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  1. Castro should have earned a utility spot with his versatility and all around play.
  2. Hopefully, we do see Buxton in centerfield at some point. Taylor is a fine defender but does not provide enough offense unless the rest of the lineup is terrorizing opposing pitchers. I'm liking Castro more all the time and Farmer has clearly shown that he is a valuable player. Taylor will need to be kept all season for centerfield insurance, providing that Byron does play in the field. The return of guys like Polanco, Kepler, Larnach, and Lewis (possibly) could reshape the roster. I expect the front office to choose the people they started the year with, but I'm ready for Julien to DH or play in the field versus right handed pitchers. Larnach has been our best option in left field. While I expect Kepler to be back in right field, Wallner is making his case as an impactful fellow. The lineup in the field largely depends though on Byron Buxton. Ideal: Julien-DH, Buxton-CF, Kirilloff-1B, Polanco-2B, Correa-SS, Larnach-LF, Lewis-3B, Wallner/Kepler-RF (undecided), Vasquez-C. Sure hope Buck can have the health to play centerfield by mid June, but I'm thinking the Twins are too afraid of an injury still.
  3. Wallner can move. He is inexperienced and already 25, but he has some superior physical talents.
  4. Every day a player from one of the MLB teams is sent off the active roster, mostly due to team needs and performance. Umpires are rated internally but have no accountability for their performances. It doesn't make any sense. Lately, for who knows what reason or more likely none at all, Kirilloff cannot get an honest at bat from the umpires. He is not a guy who often puts the first pitch in play and it sure seems like the word is out that an umpire will give an extra 6 inches on a pitch to Kirilloff. The strike call on Taylor was pretty egregious considering it was 2 inches low and the pitcher was all over the place, which can mean that the umpire will not automatically give a strike call. Never thought I would say this ... bring on the ABS.
  5. I agree. Gallo must be suffering because Kirilloff is a far better first baseman than Gallo and Gallo should be slightly better than Kirilloff in the outfield. So there must be reasons.
  6. Were the Twins unhappy with Julien hitting a leadoff home run? Did Wallner not hit his double hard enough or throw home quick enough? I'm a little confused by this Friday night lineup and hope it works out perfectly.
  7. Max Clark would be a terrific pick for the Twins. He has the most upside of anyone since the pick of Byron Buxton.
  8. True. I'm not sold. He has a ton to prove in my opinion, but I'm just a small voice that favors different skill sets. I understand those who like his game; I don't.
  9. Me too. I'm not sure the return will be so amazing in the offseason, especially if said player is still insistent on becoming a free agent.
  10. Baseball (2023) managers have less autonomy than in the past. Falvey and Levine (perhaps others) have a significant voice in the game. I'm not sure that is a positive thing. Baldelli was hired because of his prior experience in working with a group of people combined with his low key approach. Managers made in game decisions, player usage patterns, and various other calls based on their knowledge, experience, discussions with other coaches, and feel for what was actually in front of them before the advent of front office involvement. In a sense there is only so much Baldelli can do. He is Falvey's guy. The Twins would never have someone like Francona or Baker. Both of these managers (a few others) listen and converse with a wide assortment of people, including their front offices, but the decisions made on players and in games is their call. If the Twins wanted the best mind possible as a field manager, Paul Molitor would still be in charge. Thus, the extension of Baldelli is easily understandable, actually expected, with Falvey at the helm of the team. Baldelli is fine. What has been a bit of a surprise is how the Pohlads have increased their unprecedented (for the Twins) financial spending under Falvey.
  11. Trades depend on what a team is asking for in return (obviously). In this case our neighbors are unlikely to be seeking to trade their best starting pitcher. Always keep the lines of communication open for ways in which to improve the roster.
  12. Varland is a very solid #5 starter; so competitive and hard working.
  13. I like it. A few small tweeks: Julien, Buxton, Kirilloff, Polanco, Correa, Larnach, Lewis, Kepler, Vasquez with Farmer, Taylor, Castro, and Jeffers as the reserves. If Buck cannot play centerfield, things change.
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