, management struggles when tough calls or plays need to be made. The current regime can and will improve with more experience and I would say that their knowledge far exceeds that of the publi
  10. Didn't pay attention to post game .... "ripped fingernail"? .... send him to St. Paul to buy a clippers or put him on the IL. That's IF there was an actual comment and I am not doubting a previous post but just did not see that.
  11. Perhaps some fans will gain an appreciation for Kelly, Gardenhire, and Molitor as they watch the current team.
  12. The Twins do not need any more AA or AAA career minor league players. While I was steadfastly opposed to adding Simmons last winter because a healthy Polanco is a key for the Twins, the best course of action now is to stay with Simmons unless a useful player is offered in a trade. If a prospect with real talent can be pried loose, go for it, but otherwise the Twins need to stop adding useless players.
  13. The wishful thinking is ok by me, but there isn't any comparisons between the two teams. Santana and Mauer alone would be enough but adding Liriano, Morneau, Hunter, and the bullpen creates a chasm. Any charge in 2021 will need to be from the Twins awakening to bludgeon pitchers six days a week. I'm waiting and it could happen. Right?
  14. Correct, there is no easy way out. Trading players in their walk year for nothing is a waste. If the Twins thought their team was built to win, they need to roll to July 30th to see what the schedule has dealt them this year. Watching this team, listening to the radio for this team is a struggle. Everything is off. To some degree I would parrot what Doc Bauer has written. I too thought the Twins could win 90-92 games. I disagreed with the choices for the bullpen and pitching and wanted some more aggressive off-season moves. However, the team looked competitive and I found myself listenin
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