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  1. We can almost put our concerns to bed for now due to the CBA intermission. There will still be opportunities to trade and the Twins absolutely can afford to part with a few prospects and a few redundant players. Bassitt for prospects is worthy as he allows Winder and Balazovic a model. Bassitt might also look to sign on for additional years. Pitchers with two years left are also excellent for their low salary and performance. Falvey will need to work hard in the next two months or those who clamor for an all prospect plus scrubs starting pitching staff will get their wishes and the Twins will get a very high draft pick in 2023.
  2. I meant - I have zero control and choose not to be angry or get down or see whatever Falvey is doing as the end of the day. There are plenty of trade opportunities left. The Twins needed to find four starting pitchers. One down .... three to go. That's my view. Bundy doesn't do much for me but he could be decent.
  3. Opinions differ. They are similar. The money will almost surely favor Berrios though. Berrios is no longer a Twin, but he did everything possible to succeed and i wish him well.
  4. Hope brother, it's all we got. Hostility is a bad look.
  5. A #5 starter for $5 million can't hurt. The patience should be shorter than what we saw with Shoemaker. This is fine. Now the Twins need three better starting pitchers.
  6. The post was good, a reasonable suggestion. Thank you Nash. Internet trolls - not needed and boring. Twins fans will need to wait until the CBA is finalized to see if the team can be put together in ways many have mentioned, such as this post by Nash Walker. Unless, .... there is a last minute deal tonight.
  7. The Twins were not in for length and $20 million for their own pitcher, Berrios, so it would be odd for them to sign Stroman as he is similar, as many have pointed out, to Berrios. Berrios is better though, thus I would be surprised. Can the FO suddenly come to a realization of the current financial salaries?
  8. Maybe, but the Twins pitchers need to protect Buxton in kind. I'm not a fan of this but the reality has always existed.
  9. Nash, I'm all in on this post - great idea for the Twins. I would want one more pitcher too in a trade. I did chuckle at your last sentence though ... one of the best .. since last year; good sense of humor there. Despite the reputation of the Twins always struggling with pitching staffs, they have had some really good pitchers some years. Let's see it get done. The Twins have about $85 million on the books right now and $35 million more for pitchers wouldn't kill them.
  10. I also believe that Stroman will get a 5/$100 contract. Stroman is a solid pitcher but not as accomplished as Berrios. It seems unlikely that the Twins would pay Stroman more than $17-18 per year when they were not interested in a long term contract with Berrios like 6/$120. I'm not so sure that avoiding Stroman is unsound. I preferred Berrios. The better value is via trade if that can be accomplished. Twins Daily commenters keep churning out ideas and I'm sure the Twins are sifting through scenarios as well. We will need to wait but I sure hope they can pry away a few good pitchers in trades.
  11. Minaya looked pretty good on occasion. Back of the bullpen needs to be a little stronger.
  12. Tampa Bay trades Wendle to Miami for Misner (somewhat similar to Cavaco).
  13. I'm more inclined to trade some prospects than others. My basis is pure speculation based on projectable value; a pitcher's stuff and a hitter's barrel tendencies. So not very scientific. I keep Winder, Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, Ober, Miranda, and Martin. I'm willing to trade Duran, Ryan, Lewis, and others in the right situation. Castillo is likely worth Lewis and Kepler, but would try to offer someone else in place of Kepler. I'm still wondering about Montas and interested in what Oakland wants for Bassitt. Apparently, it seems there may be widespread interest in Kepler as a CF. This may produce something. I would want a good return for Kepler. He is very athletic and I do see him improving. But, Castillo, Montas ... yes, we still need good starting pitchers.
  14. Yah, it seems so. I wondered if Walls might get better with the stick - he is a switch hitter.
  15. If the Twins are looking to trade Kepler there may be options. I would rather find out what else Miami is interested in acquiring to attempt to bring in both Meyer and Cabrera. Either one seems unlikely, however. Another post suggested some manner of a Kepler plus catcher to NYY for Severino plus shortstop. Oakland and other teams are still out there. There are options. Waiting has become the norm.
  16. What about finding a deal with Tampa Bay for Taylor Walls? He is out of luck in St. Petersburg. Walls has a good glove and gained MLB experience last year. Maybe the Rays would take Alerick Soularie or something similar for Walls. Soularie/similar player would not need to go on their 40 person roster.
  17. Winder may just be the best young pitcher the Twins have. i would trade Ryan before giving up Winder. Bassitt is a good add and may not require such a high price. Trades may also be on hold as roster decisions are made, meaning we wait until February to see what happens to complete the 2022 team.
  18. The idea of adding pitching via trades is good. One thing that sticks out is the salary for Knebel. He will get $9-11 million most likely based on contracts already signed by relievers. The Yankees may bite on a trade for a catcher. Do they see Kepler as a CF? This is an interesting look.
  19. This makes sense. The Twins are in the business of running a baseball team. It doesn't seem remotely likely to me, at least, that they bargain in bad faith. They have their own numbers and work from there. Sometimes we don't agree with whatever those numbers are because fans want to see a better team or think a certain player is needed.
  20. You are correct, my mistake. However, Miami clearly gets the better end of this trade. The two pitchers are back end starters or relievers. Some thought Dobnak might be good as recently as last Spring Training. He still might be fine. That is a fair comp to Thompson. Miami clearly is stacked with young pitchers. I prefer Garver and Jeffers myself, although Stallings has a good glove. My wish for the Twins included adding good pitchers and although I like the Twins catchers I hoped to see a trade with Miami bringing back a high end pitcher like Cabrera and/or Meyer.
  21. The idea of trading to fill holes is worthy. Arraez has more value to us than K-F, however, and also as a player to potentially use in a trade for pitching. Oakland wants a lead-off hitter. If the Twins cannot return value for Arraez, he still is a great player to have in our lineup. The Twins should only trade Arraez for a real solid return. A pitcher like Montas makes sense, although we would need to add a player. Someone like Bassitt should come in a trade without losing Arraez.
  22. I like that you are suggesting trades because trades are often a decent way to add talent, but Philly has rabid fans so Nola stays and Rogers is untouchable. Gallen. . .. I don't know but Arizona needs might not match up.
  23. We are toast, as far as trading with Miami. They need a CF and were into Buxton big time before Buck signed. The Pirates are confounding. They traded a top catcher for 2 potentially #4/5 pitchers and a young toolsy hitter from Plant High School in Tampa. A similar trade might have been Dobnak or Strotman, Matt Wallner, and Steve Hajjer. Stallings is really good and the Pirates struggle with so much. This about ends any talks with Miami because the Twins do not have anything else to offer for their pitchers. Oakland? Milwaukee?
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