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  1. I was just curious about our prospects that the Twins received in the Berrios trade and was completely baffled what I saw when I looked him up. Can anyone explain what this means. Wichita Wind Surge transferred RHP Simeon Woods Richardson to the Development List. I have never heard of it and an insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You can't force anyone to stay where they don't want to be. I can say I have not been impressed with the FO & the scouts for quite some time. Not sure how Tampa & Oakland always seem to be able to develop talent. They also both seem to know the right time to move them in trades to keep the cycle going. Signing Buxton to a long term deal without incentives or some sort of escalators is foolish. Great talent but can never stay healthy. Deal Berrios and reap the rewards for selling high on him now. They may be able to get ace value for him in a deal and he is basically a #2.5 starters on a good team.
  3. It's hard thinking of this team without Cruz. But why should he be punished being stuck in the cellar. Give him a chance to win a ring. He deserves that.
  4. Would any team give much in return for a player that seems to play 60 games a year?
  5. I was happy when the Twins were pursuing JD. At least it showed they were willing to spend. Then I saw the terms of the deal and knew it would end up being a bad contract over the run of the contract. If they can get out of it that would be huge.
  6. How can we think about building around Buxton & Berrios? Buxton can never stay healthy & Berrios is nothing more than a 3rd starter on a solid team. The Twins had a dream of many years of contention when they signed JD. Who will be 36 this December and can't have much time left on the field if he can stay healthy as well. No reason to be paying 21 million for a DH for a couple of more seasons.
  7. Makes you kinda wish some or more of our pitchers would start cheating. We can still turn this season around. If you're not cheating you're not trying...
  8. Can he pitch? Could really use an effective closer...
  9. Bring this up when it's June 1st. The season is very young and things can change. I will say that the Josh Donaldson deal is going to not turn out well. He misses too much time every year and he like everyone is is not getting any younger.
  10. Slightly just a little bold don't you think?
  11. The biggest concern will be how long it will take him to ramp up to being a starter? If he is stuck in the bullpen for the first 5 weeks just throwing an inning or 2 how long will it take him to be ready to go 6-7 innings?
  12. Shane Greene should be considered as well. If things got really messed up he can close.
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