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  1. You may be correct but the Twins are unlikely to trade either of their guys. Just sayin.
  2. The way that Kirilloff hit for St. Paul is a possible outcome for Alex with the Twins in 2023. The photo captures two key players for the Twins chances in 2023, AK and Kepler. While it doesn't seem like Kirilloff is inked into the lineup, his healthy bat is one of the keys for the coming season.
  3. E. Rodriguez is right there with Brooks Lee as the top prospect for the Twins. The odds of trading either is lower than trading Lewis.
  4. Danny Jansen should be available at less of a cost than Sean Murphy. The trick is to have either team interested in Twins players and then manage a mutually acceptable trade. I can't see trading Brooks Lee or Royce Lewis. Would Oakland trade Murphy for a return of Larnach, Ober, and Raya? Would Toronto trade Jansen for Ober and Kepler? One thing is clear. The Twins need a catcher. Christian Vasquez would be a good addition via a free agent signing. Narvaez may be acceptable but is less than exciting. I can't see spending big money on Contreras.
  5. I think Twins fans like each of these, but they may be a little light. Hopefully you are right on. My guess is: 6 x 35 = 210 8 x 32 = 256 10 x 30 = 300 Agree with those opt outs.
  6. Miranda can hit. Something makes me think that Julien could be an even better hitter than Miranda this year. Arraez just won a batting title. Each of these three can hit at the MLB level. The question is defense. Maybe their bats are good enough to cover for their gloves. Royce Lewis and Brooks Lee could both be good gloves at third base and they project as decent bats as well. It doesn't seem like the Twins will be too worried about third base, especially after adding a decent reserve in Kyle Farmer. I wonder if the Twins are considering using one or two of the names from above as a trade chip.
  7. The argument can certainly be made and the Twins do have some decent starting pitchers and inexperienced pitchers waiting for their opportunity. We all hope to see the best from our starting pitchers. However, it is worth wondering what goals the Twins front office have for their team as compared to those teams who expect to compete for league championships. Not including Verlander (who may be resigned), Houston can roll out McCullers, Valdez, Javier, and Garcia before even considering Urquiddy and Brown. Would any of the Twins starters even make the Astros team? Maybe or maybe not. The Twins will need at least one big addition to their starting staff to enter the 2023 season with hopes of playing .500 baseball.
  8. Right now Max Kepler is likely more valuable to the Twins because teams will be reluctant to part with an athlete of promise. Guys like Larnach, Ober, and Miranda hold value according to btv. Perhaps Kepler could be added as a piece in a big trade but the money and years of control make him difficult to trade when one considers that Max still has useful skills and talent that can be used by the Twins.
  9. Kenta Maeda would be best served to ease his way back through multiple inning stints in the bullpen. I hope he is used that way in the beginning of the year. However, Maeda will get his shot because the Twins need someone to start games. If Maeda displays the strength and command, he will get a ton of starts. Gray has been a fair starting pitcher but he has struggled to get past the 5th inning in the last three years. Mahle has had one decent year. Ryan had a good first year as a starter. I'm hoping the Twins give one starting pitching slot to Varland, Ober, or Winder. The Twins need starting pitching. A rotation of Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ryan, and Ober won't cut it.
  10. Miranda will adjust, he can hit MLB pitching. I'm pretty sure that Jose will be a good hitter going forward. Where I have reservations is with how Jose runs the bases and plays in the field. With more athletic players such as Royce Lewis, Brooks Lee, and Austin Martin all creeping towards playing time, maybe Jose Miranda can be used (along with others) to bring back Sean Murphy or perhaps as part of a trade for either Woodruff or Lopez.
  11. Mancini is a good story but I'm ready to see if Austin Martin can be the right handed bat.
  12. I like his swing. Rodriguez just needs health, repetitions, and an opportunity to display his skills. He is perhaps the most exciting outfield prospect since Kepler and Rosario because there are many facets to his game.
  13. The Bleacher Report ranking of the Twins prospects is certainly encouraging. Minor league players are quite difficult to assess at times. It is worth a look at all of the various ranking of MLB farm systems. Different people and sites can hold widely separate views of individual players. A player like Eduoard Julien can be evaluated so differently. I wonder where he could play effectively in the field. If he gets an opportunity Julien could be a stronger bat than Miranda considering his triple slash numbers and hard hit rates. I find it useful to read the reports written by Keith Law.
  14. Me too. But ... I've not eaten crow before and it sounds to chewy. Pagan has an unfortunate name. Just let him go away.
  15. Looking towards a positive angle, perhaps retaining Pagan ($3.7M) means that the 2023 roster budget will be @$160 million.
  16. Would anyone believe that? Sorry, should have not ... It's a weird move by the Twins though. Farmer is on the decline while Urshela is getting quite consistent.
  17. Joe Ryan goes back to Reds. The Twins have their shortstop.
  18. You have company. Not just me and many other Twins fans but Ron Davis is wondering too.
  19. Oh No. The Twins tendered Pagan. Someone on mlbtraderumors said, "Worst front office in the league." Interesting decision. Apparently, Falvey has doubled down on that SD trade, at least temorarily.
  20. Yes, this is exactly what I posted quite some time ago when someone said that Maeda had to go to the bullpen. The response suggested that the year off (fully paid) might make Kenta more open to being used as a reliever until such time as he had proved himself fully ready to takeover a starting spot. In other words, Maeda doesn't just get penciled in to the rotation and would be understanding. Spring Training will give us the answer.
  21. The biggest takeaway from looking over Nash's roster is that he believes the Twins have an ability and interest in raising the budget to $154 million. I love that realization and also believe it is realistic. While the team could just build a team at around $100-120 million, a budget that allows for additional funds to be spent could bring excitement to Target Field and fill the seats.
  22. Arraez is a player that Milwaukee may be interested in. Brooks Lee doesn't step right into the Milwaukee lineup and they need offense now.
  23. We are mostly saying the same thing and agree to disagree on terms. I look at what the Twins have for pitching and what appears to be the model currently among winning teams. I will just use Houston although a few other teams are also good examples. Houston brings in some outside support: Greinke, Cole, and Verlander. The Twins bring in pitchers from outside: Maeda, Gray, Ryan, and Mahle. I will set aside Ryan because he was merely a prospect when acquired. The Twins had Berrios and Houston had McCullers. In the last few years while the Twins have struggled to get their youth established, Houston has seen the innings pile up and success follow for Valdez, Garcia, Javier, and even Urquiddy. Hunter Brown is up next. Those pitchers were put into positions behind McCullers and Verlander. Pitching is a combination of stuff and confidence. The confidence is gained from experience. Having someone like Verlander, Greinke, or Cole to lead and teach is also very helpful. The Twins have had some poor luck with injuries. Hopefully this ends. All of Ober, Winder, Varland, and Woods Richardson may emerge as premium pitchers. The Twins need to leave at least one spot for one of these emerging pitchers. Ryan has done well thus far, but it is worth a cautionary note to remember that his dominance against weaker teams has not been repeated against the stronger rosters. Ryan will hopefully improve in his outings against the strongest teams. I'm a fan of developing/giving innings to Varland and/or Ober this year and using guys in the bullpen as well, especially Winder. Where my view may differ from others is in looking at Gray and Mahle. (Maeda is another conversation because he has had some success but now returns from injury and it might be best if he builds up or contributes in the bullpen.) I would like to see the Twins add Rodon and another pitcher (Woodruff or Lopez) via trade because these guys are better pitchers in innings pitched and effectiveness due to their command and control of stronger repertoires in my view. Just adding one guy would have benefits to the starting staff in my opinion. The designation of numbers to starting pitchers can be quite arbitrary but when Houston line up Verlander, McCullers, Valdez, Javier, Garcia, and so forth one needs to think of where any of Gray, Mahle, and Maeda would fit. In sum, let's add a minimum of one pitcher at the top of our rotation this year, hope to see continued progress from Joe Ryan, and the emergence of another from among Varland, Ober, Winder, and Woods Richardson.
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