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  1. That's capitalism, some will starve. Fans are starving for the hot stove and the lockout has us frozen stiff. I watched football for the first time in decades this weekend and the games were entertaining. I had never heard of the players except for Mahomes because of his dad. I think I'll watch the Chiefs this weekend.
  2. Baseball in its current iteration has a tough time deciding what to do with "cheating". What is cheating? A couple of recent teams were caught (red-handed shall we say) cheating and no players received any punishments and the managers are now back on big contracts with different teams after a year of vacation. I do not presume to have an answer but it is really clear to me that neither does Manfred or MLB. The only time a clear line was drawn was when Bart Giamatti managed to get Pete Rose to admit to gambling on his own team and agree to his banishment from baseball. The owners, FWIW, did not like Giamatti.
  3. Congratulations to David Ortiz. He was quite a hitter and very excellent in the post season for the Boston Red Sox. Sadly, his acceptance will be forever connected to the final rejection of Barry Bonds by the writers which is a stain on baseball. I was never a Bonds fan (Twins forever) but Barry never tested positive and when he got "bigger" everyone jumped all over him, maybe justifiably, yet Ortiz was allowed to slide. Bonds magic with a bat was consistent from ASU until his last contract expired and nobody allowed him onto the field again despite the fact that he was still one of the best players in the game. Correa is a free agent and carries the garbage can banging on his resume. Can you imagine that he never gets an offer at any price. I know Bonds was at the end of his career and it is a fairly lame comparison but this vote brings back some sad circumstances: Bud Selig the Hall of Fame commissioner, who relished the PED use; Andre Dawson, who was shut out by baseball, signing a blank contract with Chicago Cubs because he wanted to play and no team would offer him a contract; and then no team in baseball was interested in the best free agents in the game from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s (the collusion scam which likely allowed the Twins to win two World Series which I enjoyed). Bonds was not nice to writers, Ortiz was and the entire debacle of inconsistency by the writers is bad for baseball. I loved watching David Ortiz and would like to celebrate his election without other thoughts, but I can't do that under the circumstances.
  4. This is absolutely true. The best baseball minds have always intuitively used math to make decisions. It wasn't necessarily written down very much, but there were numerous discussions that could be labeled savvy mixes with analytics. I'm rereading Page Smith's "Our Nation Comes Of Age"(pub. 1981). It is pretty funny to see the constant parallels between the U.S. from today against two hundred years ago. The book is straight history (1,200 pages) and does not make the connections but the author writes in a fashion that you are meant to see the futility of thinking society (or baseball for that matter) changes dramatically. It is a constant ruse to think the minds operating today have better and more useful information. Sorry for too many words - I agree with Unwinder (great name).
  5. Yes, you did. I was thinking one person had previously suggested Polanco at shortstop. Hard to remember all of the suggestions. I'm on board if there isn't another option, but no tired vets as starters.
  6. We seem to be arguing against our agreements. In November, I do not recall any lists with Polanco at shortstop. The Twins just sat on their hands and are apparently waiting for a resolution of the CBA. Most of the free agents have signed already and we don't know if the budget for 2022 is less than or greater than $110 million. I wouldn't take either bet, low or high. Thus it comes down to what can be done with our squad. In that event, Polanco could (i believe it unlikely) return to shortstop. I still wonder how Polanco sees all this. There is still hope though. Trade for Walls, Mondesi, or DEJong or sign Story. Then sign Rodon and Greinke and maybe Conforto - suddenly we are good to go. Right?
  7. This depends on the trade. I think it is fair to say that we don't really know the Twins plans or what other teams desire in any trade. A couple of players mentioned are worth a quick kick though. Mondesi for Duffey might be amenable or maybe the Twins add a prospect in the 40-50 range. Walls for Duffey and Woods-Richardson hurts enough. DeJong for Cavaco? These are examples, not necessarily recommendations, but the trade market is out there, especially for pitchers. You are correct, the Twins would need to give up something to get something.
  8. Nick, you have written a post well worth consideration and you also presented the reasons for such a decision. It seemed clear to me that you also like Polanco at second base, but are suggesting that if the Twins are not moving on trades and set with their lineup, then Polanco back to shortstop is an option. This doesn't sound too controversial really because it uses the current roster resources to field the best team. Currently, about a third of plate appearances result in a walk or a strikeout. The average team hits line drives about 20% of the time when the ball is hit and the best ratio of fly balls to ground balls is about even. Thus, a shortstop today, while still clearly a very important position, does not influence the outcome of a game as much as they once did in the past. Why won't the Twins sign Correa or Story? I guess we know the answer. Most agree that Polanco seems more comfortable at second base. What position does Jorge prefer? Is it clear from a medical perspective that his ankle issues were due to playing shortstop? These might be important considerations in determining whether to move Polanco back to shortstop. I think most people agree that Jorge is better at second base than Luis and that a really good shortstop option not currently on the roster would be preferable. Nevertheless, the reduced number of chances from a traditional shortstop fielding position due to shifts and greater fly ball rates and increased strike out rates make the move reasonable. The opinions differ on what to do, naturally. There aren't that many options really. Correa, Story - not likely. Gordon, Palacios - risky proposition to consider, but maybe. Trades - likely the best option but tricky. The trade route may bring DeJong, Walls, or Mondesi. Simmons, Inglesias, other tired vets - the worst options. The Twins backed themselves into this position and when all things are considered it is not the worst option to return Polanco to shortstop although I do not advocate this nor want it to happen. But, what do I know? I had proposed last Fall that the Twins needed to upgrade their defense in left field with Starling Marte as well as bringing in a new shortstop and believed that a $140 million budget was possible. I also wanted to trade for starting pitchers (Montas). Now I'm searching to complete the team at around $100-115 million. If Polaco prefers shortstop and the doctors are on board with the move as not an issue for injuries and the Twins aren't going to trade players then moving Polanco to short and Arraez back to second could work because they would hit enough to obscure their less than stellar defense. The post is realistic despite our other wishes.
  9. Did I claim that? No, I did not. In fact, I didn't even think that. Look for clues. Look at percentage attendance of NHL, NBA, NFL, and look at the growth of soccer. Baseball needs to pay attention to their consumers. Read.
  10. The question about Spring Training is a good one. It is doubtful that the owners would close off all facilities for those minor leaguers not on the 40 person roster, but also unlikely to have games. Perhaps teams will have some areas open to the public to watch prospects work out, but seems unlikely. Bring a few books to Ft. Myers.
  11. Baseball looks to be at a crossroads. The PA had real strength for a long time, but the owners have control currently. Meanwhile, neither side seems real interested in the future of the game. Missing regular season games would cause harm to the sport, for sure, but missing Spring Training would also turn off a significant number of fans. Look at the attendance of MLB over the last 25 years for a clue to the future. A quick resolution to the CBA is feasible and absolutely necessary for the financial gains for both players and owners.
  12. Pressly has been good for the Astros. There is no guarantee that he would have pitched as well with the Twins. Alcala looked really tough in the last part of 2021 and seems poised to step forward to lead the bullpen. Finally, despite a difficult introduction to MLB last year, Celestino showed resilience and talent in St. Paul. The Twins only need him to be a pesky 4th outfielder, not a starter. I feel good about this trade.
  13. tony&rodney

    Bring on the kids

    Well, there many options and different directions for the Twins to go coming out of the lockout. Perhaps the team is short on money and wants to keep the rostered squad around $100 million. I have no idea. c) Ryan Jeffers & Ben Rortvedt 1B) Alex Kirilloff 2B) Jorge Polanco 3B) Josh Donaldson SS) Taylor Walls LF) Joc Pederson CF) Byron Buxton RF) Max Kepler DH) Miguel Sano Others) Jose Miranda, Nick Gordon, and Kyle Garlick SP) Chris Bassitt, Frankie Montas, Edward Cabrera, Bailey Ober, Joe Ryan, and Kenta Maeda (IL) RP) Rogers, Bundy, Thielbar, Jharel Cotton, Moran, Alcala, Jax, Thorpe, Colome (option declined) Is this my preferred team? No. But it comes in below $100 million and is better than the current roster. Prospects still in milb: Lewis, Martin, Wallner, Urbina, Miller, Rodriguez, Sabato, Palacios and Balazovic, Canterino, Winder, Sands, Petty, Enlow, Raya, Varland, Povich, Hajier. A budget of $140 million changes the calculus quite a bit, but this keeps prospects and saves Pohlad $SS.
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