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  1. I'm not against the move. Just do it now before the market is set. Once the possible trades happen and Conteras signs the price for the mid tier goes up.
  2. My biggest problem with that is getting burned on the last 2-3 years of any contract. I know the Twins are NOT a small market team, they just act like one. I still don't like a 6-8 year deal.
  3. Thanks to the master debaters for taking time out of their busy schedule for this. Could it just simply be the Twins feel the need to tinker with a pitcher and convert him to the Twins way of pitching instead of letting them continue to do that worked for them before the trade. It just seems so many times the Twins trade for a pitcher and they completely forget how to pitch once they come to MN.
  4. Obviously, but the guys listed rally haven't been great in 2-3 years. Hard pass on all.
  5. Why chase older "has beens" when you are better off signing younger players. The MN way I guess, sign them 3-4 years too late and suffer.
  6. He was turning down the length of the deal not the money. If there was 8 years at 35M a year there would not have been an opt out. These players and agents aren't stupid, they want the 8-10 year deals and teams are always willing to do it even when the last 3 years or more are not worth half the money they earn.
  7. Wait and if he doesn't get claimed sign him to a minor league contract. Tampa did their usual and burnt out and young arm.
  8. Correa would not do it. This is maybe his last chance to get an 8+ year deal and no reason to even entertain taking a 1 year deal. I would expect he would rather take 28-30 over 8 years before taking just 35M for 1 year.
  9. You never did anything to the bullpen. Starters don't go deep anymore and you need a solid pen to go any where in the playoffs. You could save by signing either Turner or Swanson.
  10. Nobody will anymore. All the stupid sabermetrics will stop that from happening.
  11. Do you think if Correa is resigned to an 8 year deal do you think all 8 years will be at SS? Your comment means nothing. Nobody stay at a difficult position their whole career.
  12. Jose Iglesias should be the target for the Twins this offseason. Nothing flashy but he would be a cheap fill in until one of the minor leaguers are either healthy or ready.
  13. Doesn't matter. They have enough young players looking for spots to play in the OF. Do you really think he could actually bounce back? I would rather give the AB's to someone like Wallner.
  14. I have tried saying that and have gotten destroyed for it. Wouldn't you rather have let's say 150 games out of him at DH or 70-90 in the OF if lucky? Look how bad these lineups were since August. One solid bat could have kept Cleveland out of the top spot.
  15. Just cut bait and eat the remaining money. It's what they will do with Sano so what's one more salary to eat?
  16. Montas clearly can't handle the pressure of New York. He would be a prime candidate for the Twins to sign as a free agent in 2024.
  17. How long will it take them to realize that banning defensive shifts will massively increase the time of a game. If these hitters can't learn to beat the shift they shouldn't be in the majors.
  18. Why not blow away a guy with an offer he can't refuse. Granted you still need to draft and sign quality pitchers first. It would be the best investment for a team like MN that doesn't have the massive budget others have to work with.
  19. This just came into my head after seeing what the Timberwolves did this off-season to in a sense overpay to bring in Tim Connley to help rebuild the Wolves. Not sure what pitching coach I would like to poach to revive the Twins pitching for years to come.
  20. I wish you could have found a better word than Tribute. It makes it sound like he is no longer alive.
  21. You just need players with the ability to go 1st to 3rd on base hits.
  22. How dumb can these players be? He has a huge contract and only bright side to the story is he took PED's to get back to help the team rebound.
  23. Kepler will have to have a good rest of this season to not get cut loose and replaced by one of the many young OF in the organization. Eat the money and instantly improve the offense.
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