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  1. Maybe one could add the use of pinch hitters in certain spots and the infrequent, but handy, use of sacrifice bunts. It seems like the Twins have been more open to situational thinking ( a mere observation). Finally, it also seems like the team defense is much improved, particularly at shortstop and in left field. Of course, Buxton playing this year boosts the team in CF. Yes, adding Correa was huge and the use of Arraez at first base gets him into the lineup and frees up DH for Sanchez. Giving innings to the young pitchers has also worked but that was the plan all along seemingly. I am not sure that Pagan is a better fit than Rogers. Rogers and Alcala were slated to be a pretty decent option for the late innings and in Spring Training it became clear that Duran was ready. Pagan has been fine though. My own opinion is that the Twins would look more solid with Rogers but your point of shifting closers is still valid and the team is pointed in the right direction. The All Star Game is always the time to check how a schedule and team has progressed because every team will have played enough different opponents to judge their strengths and weaknesses. So far, so good for the Twins.
  2. Looking around baseball, St. Louis seems like the only possible landing spot for Carlos Correa. The Cardinals would not give up their best prospects. So a trade of Correa, while possible at any time, would be unlikely. Correa lends stability to the team at this time and I don't see a trade happening. We should enjoy him. Andrelton Simmons was the best shortstop in baseball for a long time but it didn't take even two weeks to see the difference between Correa and the effects of aging on display last year. I'm content with letting the contract play out and the Twins should be too.
  3. The Twins have set their team up to have a few veterans leading some young players. One more starting pitcher and perhaps a reliever and their current gaggle can gel into a pretty balanced team. Polanco, Kepler, Correa, Arraez, and Buxton are buttressed with Urshela, Sanchez, and Sano (?) in front of a trove of young players with talent: Jeffers, Kirilloff, Miranda, Lewis, Larnach, Celestino, Gordon, and Garlick. The depth is decent, certainly better than previously. Unknown is how long the young pitchers can carry this team but there is reasonable depth among the the choices with the current group. I would hope Alcala can return effectively and maybe Maeda can be a relief pitcher by September. That leaves the Twins needing one starter with game. I'm still thinking Frankie Montas could be that guy. So, yes - legit.
  4. You are not wrong but a clock that is not enforced also changes nothing. True? It is one thing for Manfred to screw around with the minors, but another to get movement in the majors. Most of us can agree what is just stepping out and focusing or taking a 5 second break behind the mound versus the 35+ seconds that are not uncommon due to some combination of batters/ pitchers delay. I'm watching Pagan pitch and he is pretty deliberate and Schoop/Cabrera do step out, but the ball gets delivered in 12-16 seconds. Some of the younger guys are less than 10 seconds. Those guys who drag out at bats, either pitcher or batter need a little push.
  5. That is a job solely for the powers of MLB. My best guess is some form of cooperation between players and umpires using the current rules/ guidelines to reduce game times without a buzzer and a large clock ticking down the seconds for every pitch. If and/or when MLB reaches some consensus on the need to push for less time between pitches/ shorter games, there will be some action. Right now there are experiments in the minor leagues to judge how MLB might proceed. You guess is as good as mine. Everyone has an opinion and that will be one thing that doesn't change no matter what course of action or lack thereof ensues concerning game times.
  6. Celestino is working the count as much as he can at this time and his attempts to make contact with two strikes have paid off so far.
  7. Frankie Montas would look good in a Twins uniform. Otherwise, maybe Ian Kennedy or maybe not. No objection to Lopez but perhaps Canterino and a a couple of others like Moran or Minaya work well at various points this season. Alex Kirilloff and Royce Lewis can certainly return with positive results.
  8. Check the attendance for the games yesterday - baseball is doing fine. There will be changes ... Baldelli has already called for several bunts and set new records for himself.
  9. This is a concern. Winder did not look comfortable or willing to cut loose the last few times out and i just thought this was due to some shaky confidence. I hope Winder recovers quickly.
  10. I totally disagree with the idea of a pitch clock. Baseball has a long history of timelessness. MLB can solve the lengthy delays caused by some batters and some pitchers internally. It can be done. Then again, I do not get bored watching baseball. I do get irritated by bad baseball.
  11. Yes. I have been putting this in too many of these conversations that concern a pitch clock. There is a rule, enforce it. There is no reason to add another to just restate what is there already. Until Manfred dictates/ allows the rules to be enforced, nothing will ever change.
  12. No. Roll with what we have: Miranda, Arraez, Sano, and anyone else .... maybe Urshela. If the Twins want to upgrade at a position they can look into a trade for Montas.
  13. A big part of those in favor of the trade with San Diego focused on the future 2-5 years down the road and some were having positive thoughts about next year. The old argument of assets, etc. Some (transparency includes me) argued that Rogers held more value right now and as a trade chip should the Twins crash towards 100 losses in 2022. An expiring contract doesn't need to mean the end but many people felt Rogers was done as a Twin after this year. This has been covered repeatedly on other posts. The Twins gambled ... so it goes. Now Pagan has become the $11 million man and the PTBNL (Pena) gets an asterisk as the potential future savior of this trade. Life goes on. No worries.
  14. MLB players do NOT want a pitch clock. They are fine with umpires forcing both batters and pitchers to move the game along. The ability to actually enforce this (and any future changes) resides solely with Manfred and his kids.
  15. The Twins have pretty much bet on their younger players. We can reasonably hope that LF is in good hands with Larnach, Celestino, and Gordon; 1B should be ok with Kirilloff, Arraez, and others filling in; 3B could be improved when Royce Lewis returns and plays their regularly; and it is still possible to pick up Frankie Montas to head the rotation. In any event, the Twins and their fans are in for a summer of experimentation until there is some clarity at the All Star break.
  16. That's good - we need optimism, for sure. It can happen.
  17. The players know the score. Buxton got the treatment too. Lewis needs to take care of himself first at all times, which also includes continuing to prove his worth as a baseball player.
  18. Hope Paddack has success and fully recovers to have a decent MLB career. Players really put their entire selves into getting that shot for an MLB run; it is tough. Players have come back after multiple TJ's and good luck to Chris Paddack. The trade with San Diego was quite a gamble for the Twins. They are essentially paying $11 million for Pagan. There was prior knowledge of Paddack's injury and hopefully he can pitch again in a Twins uniform. Gambling can be fun ... sometimes.
  19. The AL Central continues to be weak. Next year there is going to be a balanced schedule .... supposedly (one cannot predict Manfred and the dysfunctional MLB). It sure seems like the Twins should try to win some games while their younger players gain some experience. The moves made (or not made) by this front office are confusing. I'm a baseball fan and a Twins fan (since 1961) and that is not likely to change. One can look back and see many examples where playing for five years from now doesn't turn out so hot. I don't see Royce Lewis ever being as good as a Greg Gagne at shortstop but he is pretty good and can improve. There are other players who could push him off the position that we have not seen yet. No player is guaranteed a spot unless they play at an unbelievably high level. Correa has already pushed Lewis off of shortstop and he may (or may not) stay. I just wish the Twins would field a team with the best players in their system. Talent usually takes care of itself. Jorge Polanco is one example of a player just thrust onto the team quite early. He is the Twins most consistent performer currently.
  20. Are many making a major assumption that Royce Lewis will be a shortstop for the next decade? He may be or perhaps he fits elsewhere. Let him play and show where he belongs in the game.
  21. Lewis is not going to St. Paul if he is still hitting. If Lewis begins to struggle like Miranda then he will be sent down when Correa returns. Lewis is athletic enough to fit at either 3B or LF. There is always playing time for an athletic bat whose glove plays and whose feet are swift. He maintains a stroke, he stays with the Twins. Correa is a far superior shortstop and will play most games when healthy.
  22. Baseball already has a rule mandating a time to pitch the ball. MLB has not had umpires enforce the rule. Putting clocks and buzzers in stadiums will just be ridiculous and another distraction. Rules that are not enforced are pretty useless.
  23. A week ago there was confusion about the extent of Buxton's injuries. The explanation was quite clear to me. Everyone within the Twins circle, such as players and coaches, already understood the situation. Clarity helps and I can't think of any reason to question the plan for Buxton's playing time going forward.
  24. This is a sound provocative article. At first glance I thought this was a RandStuBall article until I noticed Nick Nelson as the writer. The post did successfully get a wide response. I had my own too. I have always liked Rocco. He stays calm, seems to mesh well with everyone, and avoids controversy. I also think he is still gaining experience. Although I'm not entertaining any conversation on the matter, I would not place his baseball acumen near the skills of Paul Molitor, a guy who really was disliked by many on Twins Daily and also won a Manager of the Year Award. The Twins have supported Baldelli pretty completely and they have spent more to acquire players than in the past. There have been clear differences in managing from ten years ago and there will be clear changes ten years from now. Rocco likely excels best in an area we have no knowledge about - the clubhouse. That is a mere hunch on my part due to the low key nature Baldelli seems to project and his age. I agree with a few of the examples from last night's game. Lifting Archer was the correct move. Archer looked pretty gassed. Using Cano for two innings was an example of learning after he was sent out for a third inning last time out clearly having lost his command and stuff. The bunt was a good example too. I'm not sure why everyone doesn't see the value of bunting in 2022 with so many low scoring games. Bunting doesn't make much sense when your team is going to hit 250-300 home runs, but this year scoring is way down so far and there are going to be occasions to bunt. Gordon needed to get Lewis to third with a grounder to the right side, a fly ball to right field, or a base hit the first time, but Lewis was still in scoring position at second base. There may be a time to bunt Lewis to third later in the game. The call for a bunt Gordon's next time up was right on. Lastly, I'm fully on board with the care taken with Buxton. There was some significant unknowns last week before the Twins explained the actual benefits and conditions of Buxton's knee and hip issues. It really helps that Gordon and Celestino are playing good baseball. Managers can pull all of the right strings but the players have to make the plays. It was nice to see Tyler Duffey finish out the game last night. He seems to really struggle though and from my view from the television, Duffey is running on fumes most of the time. I need to see him pitch in person to get a better idea what his ball is doing.
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